Nov 27, 2014

Ron English x BlackBook Toy – Big Boner Myth Edition (11.28)


Next up from BlackBook Toy is the new Big Boner Myth edition from Ron English. Inspired by the treasure one might find in an ancient ruin, the stunning new edition  features clear vinyl with black poured inside, finished off with gold rub on the exterior. We’re impressed with the use of   mixed deco techniques which results in a piece that a resembles a fine art sculpture rather than a vinyl figure. The 8+” figure will be released on Friday (11.28) @ 1 AM PST from BlackBook Toy for 9720 yen (~ $83).


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Nov 26, 2014

De Korner – Black Friday Mystery Boxes + Sale



For Black Friday De Korner is offering two ways to stretch  your toy buying dollars.  First, they are offering 50%+ off select items.  Second, they are offering Mystery Boxes featuring items worth at least double the price of the box.  The five item box ($50) will have at least $100 worth of product while the ten item box ($100) will be valued at $200.  Due to the size/weight, shipping for the Mystery boxes will run from $10 to $15.  The Mystery Boxes and 50% off sale starts on 11.27 and runs through 12.1 at

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Raffle to Benefit Nerviswr3k



Tragically, a member of Nerviswr3k’ s family recently passed away leaving a young daughter needing care and support.  With the help of members of the community, Tenacious toys has put together a raffle to help the  family in their time of need. 

Available now through December 10th, each raffle ticket ($10 + s/h) will include a pack of 5 assorted stickers and one entry into the drawing for one of 15 donated prizes.  Nerviswr3k will receive the full  $10 for each raffle ticket sold. Each ticket is considered a separate entry –- buying multiple tickets therefore increases the odds of winning and purchasers of multiple tickets have the chance of winning more than one prize.

The sticker pack includes a mix featuring Nerviswr3k (printed by Renone), Abe Lincoln Jr., Tenacious Toys, as well as numerous stickers donated by the awesome people at Sticker Robot.  Each pack will feature at least one Nerviswr3k sticker.

Winners of the raffle will be chosen randomly.  The first winner will be notified and will be able to choose one of the 15 prizes.  Subsequent winners will choose one prize from those that remain.

The raffle prizes include:

  • 6-inch Beefy & Co Panda Plush (valued at $14)
  • 11-inch Beefy & Co Unipoo Plush (valued at $25)
  • Beefy & Co Ghost Tribe Warrior gold/black colorway
  • Beefy & Co Ghost Tribe Warrior blue colorway
  • Custom Marshall by Taylor Lymberry
  • (4) different Custom Dunnys by Mike Die
  • Mask by Nerviswr3k
  • Nibirian Drones blind box by Nerviswr3k & We Are Not Toys
  • Tenacious Exclusive Blue MAD Modern Hero Bank (US winner only)
  • 22" tokidoki Adios Star Pillow
  • 5" tokidoki Donutella figure
  • Skull Burst Custom by Blazon Brikhaus

For the full info, please see the official raffle ticket purchase page over at Tenacious Toys.  Please consider buying a raffle ticket/sticker pack to help out Nerviswr3k and his family.

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Jermaine Rogers – ‘Glam’ Edition Aleppin Sane + Black Friday Event (11.28)



Jermaine Rogers has two new drops + a sale for Black Friday starting at 12 PM PST at his web shop.   First up is the ‘Glam’ edition of his Aleppin Sane 8” vinyl figure ($75). This release will be limited to only 100 pieces. He will also be releasing the matching Aleppin Sane ‘GLAM’ variant print (100 s/n pieces, 23x19”, $50) featuring rich colors and silver metallic ink.  Not only will these two fabulous pieces be up for grabs, but you can expect to see some never before released variants and mini-prints, older pieces, new t-shirts, and other goodies.   Jermaine’s Black Friday event runs through Cyber Monday (12.1).


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MAD’s Black Friday Releases (11.28)


MAD has got some offerings for you this Black Friday! Looking to make your wall look pretty? MAD will be releasing a set of 4 of his Modern Heroes 17” prints. There are only 10 sets of these in existence and will retail $100 a set. MAD will also be releasing the Mystery Micro Mad*L Handmade resin figures. These will come blind bagged and will feature an array of different never released Micro MAD*Ls. These will be available first thing on Black Friday, November 28th at 12AM CST. There will only be 30 of these babies available!

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2PetalRose – Maiko II Custom Release Drop (11.28)

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Updated: With Release Info

2PetalRose has been hard at work completing his latest custom Maiko II figures, which will be releasing on Friday (11.28) at 9 AM PST from the 2petalrose web shop for £185 (~ $292) plus £10 for UK shipping / £20 (~ $32) for global shipping.   Each resin figure measures roughly 13.5” tall and comes with helmet, stitched Maiko Obi, Katana, and wood base.  These three customs  look great.  We’re looking forward to seeing forthcoming customs as well. 


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Mind of the Masons


Welcome to the November edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Mind of the Masons. In the past I’ve kept Custom Corner features fairly concise, but when I contacted Joshua he really had a lot to say, so here are Joshua’s responses in all their glory- enjoy!

What’s your name?

My name is Joshua D Mason and I run Mind of the Masons. My wife Bethany and brother Mykel are my partners in crime and help run MOTM as well. The three of us bring different skill sets to the table, and hopefully down the road we'll be able to offer a wide variety of artistic services to our customers, family, and friends.


Where are you located?

Colorado, born and raised! We've never really had the desire to be located anywhere else. Mountains, lakes, sand dunes... We have it all, other than some salt water action but that's what vacations are for. Bethany and I own a house, "The Masonry" which is a bit out of the way from any major city- something we both love. A large yard means plenty of space for our Great Danes to play and I wouldn't be surprised if we own a farm within the next 10 years. Seriously, my wife loves horses!

Day job or full-time artist?

The day that at least one of us is able to take this art business full time will be a milestone for us. We all currently work full time jobs. Bethany works at a plastic surgeons office in Boulder, I work with 401k plans in Longmont and my brother Mykel works at our family owned sew and vac shop in Thornton. When we get home, we almost always have something to do for Mind of the Masons. You could easily say we have two jobs.


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The Loyal Subjects– Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Transformers Wave 3

unnamed (1)unnamed (3)unnamed (2)

This may be where you want to spend your Black Friday shopping money! For the Black Friday weekend, The Loyal Subjects are offering up some special discounts, which also apply to their brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Transformers: Wave 3 blind box figures! Each blind box retails $12.99 each or a whole case of 16 for $208. The MMPR blind box figures includes 8 commons, accessories, and articulation at the abdomen.

unnamed (4)

The new Transformers: Wave 3 series features 8 common releases and 4 chase action vinyl figures. This series features some of your favorites from the Dinobots, Autobots, Constructicons, Decepticons, and Soundwave’s cassettes. Some of these figures also come with soundchips, LED lights, and hyper pose ability!

unnamed (8)

Check out their Black Friday deal beginning from Friday, November 28th through Sunday, November 29th.


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Nov 25, 2014

Jesse Narens – Mossy Kappa and Stego-rider Crowdfunding Campaign


Updated: Additional Pictures

Jesse Narens, creator of the Stegoforest and Acorn Warrior figures, has just launched an indiegogo campaign to fund the production of two new figures in the Stegoforest world –- Mossy Kappa & Stego-rider.  Both were sculpted by Stegoforest sculptor Beth Graves.  With a compact, squat profile Mossy Kappa offers a nice contrast to the slender, more streamlined Stegoforest.  Stego-rider has the look of a native american warrior committed to the protection of the forest.

For the campaign, the rewards pair Mossy Kappa with Acorn Warrior and the Stego-rider with the Stegoforest.  The key funding level is $50 which gets you a pair of unpainted green Mossy Kappa + Acorn Warrior OR a pair of unpainted red Stego-rider and Stegoforest. Just for this funding campaign,  Narens is also bringing back the Stegoforest tee ($20) with a lime green ink which is lighter than  the original run. Check out the Mossy Kappa + Stego-rider indiegogo campaign page for more info and reward levels. 


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Revenge of SUCKLE – Kozik’s Krono Pussy Bonus Figure


DKE and Sucklord have revealed Frank Kozik’s Krono Pussy, a bonus figure for the Revenge of SUCKLE kickstarter.  With the new 11th bonus figure based on Frank’s Super Suck Up custom edition, they’ve added to the reward levels from the $45 pledge level and up to include an additional GID set.  The $45 level now includes a full set of 10 ‘flesh’ figures, 11 clear figures (10 + krono pussy) and 11 GID (10 + krono pussy) – that’s 32 SUCKLE figs for $45.

There’s only nine days left and a little over $10k still to raise.  Help make SUCKLE 2 a reality.


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Andrew Bell – B2BK Tour Ends on Black Friday


Andrew bell’s Back to Back Black Toy release will be making its last stop this Black Friday. This is for everyone that could not make Designer Con or New York Comic Con, as the online release will take place on Friday, November 28th at 11AM EST HERE. These items are very limited. There will also be bundles including matching signed and numbered B2BK items for $350 (Glop in a Box only available in these bundles). There will also be a ton of items that are 20% from Friday to, which can be seen HERE.

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Buff Monster – Black Friday Release + Sale (11.28)


Always working and creating, Buff Monster has a bushel of Black Friday treats for collectors.  First off, yes he’s offering a sale of sorts – 30% off orders to taling over $55. Use the ‘blackfriday’ checkout coupon code – good all day on 11.28. So if there’s something you’ve been meaning to pick up, now is the perfect time.  Plus if you spend at least $125 (after applying discount code), you’ll receive a free brand new Jumbo Skull resin – these are 2x the size of the originals and each is unique.

But wait there’s more – with Buff there always is!  He’s got several new drops including 8 uniquely hand-painted / signed Mister Melty Zombie sofubi one-offs ($140 after discount code).  He’s also releasing a small number of hand-painted Flash prints.  Buff airbrushed each of these which are available in pink, blue, green and gray ($105 after discount code).He’s also releasing some of the original ink drawings (airbrush shaded) featured on the Flash prints.  These 5” x 5”  signed pieces come in a bag with special header.   Finally, there will be some rare toys available from his personal archive. 

All of this goes down on Black Friday (11.28) with the new releases available at 10 AM EST from




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