Nov 14, 2018

DesignerCon Exclusive Cough Syrup Kayzilla by adFunture


adFunture’s Kayzilla is coming to DesignerCon.  The exclusive Cough Syrup—ah the horrible memories—soft vinyl edition (~5”) will be available from the Ko-Re Ko-Re booth [#2330] along with many other hard-to-find toys from Asian artists and brands. Definitely worth a visit.


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Thimblestump Hollow 2 Exclusives at DesignerCon


Surprise!  Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak are bringing two Canyon colorway exclusives from Thimblestump Hollow 2 to DesignerCon.  Both Fuzzhorn and Woolworth will be available from their booth [#1305] with some reserved for an online drop later this month.  

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Whatshisname x Jason Freeny — XXRAY Popek by Mighty Jaxx (11.23)


Mighty Jaxx has dreamt up a special 24-hour only Black Friday (11.23) drop bringing together two of their most popular artists.  The un-named—we’ll go with XXRAY Popek—brings us a dissected-style red Popek, combining the signature styles of each artist.  What’s the dog filled with ?  With the holidays just around the corner, we’re going to go with… chocolate

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Itokin Park at DesignerCon — New 2.0 Space Releases


Itokin Park has posted full reveals of his DesignerCon 2018 releases.  As mentioned the other day, he’s created new sculpts (2.0?) of three of his popular space figures—Astronaut, Space Mode Man (above) and Robot Suit.  Each of the new versions features articulated arms where the originals had sculpted-in arms.  Additionally Robot Suit is smaller than the original while the other two are larger than the original versions.  These will be available on Saturday (11.17) at The Sour Lemon [booth #151].  Stay sharp!


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Nov 13, 2018

Justin Ishmael — Billy Bob Brockali Pre-Sale (11.14)


After an initial proto debut last November and plenty of hard work in between, Justin Ishmael will offer a  pre-sale for the Billy Bob Brockali vinyl toy on Thursday (11.14) at 9 AM PST from his site.  The final production toy looks great and is a dead-ringer for The Rockafire Explosion animatronic band member from Showbiz Pizza Place—later to become Chuck E. Cheese. Sculpted by Kenth Toy Works and painted by Chris Dombos, Billy Bob will be available in standard and deluxe editions.  Pins, stickers, shot glasses and shirts will also be available.  Outstanding work.

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Kranyus ‘Can’t Rain All The Time’ by DaveMarkArt Debuts at DesignerCon


Martian Toys will release the next artist edition of their Kranyus vinyl figure (8”) designed by Theodoru.  The DaveMarkArt edition features a gray+black color scheme with the blue eyes and rainbow stripe that the artist has made his calling card.  Limited to 150 pieces, the Can’t Rain All the Time colorway will be available at the Mothership Art Gallery booth [#2324] beginning on VIP Preview Night (11.16).

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Yosuke Ueno x VTSS — Kaiju Bokulla Debuts at DesignerCon


Kaiju Bokulla may be cute and colorful now, but just wait a few years…  Debuting at DesignerCon, the playful beast child is the newest figure from Yosuke Ueno and VTSS.  The nearly 8” vinyl figure will be on display at the VTSS booth [#1740]. Limited to 200 pieces, the figure goes up for pre-order on Saturday November 17th for $120 and will ship at the end of January 2019.

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Meow On — Senso Pre-Order


Thai artist Meow On’s Senso is an elaborate 2-figure resin set featuring rider, tiger and a full set of hand-crafted accessories.  From what we can gather, Pre-orders for both the yellow and gray editions  open in a few hours from the artist’s FB.  The figures are $199 with a $100 deposit required.  Figures should be completed within 30-45 days.  To order head over to the FB page and add a comment saying which edition you’d like. so say 1 yellow or 1 gray.


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myplasticheart at DCon: Mitt Whiskey by Six TwentyEight


In keeping with a convention tradition, myplasticheart will have a super-limited MITT from 6 28 for DesignerCon.  While most of the special editions have been riffs on pop culture, this year 6 28 was inspired by spirits.  Whiskey Mitt is cast in a translucent whiskey-hued sofubi and features black accents and pale green eyes.  Find Mitt at the mph booth [#107] for $65.

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Mister Cartoon x The Hundreds — Bronson Art Toy Debuts at DesignerCon


The Hundreds will debut and release their new Bronson vinyl by Mister Cartoon at DesignerCon.  Part of their new collection with the renown tattoo artist, the street wise cat features tail lights as shades and an ice cream for the hot LA summer days. Bronson will be available in the True Blue edition at their booth [#822] starting on VIP night (11.16).  The black + grey edition will be available through Mister Cartoon’s site this weekend.


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BAIT at DCon: Gold SSUR Rebel Ape Bust


BAIT will release its exclusive Gold SSUR Rebel Ape Bust at DesignerCon.  Standing roughly a foot tall, the vinyl sculpture features the apparel brand’s popular mashup design blending the iconic leader with the provocative movie franchise.  Find it at the BAIT booth for $150 each [#419].


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — Possessed CMY


Pssst… The Possessed CMY figures are on their way.  In a fun twist, each of the three colors will be a retailer exclusive—Cyan from IamRetro, Magenta from Munky King and Yellow from MSX Art.   Drop by the Munky King booth [#400] for a preview of the CMY editions before they are released.

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