Apr 23, 2019

Mab Graves — Kitty Rex Release Party and Signing at 3DRetro (4.27)


3DRetro will host a release party/signing of the Dinokitties: Kitty Rex (9.5") vinyl figure by artist Mab Graves this Saturday (4.27) from Noon to 3 PM at their Glendale location.  First released in an incredibly small pre-release quantity at last year's DesignerCon, Kitty Rex is a striking translation of the artist's paintings of the mysterious, prehistoric hybrid. The mesmerizing inset blue eyes add a startling presence to the organic sculpture, while the sculpted-in scales offer a tactile experience which encourages you to pick up the piece rather than just admiring it on a shelf.

Limited to 200 pieces, Kitty Rex will be available for just $80 at the event with remaining stock available after the event at 4 PM on 3Dretro.com.

Mab Graves|| Kitty Rex Release and Signing
Saturday, April 27th (12 - 3 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Changeling Leaf Release and Signing at Woot Bear (4.27)


Painter Amy Sol will be at Woot Bear on Saturday (4.27) from 6 to 9 PM for the official debut of the newest edition of her Changeling Leaf art toy produced by Munky King.  Limited to 100 pieces, the third edition (10.5", $70) of her new soft vinyl figures—based on her handmade Changeling resin sculptures—features a delicate, repeating pale pink to white  gradient that echoes the theme of flora and fauna being two intertwined facets of nature.  As a bonus, Woot Bear will include a free  tote with all Changeling Leaf purchases at the event.  In addition to the toy release, Amy will also be offering  drawings, hand-painted Changelings and "select sculpts".

If you can't make it up to SF for the event, Munky King will be releasing the latest Changeling Leaf figure from their web store after the event at an as-yet unspecified day and time.

Amy Sol ||Changeling Leaf Release and Signing
Saturday, April 27th 2019 (6 to 9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117


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Apr 22, 2019

Gary Baseman x 3DRetro — Ahwroo in Gray (4.24)


3DRetro is set to release a brand-new Ahwroo from Gary Baseman. Limited to just 150 pieces, the new gray + pink edition drops on Wednesday (4.24) at $70 each, first with an in-store release at 11 AM and then a online release at 3DRetro.com at 12 PDT.  Following the previously postponed black+red release, the new gray Ahwroo is the first new edition of Baseman's voracious wolf character in some time.


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Apportfolio x Peanuts Collection


Apportfolio unveiled its new Peanuts collection of art toys done in conjunction with the Peanuts Global Artist Collective at its Shanghai Toy Show booth.  The inviting walk-in booth featured prototypes of upcoming figures from many of the collective artists including André Saraiva, FriendsWithYou and AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus). 

André's pieces feature Snoopy, Woodstock and his signature Mr. A character—in yellow, as a nod to, and occasionally as Woodstock.   The FriendsWithYou pieces feature Snoopy with their peaceful moon and cloud characters.  AVAF's Peanuts art comes to life with two neon-hued,crisscross renditions of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.  Apportfolio was also showing what appeared to be a just-completed cosmic Charlie Brown by none other than Kenny Scharf.  Many of the pieces are priced at 1480 RMB (~221) and are apparently scheduled for a Fall 2019 release.   Definitely an exciting project to keep an eye on.  Be sure to check the gallery for photos of each of the prototypes.


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Apr 19, 2019

BlackBook Toy x Frank Kozik — Piggums Sakura Clear (4.20)


Two plus decades since his debut on a Killdozer gig poster back in '92, Frank Kozik's Piggums is set to make another debut, this time time in soft vinyl from BlackBook Toy.  The debut Sakura Clear edition of the sailor pig figure stands 7.5" tall, features five points of articulation, and is cast in translucent pink sofubi evoking the color of Japanese's celebrated Cherry Blossoms (Sakura).  Thanks to the clever articulation, Piggums can not only stand using the removable knife, but can also sit.

The Piggums Sakura Clear sofubi will be released on Saturday (4.20) at 8 AM PDT  for ¥10,800 (~$97) from BlackBook toy.


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Persue Bunny Kitty GID Release Party at 3DRetro(4.20)


3DRetro will release its Exclusive GID Bunny Kitty vinyl from Persue this Saturday (4.20) from 3 to 7 PM with a special release event at its Glendale location.  Limited to 100 pieces, the GID Bunny will be available for $50 and includes spray can and GID bird accessories. In addition to signing the toys, Dave Persue will be live painting a mural at the shop. Come for the toy and stay for the food trucks and 'dope' surprises.

Persue GID Bunny Kitty Release Party
Saturday April 20th (3 to 7 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Apr 18, 2019

Bill McMullen x Munky King — Superstar Destroyer (5.4)


From the man who brought us the AD-AT and the Shuttle Max comes the long-awaited Superstar Destroyer.  First shown as a prototype back at DesignerCon 2016, Bill McMullen's latest clever, cosmic kicks mash-up is about to become a reality.

Limited to 400 pieces, the Superstar Destroyer seamlessly blend the iconic Shell Toe with the Empire's interstellar workhorse.  The Destroyer measures 11.5 inches from front to back and stands 10 inches tall when displayed on the stand. While early on there was talk of using resin, this is vinyl throughout from the destroyer to the stand.  Each Destroyer comes with an insert card signed (not numbered) by Bill McMullen. This is a must for McMullen fans and old-school art toy collectors.  Superstar Destroyer drops on May the 4th (5.4) as a pre-order for $140 each from Munky King's online store and comes in a stylish, minimalist box.  Expect these to ship at the end of May.


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Apr 17, 2019

Toy Art Gallery x Radioactive Uppercut — Nether Realm Tyrants


Toy Art Gallery continues its strong tradition of gacha-style soft vinyl sets with the debut edition of the new Nether Realm Tyrants from Radioactive Uppercut. Each of the six medieval-style minions—Cain, Beleaguer, Abel, Pyromancer, Plague Sacrifice and Mage of Set—stands 2 to 2.5" tall with battle-ready sculpts.  The debut set features a gritty brown, silver and red color scheme, reminiscent of a deep, dark dungeon.  The Nether Realm Tyrants are available now for $70/set over at the TAG Web Shop.

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Apr 08, 2019

Buff Monster — Norwegian Mister Melty Cards, GID Mister Melty and Devil Resins + More (4.9)


Buff Monster has a packed Tuesday (4.9) drop lined up at 7 AM PDT from StayMelty.  First up is the online debut of his new Norwegian Mister Melty trading cards featuring a special mix of designs drawn from S1, S2, and S3—in darker hues—on chip-backstock, alternate foil cards, a metal card befitting the heavy metal theme and one completely new card design. They will be available in sets of 4 wax packs ($20) as well as a full display box ($120).

Toys?  Absolutely.  Buff Monster has clear green GID resin editions of both Mister Melty and his Devil 3" figures ($30 each).  He also has GID mixed parts (resin/vinyl/multiple characters) one-off figures in assorted colors ($60 each). 

Or go big with the debut of the brand-new Concrete Devil Ball which is twice the size of the original ($200, USA only due to weight).  Plus… several a few unannounced surprises (shown in the gallery).

All of releases will be available on Tuesday (4.9) at 7 AM PDT over at StayMelty.


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A Look at the Tenacious Toys Exclusive Hobs GID from Johnny Rodriguez x 3DRetro (4.8)


Many of LA-based Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez's pop surrealist paintings celebrate birds, often depicted in and sometimes literally wearing the most unusual of bird houses—bombs, grenades, robot heads, farm houses and more. The curious and clever winged ones have adapted to their changing environments, shifting from the natural to the man made. As part of a special capsule collaboration with the House of Blues, Rodriguez created Hobs, a water tower bird inspired by the iconic structures which beckon music and food lovers to the restaurants for which he is named.

The Hobs figure—skillfully produced by 3Dretro—is striking with its reality-bending concept with the weathered, old-fashion water tower enclosing all of the bird's head except for its long, curved beak.  The sculpt makes strong use of its numerous individual parts to achieve the distinctive shape the concept demands. This approach is most notable in terms of the beak that extends far beyond the water tower in a fashion rarely seen in art toys. Other impressive details include the sculpted ends of feathers which jut just below the bottom edge of the water tower, further creating the sense that a bird lies within.  Relative to Rodriguez's paintings which typically feature birds with spindly, delicate legs, the larger and thicker three-toed feet are the one conspicuous concession of artistry to the reality of gravity and the need for the stability they provide.

Following its debut as a House of Blues Exclusive as  part of the October 2018 capsule collection and a subsequent vibrant Red edition, the distinctive Hobs vinyl art toy returns today (4.8) in a Tenacious Toys exclusive GID edition. At first glance the new exclusive edition bears a strong resemblance to the OG House of Blues edition with little hint of being a glow in the dark toy. Wisely, the artist has chosen to take a subtle approach to glow by retaining the painterly, brush-like deco which gives Hobs a distinctive, organic appearance.

Starting with a hand-painted master sample from the artist, the factory has managed to recreate his overall original visual feel with colors blending seamlessly and naturally throughout the entire figure from the water tower to Hobs' elongated beak, tail feathers, body and feet. The result is a production vinyl toy that delivers on the promise of a three-dimensional painting/art object, remarkable given the complexity of the source material. With at least several hundred production vinyl figures in my personal collection, few deliver the sense of a hand-painted art piece as well as Hobs does  with each edition from the Tenacious Toys exclusive to the OG edition.

In lieu of the vibrant orange, reddish hues of the original edition, the Tenacious Toy exclusive offers a more neutral-hued approach with a stylishly pared-down treatment which allows the slight green of the GID vinyl used for the sides of the water tower and the feet to peek through and between the weathered-style paint.  As suggested before, this choice prioritizes the figure's concept over maximizing the glow effect.  While the GID exclusive has a definite glow, most pronounced in the feet, less so on the sides of the water tower, the effect is subtle relative to a pure GID figure. Think of it as an extremely well painted figure which offers 'stealth' GID features as an added wrinkle.

From Johnny Rodriguez's imagination-provoking, pop-surrealist concept to the visually striking, ambitious sculpt and the organic, painterly deco, Hobs stands as one of the finest art toy releases of 2018/2019.  

Limited to 75 pieces, Tenacious Toys will release their GID Exclusive Hobs vinyl by Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez and 3Dretro on Monday (4.8) at 9 AM PDT for $79.99 each from TenaciousToys.com.


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Apr 06, 2019

Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx — Wish Upon Me… Sunset


You can now welcome both day and night with Yoskay Yamamoto's Wish Upon Me… figures. Mighty Jaxx has released the new Wish Upon Me… Sunset on their online store for $165.  Limited to 200 pieces, the first 100 pieces of the follow-up to January's Sunrise edition are in-stock while the remaining 100 are being offered as a pre-order.


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Unbox Industries — Who Goes There? (4.6)


Unbox Industries is set to release the Who Goes There? blind-box series on Saturday (4.6) at 8 AM PDT for $13.50/blind-box or $156/case. Shrouded in a bit of darkness until recently, Unbox's second mini series turns the tables with a celebration of monsters and beasts from David Arshawsky, Retroband, The Last Zectron and Vilesore. From the clever packaging which features purple eyes peering out from behind a pair of cut-outs to the original gritty, keep-the-lights-on, marbled designs, Who Goes There? refreshingly flies in the face of today's trend of cute, cute and cuter. For those that enjoy their toys with a snarl rather than a smile, WGT delivers wicked, corrupted, evil fun in a box. 


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