And the Golden Ticket LA Dunny is …

Here’s the Golden Ticket Dunny from Joe Ledbetter complete with a vinyl palm tree accessory !  JLed fans are in for a treat and one heck of a hunt for a golden ticket (400) inserted into Kidrobot’s  LA Dunny blind-boxes.  The Dunny’s quite nice and apparently has a serious sweet tooth.  The palm tree accessory has a perfect flat 3D look which echoes Joe’s signature drawing style.    The mystery is over and the hunt is ON.

8 Replies to “And the Golden Ticket LA Dunny is …”

  1. Wowsas! I knew it would be another Ledbetter, I just knew it, but that’s fantastic!
    i need to get me a golden ticket! ūüėÄ

  2. kind of funny. i was actually working on customizing one of the yellow jleds to that color scheme.

  3. omg, i couldn’t be more ecstatic! pink ms. bunny is my favorite Jled character and now it’ll be mine! and with a palm tree to boot. ^_^

  4. unfreakingly beautiful.
    jled nails it, once again, this will go down in another page of jled history as a figure to get.

  5. wow, the search for the golden is so worth it for this beautiful dunnyyyy . if only i could find one ūüôā

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