Jun 02, 2017

Martian Toys x Wetworks – ‘The Scavanger’ Artist Editions


Martian Toys is offering pre-orders for their second wave of artist editions of WetworksThe Scavenger figure featuring Force Awakens heroine, Rey.  Through June 7th, you can pre-order versions of the figure from three different artists.  BEDazzler Art’s Star Gazer edition (10 pcs, $99 + s/h) is available in two variants—Twighlight and Midnight.  If the dark side is more your speed, consider the Sith! Edition by Firehead Designs (10 pcs, $99).  Finally, Drilone’s  The Star Destroyer (3 pcs, $150) features Rey in the artist’s signature distressed military style and includes matching Star Destroyer and BB2 tank mini accessories.

If you order two of the Scavenger figures, you’ll receive a raffle entry to win the giant 20” King of Hearts Dunny by RXSeven.  Winner will be drawn on July 7th.

IMG_2460_882cf2b8-4098-4647-b794-7ea82a5470ac18722725_349529192117057_3449431502641692672_n the_scavenger_front

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Kidrobot x Clutter – DTA Dunny Series Available Now


Following the early preview drop at Five Points Festival, the Designer Toy Award Dunny series from Kidrobot x Clutter is now available in general release.  The series features multiple Dunnys from Andrea Kang, So Youn Lee, Gary Ham, QUICCS, and The Bots who each created customs for one of the two DTA Dunny exhibitions. The designs are quite strong and the execution/production quality shines here.  Our take: a very strong Dunny series with an emphasis on cute designs. You can pick up the DTA Dunnys for 11.99/blind box from indie art toy shops including Rotofugi and myplasticheart as well as Kidrobot.com of course.


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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich (6.3)


The Donald as President Trump  is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for comedians, artists, and other creative folks driven to comment on today’s politics.  Street artist ABCNT’s murals of Bitchy Rich portray 45 as Richie Rich clutching stacks of cash.  The biting caricature is now making the leap from the wall to art toy through a collaboration with Mighty Jaxx

[Press Release Quotes]

“Despite the millions of dollars his daddy gave him to make him feel bigly, Bitchy Rich knew deep down inside that he was just a small, small man that would never have any friends”

“Hiding behind wads of cash and masking his self-loathe with a giant red neckwear, he set out to be an affable king. He bought new red hats for everyone and promised greatness if they would just be his friends”

The figure realizes ABCNT’s critical vision with a rather unflattering likeness of the President with chubby proportions and his distinct orangeish tan complete with eye tan lines. The 8” Bitchy Trump figure will be available for pre-order on Saturday (6.3) from Mighty Jaxx for $80 (+ s/h).

Trump Art Toys are starting to become an eye-catching, rebellious trend.  From ABCNT’s Bitchy Rich to Richie Trump from Ron English and Trump Unmasked from Alex Solis, there’s plenty of resistance as toy to go around.


BitchyTrumpTurns cTlf4dl

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Alex Pardee – ‘The Pinfolk’ Enamel Pins (6.5)



Alex Pardee  is making big moves in the pin game with his upcoming The Pinfolk Series 1 (info).   Series 1 features five cute ‘n creepy Pardee characters: Paul, Pet Cake, Randolf, Steve and Willie. Limited to 200 pieces for this first run, The Pinfolk Individual pins ($12 + s/h) and full sets (100 sets, $50 + s/h) will be available  Monday (6.5) at 6 PM PDT direct from the artist’s webshop.

PetCake PaulRandolf SteveWillie

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Tim Biskup x Gravy Toys – Rainbow Stream Prenute


Gravy Toys has just released the new Rainbow Stream Prenute sofubi from Tim Biskup.  This one is cast in clear sofubi with rainbow glitter.  It’s available for $30 (+ s/h) from Gravy Toys.

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Bats in The Belfry at Stranger Factory (6.2)



Friday is a big night at Stranger Factory.  In addition to the Toy Makers of Planet  Earth group show, the gallery will also present Bats in The Belfry featuring artist customs of Brandt Peters’ Night King vinyl.   The show lineup includes:

Camilla d'Errico, Jellykoe, Drilone, Haus of Boz, Dolly Oblong, 64 Colors, Tasha Zimich, Igor Ventura, Ian Ziobrowski (above), Joe Whiteford, Brandan Styles, Ink Visuals, Otto Björnik, Jess Hernandez, Victoria Rose, EL DODO ALBINO, Tokyo Jesus, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Cassia Harries, Karl Deuble, and SeriouslySillyK.

Hit the jump for preview shots of the Bats.

Bats of the Belfry
Opening: Friday, June 2nd 2017 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque NM 87106


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Jun 01, 2017

Live-Rad Killroy Masks Available Now!


Settled back in from an amazing weekend at Five Points Festival, Live-Rad has just added to his Killroy masks to his webstore! Each mask is made of polystyrene just like the vintage Halloween masks from back in the 60’s and 70’s. They are also each handpainted with v-color and monster kolor paint. The Kilroy mask measures 13” x 8.25” and can fit your face. You can find them available now HERE for $65. There are three rad colors to choose from!

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Super7’s “Night Terror” The Worst Figures & Wave 2 MOTU M.U.S.C.L.E. Trash Cans Available Now!


Super7 is happy to bring another week of awesome toys! First up are their “Night Terror” Edition The Worst figures, which features the likes of X-2, Robot Reaper, Gas Phantom, Snake Tut, Black Falcon and Batula. These 3.75” figures are also finally available individually, rather than only as a set. Each figure will retail $15 each and can be found HERE or at both their San Diego and San Francisco locations.

unnamed (1)

Now onto some minis! After the first release of the wave 1 of their Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, you know they had come back with wave 2! Now here they are! For $20 you get all 12 figures from the second wave, as well as a bonus 13th Glow in the Dark figures! Included in this series are He-Man, Stratos, Sorceress, Orko, Fisto, Battle Cat, Grayskull, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Kobra Khan, Spikor, and Stinkor. You can find them available HERE and their SD and sF shops.

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Brian Colin -- Monster Taxidermy Salazarite Kickstarter


After launching his bird-like Groblynn Monster Taxidermy back in January on Kickstarter, Brian Colin is back with a campaign for his new Salazarite Monster  Taxidermy.   The reward levels include an unpainted floating (loose) Salazarite head ($50), a mounted unpainted head, the standard fully-painted Salazarite head ($125) and more.  While the campaign will help cover development/mold/production costs for the new Salazarite taxidermy, the offered volcanic colorway is exclusive to Kickstarter backers.  Check out the Kickstarter for all the info and full rewards listing.

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Paul Kaiju – Milky Bloom Hyper Kraken Raffle (06.04)


Get ready folks! Paul Kaiju will be doing another one of his special Sunday Raffle releases! This weekends release is the new Milky Bloom Hyper Kraken, which features a milky vinyl with stunning metallic sprays. This figure stands 9” tall and features 10 points of articulation and also includes a bonus Polyp and alternate fist. The raffle will take place on Sunday, June 4th from 6PM PST to 630PM PST. You will have 30 minutes to get in on this action. Retail for this piece will be $250 Shipped US.


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Stranger Factory Presents Toymakers of Planet Earth (6.2)


Stranger Factory has a big Friday night (6.2) gallery opening with two shows including Toy Makers of Planet Earth which celebrates and showcases the work of independent toy artists and brands.  From the previews that have been floating, this is a great opportunity to see and pick up unique new art toys offering fresh new visions.  The show’s lineup includes: 

Mark Nagata, Brandt Peters, Jess Hernandez, Otto Björnik, Sergey Safanov, Junker Jane, Jen Musatto, Silk and Thistle, Victoria Rose, Lana Crooks, Daniel Talone, Steve Ferrera, Scott Radke, Stan Manoukian, JShea, Eric Althin, Kathie Olivas, Sweet Bestiary, Mudmonkey, Tanya Marriott, Art Toy Maison, Vanessa Ramirez, Fanny Kao, Cassia Harries, Sumrow, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Aya Kakeda, Ratokim, Munktiki, SeriouslySillyK, Super Secret Fun Club, Scott Wilkowski, Psycho Scimitar, Mizna Wada, Circus Posterus, VTSS, Black Seed, Mr. Clement, and Bob Doucette.

Hit the jump for an eyeful of previews.

Toy Makers of Planet Earth
Opening: Friday, June 2nd 2017 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque NM 87106


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KAWS Companion Blush + Flayed Open Editions at KAWSONE (6.2)


As you may very well be aware, KAWS released two new Companion Blush Open Edition figures in April to coincide with the opening of his Where the End Starts exhibition in Shanghai at the Yuz Museum. The limited availability set of a frantic hunt and drove the second market prices upwards.  Thankfully there’s some temporary relief in store—KAWSONE will release both the Companion Blush and the Flayed variant on Friday (6.2) at 9 AM PDT.  Set your clocks just a bit ahead, and be ready to click like a demon. Best of luck!

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May 31, 2017

Hands in Factory – Spade Handmade Running Horns (6.2)


Hands in Factory is about to release their new Spade Running Horns figure in a low-run (20 pieces), hand-made edition.  Spade is ready to run in style with red Kangol, stylish gear, and fashionable specs. Don’t mess with him – check those… horns!  This deluxe figure drops on Friday (6.2) at 3 AM PDT from The Hands in Factory web shop.

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Vessels Group Show at Munky King (6.2)

Munky King will present Vessels, a one-night only lifestyle/home decor show, on Friday (6.2) at 7 PM at their HQ in LA.  If you’re looking for a planter or plate or bowl with artistic flair, you need to come and check out pieces by Michelle Valigura, Dave Bondi, Jen Kuroki, Kozy Kitchens, Bill McMullen, Lap Ngo, Satori Designs, Ness Lee, Melanie Abratnes Designs and more.


Friday, June 2 2017 at 7 PM

Munky King
5702 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – XXRAY Foo Dogs (6.3)


For centuries, the Imperial Guardian Lions have stood watch over Chinese emperors, dignitaries, and the upper echelons of society.  Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx have given the XXRAY treatment to these mystical symbols, commonly referred to as ‘Foo Dogs’.  The XXRAY Foo Dogs (8”) set features the female guardian (yin) with a paw atop a cub on its back and the male (yang) with a paw on top of a ball (world).  The Foo Dog sculpts offer the traditional aesthetic and a modified XXRAY effect with the anatomical dissection reserved to the skull, leg and paw.  The patina style finish (green + bronze) evokes the ancient power within these proud beasts.

Limited to 100 sets, the XXRAY Foo Dogs will be available for pre-order on Saturday (6.3) from Mighty Jaxx for $250 + s/h per set.

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Splurrt x Toy Art Gallery – Cadaver Ball s Blind Bag Series (6.2)


It’s been quite awhile since Splurrt’s Cadaver Balls spun their own brand of swappable dead head fun. While we won’t swear on it, it looks like we haven’t seen a new release of the 3” sofubi + 4 swappable heads  since the OG green edition back in June of 2015.  unnamed (1) Thankfully the wait is over in a big way.  Toy Art Gallery get the balls rolling again with the Cadaver Balls Blind Bag series dropping this Friday (6.2) at 12 PM PDT for $70 + s/h per set from the TAG web shop.  The new series features four standard color editions—Red, Yellow, Purple and Salmon Pink—plus a chase GID edition.  You’ll be able to purchase up to four sets in an attempt to collect ‘em all.

unnamed (3)unnamed (2)

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Ron English – Richie Trump at SDCC

Ron English’s recent East Meets West tour was full of exciting news from the life-sized statues (and their subsequent removal) to the numerous new figures including the Black Light Cereal Killer minis. It was also where Ron revealed the upcoming new Richie Trump soft vinyl figure.  Ron’s latest political Popaganda cast a sarcastic take on President Trump’s less than self-made beginnings and features the artist’s signature ‘grin’. Look for this one at San Diego Comic-Con (7.20 – 7.23).


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Black Rabbit Alice and Fang Chesire Cat


Once more down the rabbit-hole.  Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura return to Wonderland with two new resin sets.  Black Rabbit Alice (25 pcs, $90 + s/h) features a 4” Alice accompanied by a now Black Rabbit. Chesire fans will want to pick up the new Fang Chesire Cat and Alice set featuring a menacing cat (3.75”) cast in red translucent resin with glitter (35 pcs, $90 + s/h).  Both can be yours right now from Switcheroo.


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Tetsunori Tawaraya x Unbox Industries – Mr. Rotten Donuts (6.3)


There’s a good chance you’ve seen the pics of the upcoming Mr. Rotten Donuts toy from Japanese artist Tetsunori Tawaraya and Unbox as its wound its way through development and production.  Born in a comic book and then featured on the cover of Thee Oh Sees’ Mutilator Defeated at Last album, the faceless and tubular Mr. Rotten Donuts confronts the unknown with his trippy sidearm.  So now, you’re asking when?  Saturday (6.3) at 7:30 AM PDT from the Unbox shop. Unbox will release both  the Unmasked version which features pink + green deco with a wide-open/screaming face and the Spiked version which offers the spiky (masked?)  head in a mono color treatment.  Set your alarm clocks boys and girls!


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May 30, 2017

Michael Skattum – Alien Lazer (Gums Edition) (05.06)


Michael Skattum will soon be releasing the “Gums” edition of his Alien Lazer figure in collaboration with Gums Production. Green being Gums’ favorite color, they decided to go with this amazing color scheme. This release will be available through the Gumsproductions webstore HERE on Monday, June 5th for $85 Shipped (North America).

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Gary Ham’s Five Points Festival Leftovers Available Now!


If you weren’t able to attend Five Points Festival and wanted to score some Gary Ham goods, now is your chance (sorry Woopers all gone). He has available his new Logan figure, which was a collaboration with Bryan Brutherford and hand pulled from a rotocasted mold at the event. Grab one now in white, blue or orange for $30, as the mold has been destroyed and we will never see them again! For your couch, grab yourself a Wooper Looper pillow by Lana Crooks for $55. Last up, snag yourself a Five Points Festival Pennant to make your office or room feel like 5PF all year round!

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Marsham Toy Hour – Five Points Festival Recap



Marsham Toy Hour is back after a little break, as Gary Ham was attending/vending at Five Points Festival. We get the inside on the big event on the East Coast from a vendor, attendee and outsider, as we get to hear from a return guest Theresa Hawkins and of course Carlos East. On this episode, they also go through the Marsham DTA prediction pool and announce who got the most points!

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Kidrobot and Andy Warhol Foundation Add To Their Capsule Collection

unnamed (4)

Kidrobot has teamed up with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to add even more to their Andy Warhol Capsule collection with two new pieces, The Invisible Sculpture and the Andy Warhol Polaroid Series.

The Invisible Sculpture is inspired by his performance in the New York Downtown Nightclub area, where he briefly stood on a  pedestal in the nightclub, which was done to show that the absence of a person or thing could be considered art. Kidrobot takes the concept up a notch be creating this diorama. The Invisible Sculpture is available HERE for $225.

unnamed (1)unnamed (3)

Next up is a collaboration with Polaroid, which features a set of 11 reproductions of Andy’s Polaroid photos. Those include a number of his selfies and intimidate objects. Those can also be found available HERE.

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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Will Soon Be Selling ‘Free Hugs’


Free Hugs!  Frank Kozik has pulled back the curtain on his upcoming gnarly bear figure.  The sarcastically named new figure bears more than a passing resemblance to the previously released Poison Pup from TAG.  If you look beyond the creepy deco, the figure has a retro appeal and vibe that fit nicely with the faux-vintage packaging.

Frank showed off three different colorways of Free Hugs—Yellow + Green, Blue + White, and Black + Silver.  Three editions would be more than the norm for KR these days, but hopefully all three will be produced.  No word  yet on when this drops.

18722584_1322162087891555_5915426841526534144_n 12276842_736684909796952_1828117769_n1

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Fools Paradise – “I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee” (6.6)


Next up from Fools Paradise is the humorous I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee vinyl set  featuring Lowfool as a reluctant Iron Man relaxing alongside Stan Lee.  If you check the WIP and proto shots below, you’ll see that Iron Man is actually helping his creator prep a turkey Repulsor-style.  This is the second in the brand’s I Won’t Be A… series in which superheroes meet their creators and follows the somewhat enigmatic I Won’t Be a Hero, Tim.  I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee will be available for pre-order on June 6th 2017 direct from Fools Paradise. We’re looking forward to a full reveal of the final painted figure—look for an update with the full release details shortly.

18252979_420735858297728_4960233562369425408_n NotRobotLee-1-218723072_223212301513132_4334236443980333056_n 18514064_1878859695722121_4086487710846418944_n

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