Jul 02, 2015

BAIT x Kidrobot -- Street Fighter Dark Sakura at SDCC


Will you look at that… BAIT will be releasing their exclusive Street Fighter Dark Sakura figure from Kidrobot at SDCC. Bet you didn’t see this one coming!  Dark Sakura joins the past Dark/Evil KR SF SDCC editions – Evil Ryu, Akuma, and Mecha Zangief. The 3.5” mini will be available for $15 from the BAIT booth [5146]

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Steve Caballero x Secret-Base x Super7 – Cab Dragon Release/Signing @ SDCC


Steve Caballero’s Cab Dragon will be making its debut release at this years SDCC! Thanks to Secret-Base and Super7, he will forever be immortalized in 4” soft vinyl figure. The first release is cast in a grey unpainted vinyl and will retail $50 each.The mask is also removable, which reveals the legendary icon. The signing/release will take place at the Super7 booth #4945 on Saturday, July 11th at 2PM. The first release features a grey unpainted vinyl and will retail $50 each.

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Super7 x Mattel - Chia Pet Moss Man at Skeletor’s Lair


Super7 does what they do best! They make what should have happened into a reality! Especially with this retro release of the Masters of the Universe Moss Man Chia pet! It only makes sense right? Both properties started in 1982, which makes this a perfect match! They will only be available at Skeletor’s Lair (701 8th Ave.) during SDCC. They will be limited one per person at $29.99 each.

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Sam Fout x Dubose Art – Satan’s Aces Starts with Ironside Battalion (7.20)


First teased back in February, the new Satan’s Aces 4” resin series from Sam Fout and Dubose Art will  is about to launch with the release of the first figure—Ironside Battalion. This rough and tumble warrior is ready to throw down and throw one back, maybe at the same time.  The character design is very cool from the iconic Kaiser-ish helmet and the  over-sized head with the oh-so-stern expression to the tiny but detailed body.

Limited to 50 pieces in assorted colors, Ironside Battalion will release in small batches.  The first four will drop on July 20th, 2015 for $134 (+ s/h) each from samfout.com and will include a vinyl sticker and limited-edition print.



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Andrew Bell Does SDCC 2015!


The Dumbrella booth #1335 at this years SDCC will be jam packed with goodies! One of the things we are sure you have been awaiting the announcement of is what Android figures will the be releasing? To answer your question, it’s the Summer Edition “Lifeguard” and “Shark Diver” 2 piece set! It comes with a shark finned trouble maker and sunburnt lifeguard (complete with whistle) for $20.


Andrew Bell will also be debut releasing his newest book, “Make it Stop”. This 144 page book of creatures will retail $12 or at a special discount price if bundled with his previous art book, “Do Not Eat”.


One last thing we noticed is what looks to be the debut of a new figure from Andrew Bell! The “Black Death” convention exclusive edition Karoshi San! We hope to get a bitter and more full glimpse of this piece at the show!

We won’t forget to mention the number of other goodies he will be brining, such as stickers, toys, plush   and prints!


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Jul 01, 2015

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot – Chewloth Plush


Flat Bonnie is getting in the SDCC spirit with her latest plush figure! One of her signature characters Manny the Sloth will be cosplaying at SDCC as Chewbacca! Chewloth will be available over at the Giant Robot booth #1729 for $50. Each 10” plush was handmade with love, comes signed/numbered with adoption certificate, button and sticker.


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Rotofugi at SDCC: Omen Outburst Loser Black + Lemon by Coarse


Rotofugi will be releasing two new  Coarse toys at SDCC.  They’ll be debuting two new 7.5” Omen Outbursts – Loser Black and Loser Lemon. Limited to 500 pieces each, these are apparently exclusive to Roto except in Asia where they will be offered by select retailers.   Rotofugi will be selling 150 pieces at SDCC (30 per day) for $105 (incl. tax) each. from the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth [#5248] and then offer the remainder of their stock online after comic-con.  As with several of their other releases, Roto will use “purchase passes” for the Coarse drop – check the official info for all the details.


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Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak x Cardboard Spaceship Leprechaun Edition Thimblestump Hollow Debut Release @ SDCC


They’ve made it! Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak’s Blind Box Mini-Series, Thimblestump Hollow will be making it to SDCC! Produced by Cardboard Spaceship and sculpted by Shinbone Creative, this exciting new series will be debuting at SDCC as the Leprechaun edition at the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 for $12 a BB. CBS has more surprises coming. Stay tuned.


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Amanda Visell x Super7 – Resin He-Man & Skeletor for Skeletor’s Lair

motu_resin_heman_promo motu_resin_skeletor_promo

Amanda Visell will be partaking in Skeletor’s festivities over at his Lair during SDCC. She has handcrafted a very limited edition run of Resin He-Man and Skeletor sculptures that can only be obtained at the corner of 8th & G (701 8th Ave, San Diego). Each piece will retail $100 and will be available while supplies last.

Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up Hours:
Wed – 9PM - 12AM
Thursday – Sunday – 11AM –9PM

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Grumble Toy x Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi @ SDCC 2015


The Squibbles Ink. + Rotofugi booth #5248 will have a few special guests hanging out! All the way from Canada comes Grumble Toy! They will be bringing along with them 7 exclusives. They’ve painted up very limited runs of their own line of soft vinyl figures, dubbed the Pastel Flourescence.

Figures include;
3” NekoMimi – Edition of 7 – $33
3” Chou-Cho – Edition of 5 – $33
3.5” Chubby Tough – Edition of 6 – $38
3” Wormrah – Edition of 7 – $33
3” Ishigon – Edition of 4 – $33
6” Ilith – Edition of 4 – $38
Amapro x Grumble Toy – Manmorah – Edition of 2 – $60

Check them out after the jump!


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Credemda Studios x DKE Toys – Freddy Fett


Two iconic characters make another splash at SDCC with Freddy Fett by Credenda Studios. Limited to only 30 pieces, this hand casted 3 3/4” resin figure will be available only at the DKE Toys booth #5045. Each figure comes on blister card and will retail $65 each.

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Sket One x Medicom x BAIT – Sketracha Be@rbrick 2-Pack at SDCC


Sketracha is spreading like wildfire!  Sket One’s homage to what just might be the most popular hot sauce (at least on the West Coast), is jumping from limited-edition custom to not one, but two Be@rbricks thanks to the awesome folks at BAIT who have worked with Medicom and Huy Fong Foods to make these officially-licensed beauties a reality. 

BAIT will sell the 100% and 400% Sketracha Be@rbricks as a 2-pack at their booth [#5146] for $125.  Sket will be signing on Saturday at a time yet to be announced.

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