10-inch Trexi Revealed

Yes, that’s right 10-inch Trexis are coming this December!  The chosen artists should have a great time with such a large canvas for design.  But… That’s not all.  Darren and the Play Imaginative crew have been hinting that the larger Trexi design is really special.  Here’s why:  Each 10-inch Trexi will come with a 3-inch Trexi which fits inside the larger toy!  Yup, the 10-inch Trexi’s head screws off to reveal a special suprise, a 3-inch counterpart!    So we’re all familiar with blind-boxes, well how about a 10" Trexi as a blind box?  Yup, some of the 3-inch designs will be chases 🙂  Ok, pics?  You bet, here are 3 shots of the first 10-inch Trexi prototype.  This is just a prototype — the production pieces will be smooth.

10 Replies to “10-inch Trexi Revealed”

  1. I’m not a huge trexi fan (i only have one!) but I would buy this one! That’s xtra cool with the little guy inside. I’d like a blank white version best.

  2. I never really liked the Trexi figure or any of it’s designs, but for some reason… I really like the 10″ one! 😀

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