Itokin Park x Vinyl Pulse Robo

Yesterday we revealed the finished Itokin Park x Vinyl Pulse exclusive green colorway resin Robo.
Today let’s take a look at all the extra stuff he comes with. Besides the background, he also
comes with a Collector Card with the edition number,  Kazuhiko’s
signature and a cute little doodle of Robo.  A Fukusuke tag is also
attached to Robo. Fukusuke is a Japanese symbol inviting happiness and
money, which we all need lots more of, don’t we??? There is also a cute
little Fukuzuke button. The Itokin Park x Vinyl Pulse  Robo, limited to 30 numbered pieces, will go on sale next week. And yes, that is Kazuhiko on the left!!!


20 Replies to “Itokin Park x Vinyl Pulse Robo”

  1. Steven and Chris: Thanks we’re glad you like the toy! We will be selling Robo directly from Vinyl Pulse sometime next week (we’re waiting for him to arrive). We’ll let you all know at least a day in advance.

  2. That is awesome!! Beautiful process and such a fun piece!!
    I’ve been a frequenter of this wonderful website for so long I feel this is a good opportunity for some support 🙂 Finally a VP exclusive!
    By all means Jack, keep us posted as this wonderful piece arrives!

  3. I am also interested in the price. I think you inspire a whole new generation of underground in-house toy making. I am going to start on a short run by this fall myself. Great work!! And thanks!

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