Pics: SUG 503 @ Compound Gallery

The SUG 503 show featuring custom verions of Unklbrand’s excellent SUG figure opened this past Saturday at Compound Gallery in Portland.  Over 30  artists took the quirky shape and transformed it into things wicked, cute and just plain slick.  Major props to Katsu and the Compound staff as well as Unklbrand founders Derek Welch and Jason Bacon for pulling off this beast of an event.  Thanks to Unklbrand here’s a taste of the stellar show pieces.  Many of the custom SUGS are
still available for sale
, so check ’em all out at Compound Gallery. The show runs through August 2nd, so if you find yourself in or around Portland go check it out, just try not to drool!

Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland,  OR 97209



Adam Cohn

Akira Wakui


Derek Welch


Jason Bacon

Jason Miranda


Kow Yokoyama


Mad Barbarians

Martin Ontiveros

Mr. Jago

Ren Sakurai

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  1. i echo that…..the Sakari one is incredible (my fave)…… is supposed to be functional too……..but it had do not touch signs all over it, dammit…………ooooo, i was tempted!

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