Signed Sket Dae Dae Dunny Giveaway

Dae Dae Dunny by Sket-One
Updated rules: Please read again! When we started this blog a little more than 3 months ago, we never imagined quite a few people would find it useful enough to visit on a regular basis.  Thank you for visting the site and thereby encouraging us to work harder to bring you useful information.   As we approach our 10,000th visit  we’re offering a small thank you for all the support by   giving away a signed regular edition (color) Dae Dae Dunny by Sket-OneThanks to Sket for helping out with this giveway.

Details: The Dunny will be awarded to the 10,000th visitor to Vinyl Pulse.  So how do we know who the 10,000th visitor is?  Great question — unfortunately the answer is a little complicated.  Basically, Vinyl Pulse’s logs will identify the 10,000th visitor by the ip address. Of course an ip doesn’t do much good unless I can match that up with a person. The sitemeter logo at the far bottom of the right-hand sidebar on the site shows how many visitors the site has received.  Unfortunately this does not accurately tell you what visitor number YOU are (could be off by a few either way).  So… what to do?  Here’s how we’re going to handle this: If you load the page and the counter shows a visitor count of within +/- 10 of 10,000 (9,990 to 10,010) then go ahead and post a comment on the most recent post on the blog and be SURE to  fill in your correct email address on the comment form.  The content of your comment doesn’t really matter — Maybe: "am I # 10,000 ?". When you post a comment the blog will record your IP.  I will then look at the IP’s from those that have posted comments and match it with the actual 10,000th visitor from the logs. Again, make sure your put in your correct email address in your comment — that’s the only way for us to notify you that you have won.  Also, don’t worry about  the exact order in which your comment is posted — all that matters is your IP address. Just make sure to post the comment around the time you think you may have been the 10,000th visitor.   If for some reason the 10,000th visitor does not leave a comment within 24 hrs, the prize will be awarded  to the nearest visitor past 10,000 (10,001, 10,002, and so on).   Btw, at the current  traffic rate, I estimate we’ll hit 10,000 sometime before next Wednesday (June 29th).    Finally, I’m going to announce the winner (at least by first name and where you live (city, state).    Good luck!

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