Sep 30, 2014

myplasticheart at NYCC: APO Frogs by Twelvedot


myplasticheart will offer a selection of the red-hot APO Frogs from Twelvedot. Part of the AFTR project, these adorable toys are aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered frog species.  mph will have four species of the APO Frogs including Strawberry Banana Split, Pepto Black, Lime Black, and the brand new Pumpkin Pie colorway with prices ranging from $65 to $75.


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OG Slick x Silent Stage Gallery –- Uzi Does it (10.1)


Slick recently unveiled his new Uzi Does It sculpture at the Beast Astray group show, curated by Joe Hahn. Produced by Silent Stage Gallery, the 16” resin figure continues Slick’s bold art work re-interpreting America’s favorite mouse. 

Limited to 25 pieces (+5 APs), the Blackout Edition complete with COA  and white gloves will be released on Wednesday (10.1) @ 11 AM PDT for $1199 directly from Silent Stage Gallery.


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Naoto Hattori x VTSS – Balloonz (10.2)


Back in February, we were excited to hear that surreal painter Naoto Hattori was working with VTSS on resin art toys based on his original Balloon animals paint ings.   Balloonz  is a set of five hand-colored animal art sculptures – bull dog (4”), elephant(4”), monkey(3”), sheep(3”) and owl(3”). All of the animals except for the owl, can be displayed in two poses.

If you’re a Hattori collector or looking for new artful pieces, these deserve your consideration.  Limited to 90 sets, the figures will drop on Thursday (10.2) @ 8 AM PDT for $280 (includes global shipping) directly from VTSS.


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Sep 29, 2014

David Flores x Blackbook Toy – 2nd Anniversary Ashtray


In celebration of 2 years on October 1st, Blackbook Toy will be releasing this special novelty BBT Skull ashtray/accessory tray. This piece was designed by David Flores and features a gold print on traditional Mino Pottery. These are absolutely free for all customers who spend more than $150 in the BBT online store!

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Ewokone x Mighty Jaxx – Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive Brainlington


Mighty Jaxx and Ewokone has just shared a photo of the upcoming Brainlington figure by Ewokone! They mention that this will be a NYCC 2014 Exclusive to the Toy Tokyo Booth #101. You can also expect that Ewokone will be there signing as well! No official name for this release, so for now… we shall name thee Grimace! Due to this awesome purple flocking!

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Monster Island @ New York Comic Con 2014


The Monster Island booth will be jam packed this year at NYCC 2014. Grizlli Atoms, Death Cat Toys, and Snatch Punch Toys will be at the booth #402 with special guests featuring Splurrt, Uamou, Nerdone, Coma21, Dr. Gonzo, Gorgoloid, Meteoratoyz, Blockhead Toys, Bukimi Blasterz, Blood Guts Toys, Kenth Toy Works, Acolorfulmonster, Bad Teeth Comics, Refreshment, and Radioactive Uppercut. Lots of sofubi, kaiju, and resin toys to go all around!

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myplasticheart NYCC 2014 –- Exclusive Negora & Migora from Konatsu


myplasticheart will release two exclusive figures from Japanese artist Konatsu for NYCC.  First up there’s her signature Negora (3.5”, $35) in a ‘zilla homage edition featuring clear green vinyl with gold and silver sprays.  Backing him up is the new Migora (1.75”, $13), cast in clear grey with gold + black sprays and fierce red eyes.    Pick both up at NYCC from the mph booth [#113].

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Super7 x Secret Base – Alien Xenomorph Vinyl Figure


Super7 and Secret Base are back at it with the new grey pearlescent Alien soft vinyl figure. The first release was seen at SDCC and was long sold out, but here is your chance to get your hands on the newest edition. These measure 4” tall and feature a grey pearlescent vinyl with black rub and clear dome. You can find them available at Super7 and Super7 Online on Thursday, October 2nd at Noon PST for $50 each.

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Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus –- October Sofubi Releases (10.10)


October is a big month for the  Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus sofubi brand with several releases including the debut of the Pocket Sideshow, their new chibi line, as well as a new Stingy Jack from Brandt Peters.  The Pocket Sideshow features four characters (100 of each in both color and black editions) -– Penelope by Kathie Olivas, Otto by Brandt Peters, Puddlespoort from Chris Ryniak and Snowshoe from Amanda Louise Spayd.   The new Pierrot Stingy Jack (60 pieces), a homage to the classic sad clown character from European Pantomime traditions, features a  pumpkin colored head, blue eyes and a retro black/white costume. With this new edition, Stingy Jack will now be reserved for special eventswith 1-2 drops per year.

As with all T+CP figures, the new toys will be released both by Circus Posterus for North American collectors and by Tomenosuke for international collectors with, available figures split between the two. 

CP will release the figures in conjunction with the opening of  its fourth annual Bewitching Halloween group show at Stranger Factory on Friday, October 10th 2014.  Pierrot Stingy Jack will be available for $95.  The Pocket Sideshow figures will be available in special sets only – painted + black edition sets featuring eight total figures ($150), full painted sets  with 4 figures ($95), and individual (paired) sets featuring matching painted + black versions of one character ($40). See the official info via Circus Posterus for both the Pierrot Stingy Jack and Pocket Sideshow drops.

Tomenosuke will offer both the Pocket Sideshow and Pierrot Stingy Jack in two separate releases – at Taipei Toy Festival 2014 (10.9 – 10.12) in their booth (A46) and on on October 10th.  The prices match that of the CP releases, though it appears that Tomenosuke may not be offering the option of ‘individual’ sets.


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Happy Panda Toys –- Grimsheep Panda Edition (10.1)


While the wait for the first figure in the Grimsheep series was long, Happy Panda Toys is quickly following up the debut Tiger edition with the new Panda edition.  This one features the  panda head as well as a sheep head of course in a white + black design.  What we are less sure of is whether this one is rocking a Gi or a suit – as both were in the planned lineup. Look for it to drop on 10.1.


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Good For You Toys x Mr. Toast –- Darth Bacon Action Figure PreOrder Ends on 9.29


Dan Goodsell  has let Good For You Toys loose in the Mr. Toast universe and the result is a Darth Bacon action figure.  The counterweight to the do-good Mr. Toast, the insidious (and hilarious) Darth Bacon follows GFYT’s preferred bootleg aesthetic at 3 3/4” with translucent light saber and cape on a blister card.  Each blister card will be hand-signed and numbered by Dan Goodsell, plus he’ll fill in a unique blurb for the death star.  Through Monday (9.29) you can get a special pre-order offer for $50 from Good for You Toys, which includes the figure plus a bonus hand-colored sketch card featuring one of several characters including Darth Bacon, Joe the Egg Fett and more.


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Reactor-88 Custom Corner – James Fuller


Welcome to the September edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting James Fuller. James resides in Waseca, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters. There he also runs his namesake design business, FullerDesigns. James has a degree in Visual Communications and has been a graphic designer for over 11 years. He is a huge packaging nut- so he loves making custom boxes for his toys to take them up another notch. Speaking of toys, James started customizing in 2008 and has been doing it full time since 2011. He’s known for his airbrushing and dark comic style. His influences are comic artists such as Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane. He also gets lots of inspiration from fellow toy artists such as Scribe, Rsin and Kevin Gosselin. He says:

“It’s not just that they create amazing art… a lot of people do. It’s the way they are always helping other artists or giving words of wisdom. I truly respect that.”

Last year, James started getting into molding and casting. He created a small resin base figure called the “Lil’ Jammie” and is looking forward to expanding the line. James is currently working on a 6-inch resin figure that he will be releasing in October featuring his signature character “Grrr…” On top of that he’s moving towards making more masks and monster fabrication, as well as getting involved with 3D printing. James does take commissions, so you can contact him and follow his work at all the usual places: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the Fuller Designs website & blog, as well as his online store.


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