Sket-One Mayonnaise Golden Ticket Dunny


Kidrobot Kronikle has finally revealed the Golden Ticket Dunny by Sket-One for the 2010 Dunny Series. What do you know, it’s the Mayonnaise Dunny, which completes the set of condiments you would find on a burger. We cannot wait to see the Dunny die hards with a complete set of these.

3 Replies to “Sket-One Mayonnaise Golden Ticket Dunny”

  1. nice concept, but making this a GT? boring. They should’ve put all 4 in a little condiment carrier and packaged it in a window box with picnic-inspired checkerboard graphics and sold it for $60

  2. I’m surprised 4 Dunnys are associated with Sket-One in this series. Don’t get me wrong, I want those 4 and love them, but couldn’t something more original be thought of? In any case, can’t wait for the 2tone series!

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