Itokin Park x Vinyl Pulse Robo

Japanese toy artist, Kazuhiko Ito aka Itokin Park is famous for his hand made hard vinyl toys. For all of his works, from his earlier Rabbit Pilot to his most recent creation, Itokin Park 
meticulously hand designs, hand crafts, hand paints and hand assembles
them all.  His effort does not stop at just the toy. He also
self-designs the box and the background that compliments his cuddly
creatures. It is with this  passion that Vinyl Pulse chose him to bring
you our very first exclusive toy!

Itokin Park’s newest toy, Robo, is 3 inches tall with
articulation in his head  and both robotic arms. For the next few
days,we will disclose the "making of" VP’s exclusive green colorway Robo.
You will get to see each step Itokin Park took from early sculpts to the finish painted toy. At the end of the series, Robo will be available for adoption. Details will follow, so check in for daily updates.

Today, let’s take a peek at the early sculpts of Robo and the construction of the window box it comes in. The first 2 photographs shows  unpainted Robo heads and bodies neatly lined up, waiting for Itokin Park to work his magic. The next 2 photographs show how Itokin Park prints and constructs the box Robo comes in. The boxes were held together with rubber bands waiting for the glue to set in. Check back tomorrow to see more  of this special little fella.

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  1. Are the other colors available for sale anywhere else? I only ask because it seems unlikely I’ll be able to score one of these. 🙂

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