TTF Itokin Park Robo

We love Itokin Park and really dig his Robo figure.  Here’s one of the nicest variants so far — a Taipei Toy Festival Exclusive Robo in rainbow hues.  This one is uber-limited.  How many?  1 available (3 total)!  This cool hand-made figure will be auctioned off at TTF (07.06 – 07.09) at One Up’s booth.

3 Replies to “TTF Itokin Park Robo”

  1. Since I’m new to the actual production of vinyl, I was wondering: how are variants painted? Are they all painted by hand when they are created or is there a machine process?
    I read all the posts about sculpting El Panda and Tequila, but wondered how all the variant paintjobs I see are done.

  2. Variants are typically painted in the same way as regular colorways using semi-automated techniques (pad-printing, spray masks).
    In this case though, these figures are hand-made, hand-cast resin (not vinyl)by Itokin Park. For paint, these are hand-painted.

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