Jul 18, 2018

Hebru Brantley x MINDstyle – Fly Boy 18” at SDCC



Ever since MINDstyle released the 18” Fly Boy vinyl art toy from Hebru Brantley at the Shanghai Toy Show in April, collectors have been looking for a stateside opportunity to add this impressive piece to their shelves.  The wait is over.  The large format Fly Boy will be available for $350 at SDCC from the Pop Life booth [#4845].

If you’re wondering about the origins of Fly Boy, there’s a really nice artist statement about the character after the jump.


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Giant Robot at SDCC – Dehara, Yoskay Yamoto, James Jean and More


Giant Robot returns to SDCC in their familiar spot [booth #1729] with several releases including an exclusive Satoshi sofubi from Dehara with purple skin – very nice.  GR will also have several small drawings from Yoskay Yamamoto, and new pins from none other than James Jean.  Be sure to drop by the booth to check out these and other surprises.

36871106_1345642005568738_5432766718973837312_n  36678485_430457544089476_8564103610709835776_n

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52 Toys – SDCC Sofubi


China’s 52 Toys will be at SDCC with several sofubi releases from several of their artists and brands.  From Saibooku22 comes a GID Ghozilla Baby with rubbed paint (perfect for daytime display) as well as three versions of the new Lotus Carp and Boy figure – Gold, Silver, and lime green.   Oddcraft has three SDCC releases including Iron Kwanyin by DA.LI, Mini FooDog by Zhelong, and Taster by Crybag Design.  All of this and more is waiting for you at booth #4734.

download download  download 36921945_225762061589142_1769084638241751040_n

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FYE x Andrew Bell – Exclusive Karoshi San Working Late at SDCC


FYE will release their exclusive Karoshi San Working Late Edition from Andrew Bell at SDCC.  The cleverly named edition brings you Bell’s Salary Man in bright, brilliant GID.  It will be available at the FYE booth which is part of the Dumbrella island [#1335].  FYE also has a special pop-up at the nearby Horton Plaza that will be offering several exclusives including several XXRAY releases from Jason Freeny.  


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Jul 17, 2018

Ron English x Pop Life – Punk Skunk, Mad Glad Boy, & Lucky Cat Grin at SDCC


Pop Life is bring the Ron English magic with several new releases from their SFBI Originals line set for SDCC [booth #4845].  In addition to the pair of previously mentioned Looney Tunes Grin figures, Ron will also have the Punk Skunk Convention Exclusive ($125) in metallic purple with teal accents (oooh…).   There’s also the stateside debut of OG Mad Glad Boy ($100) which celebrates an American dining institution.  Finally, there’s the hard to come by Lucky Grin Cat Convention Exclusive in ‘Lucky Red’ ($75).

 unnamed unnamed

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Munky King at SDCC: Prisoner XL Black Beauty + Annual Party

Munky King will be at SDCC once again [booth #4851] with a pair of exclusives and they’ll be hosting their annual SDCC party at Bar Basic on Thursday (7.19). This year brings a double dose of Luke Chueh with two new releases debuting at the show.  In addition to the previously blogged about Honey Bear (10th Anniversary Possessed), MK will also debut the new Prisoner XL Black Beauty. The larger format resin will include large pill bottle (w/prescription label), a small bag of black gel caps (nice touch), and a bonus black glossy regular-sized Prisoner.  All of this Black Beauty addiction can be yours for $250.

This year’s party at Bar Basic (7.19) will feature live painting + a silent auction with a twist.  Black light! That’s right, the artists will be painting under black lights with UV active paint.  This year’s lineup includes Bwana Spoons, Scott C., Luke Chueh, Rocom, Carly Ealey, Bill McMullen and Martin Hsu.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.58.04 PM 35292435_785094388548612_6911693133453459456_n

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Ron English x Looney Tunes x Pop Life Debut at SDCC


For SDCC 2018, Pop Life will debut two new Looney Tunes projects from Ron English.  Sporting the artist’s signature ‘grin’, both the Speedy Gonzales and  Yosemite Sam figures are part of the SFBI Originals line which is inspired by vintage sofubi.    Both will be available as advanced releases at the Pop Life booth [#4845] for $75 each.

These officially licensed figures should help spread the power of Grin far and wide.  There’s more Ron English x Looney Tunes fun to come including Marvin the Martian and Pepe Le Pew.


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Jul 15, 2018

Huck Gee x BAIT x Robotech – Hunter Debuts at SDCC !


Whoa!  The rumored and heavily anticipated Huck Gee x Robotech crossover figures from BAIT are almost here!  The Hunter (a riff on the Cyclone) will drop in both a standard white edition and an SDCC exclusive bronze edition for $120 each.  The white will be available at the BAIT San Diego (920 5th Ave).   These stand about 8” tall and are loaded with articulation.

These came out great. Hyper detailed Robotech style as re-imagined by Huck.  Aces!


[Source: SDCC Blog]

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Woot Bear at SDCC: Scott Wilkowski Collabs


Woot Bear will be making the trip down for SDCC with two new Scott Wilkowski collabs available via the Hyperactive Monkey booth [#5640] on Friday (7.20) at 12 PM. First up is the brand-new Woot Bear: A Real Woot Hero mini ($25) in two variants – Woot Ninja and the Hyperactive Monkey Ninja which is a collab with Jerome Lu.  Each features a different head sculpt – Woot Ninja has a bear head with covered face, while Jerome’s version has a smiling monkey head. Jerome also designed the inspired blister packaging.  Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow?

unnamed 36546861_672206916453171_3081021225309306880_n

If you’re looking for some of that double pour/”infected” magic that Scott’s famous for, the  Resin Master Uamou Minis ($50) are calling your name. These smaller (1.5”) versions are inspired by the OG Resin Master Uamou figures which dropped at last year’s comic-con.  No word yet on when these will be available.  Secret Strategy: drop by booth #5640 early and often!


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Beefy and Co. – SDCC Plush


Beefy and Co. has several exclusives and debuts set for SDCC 2018 (7.18 – 7.22) including the awe-inspiring Kaiju King which stands a towering 16”.  The plush ride continues with the new Phobepoo as well as two limited edition plush – Chakra Kyubipoo (Fox of Nine Tails) and Shadow Bulbapoo. Both of the limited ones are editions of 100 and will be available for $30. 

35545402_149911905883754_5613556512531152896_n 35155880_255558851667728_866782399571165184_n 36038689_473909723058897_6002841095426277376_n

Beefy and Co. will also debut their brand-new PixBrix Poo sets—Unipoo and Pegapoo.  Build your own Poo! Dig the fun concept. These should be a nice compliment to the brand’s ever-expanding plush line.   Oh and be ready for new apparel as well.  Get it all at the Beefy and Co. booth [#5051].

36467421_492406217863814_2346413403435696128_n 35421888_215075009323407_7559985968241967104_n

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3DRetro – SDCC Exclusives from Coop, Dok A, KRK Ryden & Nathan Ota


3DRetro has lined up four exclusives for SDCC 2018.  Let’s start with Mickey Finn from Coop in a stylish, crazy limited edition (50 pcs, $50) rocking both matte and glossy gold. Matte + Glossy is normally done in black, so it’s nice to see a different take.  In person, this one is nice. 

Staying with the precious metals, comes a new Anesthesia from Doktor A in silver (50 pcs, $100)  with a reddish patina .   SDCC also brings the return of Moe Hawk from KRK Ryden.  First released in a full color version at DesignerCon, the punk skater strikes back with a stylized mono-ish edition (150 pcs, $60) with a bluish gray.

Coop_SDCCAnesthesia Steel Front SDCCKRK_SDCC

Finally, 3DRetro will releases a new Coozie from Nathan Ota in a sublime GID edition.  What really sets this apart is that it doesn’t look like a GID piece.  Instead of the pasty white/slightly green appearance, the SDCC Coozie  (100 pcs, $100) brings a vibrant swath of greens

All of these exclusives will be available at the 3DRetro booth [5250].  In addition to their in-house releases, 3DRetro will also have a signing+release from Tokidoki as well as releases from 1000 Toys.

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Jul 13, 2018

Luke Chueh x Kidrobot – Wannabe Dunny (7.13)


For Friday the 13th, Kidrobot unleashes Luke Chueh’s misfit take on platform toys with the 5” Wannabe Dunny. Dimly lit, this one might be mistaken as a Dunny dead ringer.  Under the bright lights, this one doesn’t quite fit in. The familiar contour is disrupted with a head sculpt that forcefully blends his iconic bear and KR’s signature platform.  Limited to 1500 pieces, Wannabe arrives on Friday at 7 AM PDT on Kidrobot.com and from your favorite art toy shops.


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