LIV3R’s Hunny Boy

Here’s a look at LIV3R’s Hunny Boy Custom Munny done for the Kidrobot Makin’ Munny contest.  The execution on this one is quite nice as is LIV3R’s talented sculpey work.  Check out that huge hellish mitt and the pistol. Of course that’s not to mention all the "body work" done on this one — from head to toe, to tail ūüėČ  It would be so nice to see this and other licensed character customs as production pieces, but that’s pretty darn unlikely. 

11 Replies to “LIV3R’s Hunny Boy”

  1. HELL YEAH! This guy has made so much progress in customizing the last year.
    I’m a Hellboy fan for years and it’s an easy to screw up character. Liv3r nailed him right!

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