Dec 17, 2014

Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery – Milky Purple Edition Slugbeard Lottery (12.19)


Toy Art Gallery will be holding a lottery this Friday, December 19th at 12PM PST for Paul Kaiju’s Unpainted Milky Purple Edition Slugbeard. This lottery will be through out the weekend until Monday, with names being picked 24 hours after the closing. The Slugbeard stands 10” tall and 10” wide and comes battle ready with his trusty wrecking ball. You can expect to spend $165 on this huge chunk of monstrosity!

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Dec 16, 2014

Dragatomi Closes Their Doors =(


We regret to inform you all that our favorite designer store in Sacramento, Dragatomi, will be closing their doors. With the success of their latest venture, they were left with a difficult decision to close up their brick and mortar store. Don’t worry, because they will still keep their online store afloat and they have also teamed up with Unseen Heroes as a satellite location with a small selection of items available. They will also continue having releases, signings, and shows at their location in the Broadway Triangle district of Sacramento. If you really miss seeing the friendly faces of Ray and Joanne, you can always find them touring around Sacramento in the Wandering Boba truck! Good luck Ray and Joanne!

Beginning now until December 24th, all remaining in-store merchandise will be 50% off, excluding original artworks.

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2PetalRose – Maiko Midnight Assassin (01.02)

MA 7

This could be your very first purchase for 2015! 2PetalRose will be making his brand new “Midnight Assassin” Maiko figures available for pre-order on Friday, January 2nd. Each figure stands 13.5” tall and comes with a matching Giclee print and will be limited to 10 pieces for $275. Are you just a fan of the print? Well, there will also be 20 prints available for $40. You will find these goods available in his online store HERE.


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Dec 15, 2014

myplasticheart x Brutherford Exclusive Red Velvet Ice Cream Man Bite Size


Just in time for the holidays, myplasticheart has collaborated with Bruth erford on the exclusive Red Velvet Ice Cream Man Bite Size resin figure in both Sugar and Wafer cone varieties.  Limited to 30 pieces each, these features pearlescent ice scream skulls with pearlescent red cones.  They are available now for $19.99 each at myplasticheart.

Sticking with the holiday theme, myplasticheart is also now carrying the Oddly Merry APO Frogs ($74.99) from Twelvedot.  Plus, they’ve got the Black+ White Ghosts of Fallen Frogs set as well ($164.99).


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Dec 14, 2014

Candie Bolton x Peter Kato – Custom Artist Series Wonderland Bedtime Bunnies (12.18)


Peter Kato and Candie Bolton are proud to present the second Artist Series of the beloved Bedtime Bunnies! Candie has taken Peter’s 3” Bedtime Bunnies and has gone with a Alice in Wonderland theme, as you have probably already noticed. This series features 10 custom resin figures, which features our favorite characters from the Lewis Carroll novel. The cast includes the White Rabbit with his pocket watch, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Cheshire the multidimensional being, The Hatter, March Hare, the bloodthirsty Queen of Hearts, and a couple variations of Alice. Each figure was hand-painted and clear-coated by Candie and also includes a card deck packaging. These will be available in Peter’s Webstore this Thursday, December 18th at 6PM EST for $75 each. More photos after the jump.


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Dec 13, 2014

Skinner – “Solar Stare” Ultrus Bog Pre-Order at Lulubell (12.16)


On Tuesday, December 16th at Noon PST, Lulubell Toys and Skinner will be releasing the new “Solar Stare” Ultrus Bog for Pre-Order. This release will only be up for one week at $85 a piece.

THE SOLAR STARE! That which only creatures spawned from the million year larval birth of a black hole can know. A birth exploding at immeasurably cold temperatures! Torn apart by gravity and reassembled once more in the body of a dark matter deity. The solar stare that can bend sheets of the universe in half and look beyond. To the end. To the very edge of where nothingness awaits beginning. The solar stare is to see all things end. The quietude of the universe beckons.

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Green Ornament Android (12.15) + Android Series 05 News


With the success of last years Blue and Red Android Ornaments, DYZ Plastic is proud to present this years Green Ornament Android! These will be available in the Dead Zebra shop this Monday, December 15th at 11AM EST in singles for $10, doubles for $20, 5-packs for $45, and 10-packs for $90

unnamed (2)

In other Android news, a couple more figures from the Android Series 05 have been revealed! Here we have Google’s “Orange” Android and Jon Paul Kaiser’s “Sturnbrau” Android. Artists included in this series are Andrew Bell, Devilrobots, Gary Ham, Jon Paul Kaiser, Kong Andri, Lunabee, Reactor 88 and Scott Tolleson! Keep your look out for the release sometime at the end of January. Don’t forget to check out Gary Ham’s SK8 Cop HERE.


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Dec 12, 2014

Super7 – Rose Vampire: Ghost of Christmas Past (12.18)


Rose Vampire is back.  Super7 brings back Josh Herbolsheimer’s popular design for the spectacular Ghost of Christmas Past edition.  The wintery figure is cast in ‘ghostly’ clear vinyl with blue and metallic silver sprays.  This one drops on Thursday (12.18) at Noon PST  from Super7 for $35 (+ s/h).

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Darkside KAWZ Head from De Korner (12.13.14)


De Korner’s Darkside KAWZ Head brings a sexy mix of  red + black swirled resin to the ongoing bootlegged bootleg project.  This is the follow-up to the sold-out Jaded KAWZ HeadJaded KAWZ Head, released at DesignerCon. Limited to ten pieces, Darkside drops  on Saturday (12.13) at 8 AM PST from De Korner for $30 (+ s/h).


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Jermaine Rogers – Choices Shadow Variant


Jermaine Rogers recently introduced the latest member of the Choices brood.  With a jet black body and  piercing red eyes, the Shadow Variant (8”, ed. of 250) continues Jermaine’s exploration of the gravity of the choices we all face and must make.  The new piece adds to the unfolding story of one of 2014’s standout releases.  Choices Shadow Variant is available for $60 from myplasticheart, De Korner and retailers worldwide.   We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next from  Jermaine’s new Dero72 imprint, off to a formidable start with Choices.

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Dec 11, 2014

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – Toxigon “Toxic Goldfish” Lottery (12.12)


Here we have the final release of 2014 from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Check out the brand new “Toxic Goldfish” edition Toxigon figure. This release is cast in a bright orange vinyl with minimal spray details that really help this colorway pop! Each release comes with a “fish stick” omake weapon, sticker, and pin for $200. This release is limited to 25 pieces and will be available via Lottery style beginning this Friday, December 12th at 12AM EST and ends on the same day at 11:59PM EST. Winners will then be notified the following day! You can find the lottery page HERE when the time is right!

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Mark Nagata x Martin Hsu – Galactic Dragon Dog Sets (12.12)


Mark Nagata and Martin Hsu has teamed up once again to bring you another special release! Introducing the Galactic Dragon Dogs, which are limited to only 5 sets! Each set comes with 1 Dragon Dog Custom and one original painting! Each set will retail $350 and will be available this Friday, December 12th at Noon PST in the Martin Hsu shop!

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