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May 23, 2012

Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Blue Gazer Resins (5.25)


Angry Woeboets and Silent Stage are about to release the 2nd Blue edition of his new Gazer resin busts (6”).  As with the OG edition, the blue edition is limited to 25 pieces hand-painted by Woebots himself ($200 each).  The official drop is this Friday (5.25) @ 1 PM PDT @ Silent Stage’s web shop.  However, limited pre-orders will be accepted now – drop a line to sales[at]silentstagegallery[dot]com.


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Marka27 – Live Munny Sketch Event in NYC (5.24)


If you’re in NYC, you’ll want to plan to drop by the Urban Outfitters store on 521 Fifth Ave @ 43rd. Street on Thursday (5.24).  In conjunction with Kidrobot, Marka27 will be sketching on Munnys from 6- 8 PM.  So drop by and get him to sketch on your Munny, purchased at the store.  Plus, for every $5 you spend, you’ll be entered in a raffle for a Mega Munny.   Finally, as part of  Munny Month, Marka27 also donated a custom 8” Munny w/working speaker ($350).  100% of the proceeds from the sale of this Munny will be donated to charity.

Marka27 || Live Munny Sketch Event
Thursday, May 24th 2012 (6-8 PM)

Urban Outfitters
521 Fifth Ave (@ 43rd St)
New York, NY


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Gabriel Carprio – KK Brothers Customs (5.25)


Gabriel Carpio’s (@GabrielCarpiOni) new King Katch customs, KK Brothers, caught my eye with their bold designs and most of all, visceral impact.  While the Asian-inspired Black piece is probably my favorite given the intricate head detail, both feature strong designs making good use of the King Katch form.  Freak Store will offer these on Friday evening (5.25) @ Midnight Venezuelan time (5.25 @ 9:30 PM PDT) for $160 individually, or $300 for the pair.


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May 22, 2012

Super7 is Turning Eleven (6.9)


Super7, the fine purveyor and creator of sofubi, is about to turn eleven (impressive).  To celebrate the milestone, they are throwing an anniversary party (6.9) at their SF store.   We’re going to take the non-toy portion of the nicely designed retro-era  flier at face value (popcorn, pbr, and skee ball) for now, but you can definitely book the Lucky Bags. 

Super7’s 11th Anniversary Party
Saturday, June 9th (7 PM)

Super7 Store
1427 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA


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Toy Art Gallery Presents: T9G & Bwana Spoons in TxB (05.26)


This Saturday, May 26th at TAG from 7-11PM is a duo show featuring the works of T9G and Bwana Spoons, where they will be customizing and mix and mashing each others figures. TxB will also exhibiting a number of paintings, murals and individual pieces as well. There they will also debut and hopefully release T9G and Bwana’s collaborative figures, Marty, Globby and Killer (Seen HERE). Both artists will be on site at the show and be sure to keep an eye out for the life size Rangeas!

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 9006
877.910.toys (8697)


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Ziqi Wu x Creo Design – QiQi Vinyl Figure *Update*


Following our initial post HERE, it looks like the production of Ziqi Wu’s QiQi figure is moving along quite smoothly. Creo Design plans on releasing QiQi in the next couple months! Stay tuned for news on the drop right here!


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Tracy Tubera x Squid Kids Ink. – Le Rad 10-Doh Figure


French Bulldogs anyone? As an homage to his cute pup Tux, Tracy Tubera created the Le Rad! Mini 10-Doh figure. This game cartridge is only playable on the TUXtendo game system and has been imported all the way from Paris. Series 1 of the Mini 10-Doh figure series features the designs of Andrew Wilson,Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Frank Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt JonesNakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson and of course Tracy Tubera. These figures will make their debut at this years San Diego Comic Con!

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May 21, 2012

Review: ‘The Art of Luke Chueh: Bearing the Unbearable’


It’s here. Well, almost.  ‘The Art of Luke Chueh: Bearing the Unbearable’ from Titan Books officially releases in early-mid June depending on which release date you go by.    I received a promo copy today, and I’ve posted up a review over on Dailydujour along with a photo gallery featuring a look inside the book.   In case  you just want to cut to the chase,  yes it’s a very good book – a well-designed presentation of Luke’s art.

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The Art Hustle 3 Roster Announced


Series 3 of the Art Hustle Cards has just been announced and features a great line up of artists, bloggers, galleries and so on! Many of which,  we are very familiar with and a few who are new to us, but would like to get to know more of! Take a look at this long roster of participants! It also looks as thought some of these folks have received their sample cards in the mail! Take a peak after the jump!

Aiko, Tatsuhiko Akashi, Angry Woebots, Apak, Arek, Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, Big Kev's Geek Stuff, Dan Bina, Brandon Bird, BLObPUS, Jeremy Brautman, Christian Breitkreutz, Jon Burgerman, Bonnie Burton, Mori Chack, Chino, Drew Christie, Tim Conlon, Cookies -N- Cream, Dave Cooper, cope2, Molly Crabapple, Cycle, Defer, Michael Delahut, Jesse DeStasio, Eric Nocella Diaz, Dirty Donny , Chris Dyer, Tristan Eaton, eBoy, Eine, Michael Fleming, Jason Freeny, Emilio Garcia, Roger Gastman, Nicholas Gazin, Todd Goldman, Dave Gonzales, Rocky Grimes, Gris Grimly, Joe Hanh, Hariken, Haze XXL, David Healey, Oliver Hibert, J*Ryu  + babyvtec, Matt Jones, Eric Joyner, Jon Paul Kaiser, Keithing. Ket, Jeremiah Ketner, Chip Kidd, KiLL!, KING157, KMNDZ, Lindsey Kuhn, Peter Kuper, Patrick Lam (Munky King), Jeff Lamm, Simone Legno, Lev (Toy Tokyo), Jonathan Levine, Anthony Lister, lola, Jim Mahfood. Randy Martinez. MCA (Evil Design), Elizabeth McGrath, Metal Man Ed, Brandi Milne, Mishka NYC, Junko Mizuno, Brendan Monroe, Motorbot, Mr. Den, Mark Nagata, Kymia Nawabi, Caleb Neelon, Niagara, Jared Nickerson, Mackie Osborne, OsiRisORion, Matt Panuska, Ritzy Periwinkle, Lou Pimentel, Rob Reger, Risk, Johnny Ryan, Sergey Safonov, Dave Savage, Screaming Sky Gallery, Jason Siu, Skwak, Winston Smith, SMK, Steve Talkowski, Ken Tanaka, Gary Taxali, Tenacious Toys, Thinkspace Gallery, Van Arno, Denise Vasquez, VISEone, Voltaire, Scott Wilkowski, The Witnes Awr and Chet Zar.


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MAD’s 3” Glow In The Dark Resin Mini Mad*L


Quite hypnotizing aint’ it? Posted via Instagram, MAD gave what looks to be a shot of the next release of 3” Resin Mini Mad*Ls. This very radioactive release is one a lot of people will be on the hunt for. No word on when, but keep your eyes peeled at MAD’s Instagram (@madtoydesign), Twitter, and Facebook.

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Super7’s 11th Anniversary Lucky Bags?

LB_tease.jpg.scaled500It seems as thought it’s about that time of year for the celebration of Super7’s 11th Anniversary! How may the celebrate you may ask? What better way than a Lucky Bag release! No hints or clues as to what will be in the bags this year, but we know there will be some goodies you will not want to miss out on. What are you looking forward to finding in this years LB’s?

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Rotofugi Gallery in June : Martin Ontiveros and Josh Herbolsheimer

001-ontiveros_300x450 001-herbolsheimer_300x450

For June, Rotofugi has a pair of solo shows from Josh Herbolsheimer and Martin Ontiveros.  While each has his own distinctive style, both artists’ love of monsters should make for nice synergy between Josh’s ‘Fungus Amungus’ and Martin’s ‘Malformations and Maleficarum’.

Martin Ontiveros || ‘Malformations and Maleficarum’
Josh Herbolsheimer || ‘Fungus Amungus’

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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Troubleboys #7 – the Drifter : Full-body Tattoo


For many, the ‘it’ toy of the moment is TroubleBoys #7 – The Drifter, the lastest collaborative Squadt from FERG and Brandt Peters. A Tomenosuke exclusive, the Yakuza-themed figure features an eye-patch and  full-body tattoo.  While the final tattoo design has yet to be revealed, Tomenosuke has posted the initial layout from July ‘11 on its blog.  The post also mentions that a syndicate pin was considered and then dropped, perhaps to avoid any confusion with real crime families. 

In addition to his fearsome appearance,   #7 will come armed for action with a Tanto Knife and a MAC11.  While no official release date has been announced, Ferg has suggested that it will drop in mid-June.




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Dudebox x Vinyl Pulse – DIY Dude 3 for 2 Offer


Dudebox, the new UK designer toy company, officially launched their namesake figure ‘The Dude’, a few weeks ago.  In addition to two blind-boxed series featuring a trio of different Dudes, there’s also the 7.5” DIY Dude.  Since we love ya, we’ve teamed up with Dudebox to bring you a discount on the DIY figures.  For a limited time (thru 6.30), you can buy 3 DIYs for the price of 2 over @ Dudebox.com with the BUDDYPULSE checkout code.  So instead of 28.50/figure, you’d be looking at $18/figure – as long as you buy 3. 

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May 20, 2012

Futurama x Kidrobot – Wooden Bender (06.07)


Remember that one episode of Futurama when Bender gets jealous of Robot 1-X and gets downgraded to a wooden chassis body? Well, Kidrobot remembers and they wanted to make a toy out of it! That’s where we get the Wooden Bender, which stands 6” tall and is set to release on Thursday, June 7th at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online and select retailers. Each figure will retail $50 each.


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May 18, 2012

Fools Paradise – Earthman Teaser


Up next in Fools Paradise’s hand-made line is #6, Earthman.  So far we just have this helmet tease in a familiar red/yellow color combo.  The side profile is def tech though the round ‘nose’ has us thinking this one will have a humorous aspect as well.  We never know quite what to expect from Fools Paraside, but the result is usually fresh and creative.

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Reminder: TLS x VP Buckingham Warrior Contest Ending Soon


Have you entered the Buckingham Warrior Photo Caption contest sponsored by The Loyal Subjects and yours truly ?  If not time is running out (Tuesday May 22nd @ 8 PM DT) for a chance to win the brand-new figure from Gary Baseman.  To enter follow these simple steps:

To enter, do the following by the contest deadline (Tuesday, May 22nd @ 8 PM PDT ):

  1. Like The Loyal Subjects facebook page and submit the caption as a comment to the contest photo on the TLS facebook page.
  2. Also, be sure to tweet the caption and include @loyalsubjects, @vinylpulse and the #bwtlsvp hash tag

Photo Caption Contest Rules
1. To enter follow the steps listed above.
2. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, May 22nd @ 8 PM PDT
3. Entries deemed to be crass or in poor taste will result in disqualification.
4. Entries will be judged by Vinyl Pulse and The Loyal subjects.
5. The creator of the entry deemed to be the ‘best caption’ will win a Buckingham Warrior vinyl.

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Rotofugi’s Kaiju & Japanese Vinyl Sale


Have you been meaning to pick up a particular sofubi or two but haven’t pulled the trigger yet?  Time to check out Rotofugi’s Kaiju and Japanese Vinyl sale which features escalating discounts depending on how long the toy has been available (10% this year, 20% last year, right up through 50%).  One of the great things about sofubi is the wide variety – there’s always something unexpected.  In fact, I’m really digging this Tengallon figure – not scary in the least, but reminds me of an ummm…. monster pup.  The sale runs through Tuesday, May 22nd 2012.


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Amanda Visell – Primaries Resin Mini-Figs Round 2


It is now Round 2 of Amanda Visell’s Primaries Resin Mini-figures, where she introduces to you a set of 5 new figures ! They are available now HERE for $30 each or $150 for a set. The Turtle and the Snake Primaries figures are a Switcherro exclusive, where as the rest of them can soon be found in your local designer toy stores very soon.

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Huck Gee x Christian Tamondong – Secret Fresh Exclusive Release Puucha (06.02)


Secret Fresh is at it again! Asking one of their good friend Huck Gee to collaborate with local Filipino artist Christian Tamondong. Puchaa is a Secret Fresh exclusive figure, which features Hucks Puto character mixed with Christian’s Tea-Cup (based on previous painting). This release is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and will retail $299 each. Huck and Christian will be attending Puucha’s release on Saturday, June 2nd at Secret Fresh at 5:30PM. Those who can’t make the event can send their inquiries to freshmail[at]gmail[dot]com.


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Circus Posterus @ Spectrum (05.18–05.20)


The fine folks of Circus Posterus (Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Archer Dougherty, Travis Louie) will be hanging out at Spectrum this weekend at their CP booth #919. Along with them are a ton of a goodies that you are not going to want to miss out on! Chris has brought along some Rotten Banana Mini Crumbeaters, mini Bubbleguts, and regular sized Crumbeaters, all of which are an edition of 6. Kathie has got a few of her Callope Jackalope resin figures (soon to be turned sofubi). Travis has some of his custom Stan Skelves up for grabs. Archer will have available a series of mini drawings and sketches. We can’t forget about Brandt’s and Katie’s debut of the Frostbite 4 Legged Masao resin figures. It should be fun times and is going on now!

Kansas City Convention Center
301 W 13th St
Kansas City, MO 64105


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Parra -- Pierced (6.7)


Wow. Kidrobot revs it up with the gorgeous Pierced vinyl art piece from Dutch illustrator Parra. Known for his provactive depictions of lusty, voluptous bird-like women, Parra delivers a powerful red + blue intertwined 10" piece which puts a shiny spin on the line between sex, violence, and consumption. Limited to 300 pieces, this standout piece drops on June 7th from Kidrobot and select toy spots for $150.

Color us impressed. While Parra has done several figures ranging from high-end fine art multiples to at least one other vinyl, this just might be his most engaging. For those that would doubt, Kidrobot seemingly still cares about 'Art Toys', it just knows that offering a crowd appealing variety is necessary to keep the lights on and the rotocast ovens spinning. [via KR Blog]

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May 17, 2012

Preview: Squid Kids Ink – Mini 10-Doh!

001-mini 10-Doh! press release

Continuing their celebration of 8-bit nirvana, Squid Kids Ink has announced their upcoming Mini 10-Doh! blind-boxed series which is set to debut at SDCC.    At 3” the Mini 10-Doh! appears to be exactly what you would expect, a smaller version of the original 7” game cartridge figure. Series 1 features designs from Andrew Wilson, Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Frank Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt Jones, Nakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson and Tracy Tubera.  Hit the jump for a look at the new Mini 10-Doh!s from Jesse Hernandez and Luke Chueh.



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Skinner x TAG - ‘Ghosts of the Dead Abyss’ Alien Argus (5.18)


Toy Art Gallery tapped Skinner to create a hand-painted edition of Mark Nagata’s Alien Argus.  The result is the Ghosts of the Dead Abyss edition feature metallic blue, purple, and red on a base of black vinyl.   As a fun collector bonus, he also rocked out the Solar Death Goldfish chase (talk about channeling the dark side).  The chase offers up a warmer tone with metallic golds, red and oranges on a red vinyl base.

Ghosts of the Dead Abyss will drop this Friday, May 18th @ Noon PDT from TAG for $175. Don’t blame me if you wake up in a cold sweat…


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Preview: Scribe’s ‘Intrinsic Value’ (5.18)


With just a day before Scribe opens his ‘Intrinsic Value’ solo @ myplasticheartnyc we’re happy to bring you a sneaky preview of the show.  The new work includes several pieces on wood including large acrylic paintings (above and after the jump) and several square series featuring Rumpus, Cupcakes, and more.  3D?  Definitely.  Bumblesharks, Rumpus and more including an orange Manos resin figure (ed. of four).

Scribe || Intrinsic Value
Opening: Friday, March 18th 2011 (6-9 PM)

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002


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