Aug 31, 2015

Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot Lotus Dragon Sightings Continue

The Lotus Dragon gets ever closer.  For its now customary Monday sneak peek/bts reveal, Kidrobot has unearthed a second “confidential” Lotus Dragon Sightings video. This one features two Dragon eggs, one pink and one green.  A clue perhaps that there might be two editions of Scott Tolleson’s much anticipated 8” Lotus Dragon Dunny.   If you missed last week’s sighting, hit the jump for a look at the first video which ever so briefly shows a silhouette sporting a pair of wings (a sculptural detail not seen on the pre-order vector art).   Will next week bring a 3rd video with a full reveal?  We can only hope. In the meantime, we’re enjoying KR’s new multimedia-driven promo/hype efforts.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Cat Atomic


Welcome to the August edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Cat Atomic.

What’s your name?

My real name is Felix Martinez but within the art and toy community, I'm more commonly known as Cat Atomic. Being able to be part of a community where I got to pick a name for myself really drew me in. I've always liked to create names for things. I remember as a kid always coming up with names for the characters I drew. That would be the first thing I did. The look and personality of the character was always based off of the name I'd pick for them.

Where are you located?

I'm from Bergen County, New Jersey.

Day job or full-time artist?

I'm a graphic artist/sign illustrator for a national chain of organic food markets. So in other words, I paint organic strawberries and grass-fed cows for a living.

Any random things you want people to know about you?

Three things you should know about me: 1) I would eat a slice of extra cheese pizza for every meal, every day, if it probably wouldn't kill me within the year. 2) I'm terrified of shower drains. 3) I'm a huge fan of stand-up comedy and hope to one day build up enough courage to actually try it.


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Aug 30, 2015

Inami Toyland – Nightfall Robo Tops (9.3)


Inami Toyland is back with another round of Robo Top resins (2”).  The Nightfall release features their signature rock-paper-scissors spinning top in two colors depicting the end of the day – Sunset Orange and Midnight Blue. Each Robotop was created entirely by Inami Toyland’s Kevin Nam from sculpting to casting.   Limited to 10 pieces of each color, the Nightfall Robo Tops will be available for $15 (+ s/h) each on Thursday (9.3) @ 9 PM EDT over at

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Aug 29, 2015

Jon-Paul Kaiser x Huck Gee x Pobber Samurai Figure at STGCC


The rumors are true!  Pobber has posted a first-look at the new Samurai toy from the deadly mind-meld combo of Jon-Paul Kaiser and Huck Gee. The sculpt is a nice mix of both artists’ aesthetics.  Love the overall squat shape with the exaggerated hands and head.  Oh, the streamlined armor is pretty tight as well!

Pobber will reveal Huck Gee’s edition at STGCC (9.12-9.13) where he will be in attendance as an invited guest artist.  Props to Pobber on continuing to inject excitement into the art toy game.

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Tracy Tubera -- Future Boy Resin


First up was Walt. Who’s next?  Tracy Tubera has teased his next resin homage project – Future Boy!  Inspired by his sold out print of one Marty McFly, the new piece looks pretty crazy with some TT-stylized Hoverboard action.  Sporting his holographic cap and an oversized left arm, Marty is just about to launch with one foot pushing off the ground and the other already floating. When?  Sounds like the debut release date might just be October 21st, 2015-–Back to the Future Day.  Well played, Tracy, well played.

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Aug 28, 2015

Xiem Tiki Cermaic Group Show (8.29)


If you love the cool, kitsch, and pseudo-Polynesian flair of tikisyou’ll want to check out the one-night only Xiem Tiki group show this Saturday (8.29) from 6 to 9 PM at Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena.  Co-curated by Michelle Valigura and Michael Sbicca, the show features ceramic tiki interpretations from Crazy Al, Eric October, Heather Rosenman, Jenelle Pietrzak, Lynn Chang, Michelle Valigura, Stephen L. Horn, Titia Estes, and Wendy Cevola.

As you can see above and in the preview pics (after the jump), Michelle has gone whole tiki with mugs, wall-mounted planters, ornamental masks, a bird house, and more.  It also sounds like she’ll be showing off some Switcheroo ceramic protos as well.

More?  Checkout #xiemtiki for more artist previews. You just might find more awesomeness including Lynn Chang’s (@lynnchangenterprises) charming monkey pottery with a touch of tiki.


Xiem Tiki
Saturday, August 29th 2015 (6 to 9 PM)

Xiem Clay Center
1563 N. Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104


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Aug 27, 2015

Scott Tolleson – Red Metal Mini Deadbeet (8.28)


The legend of the Deadbeet lives.  The shape and material have changed, but the bad to the bone spirit thrives in the new Red Metal Mini Deadbeet from Scott Tolleson.  Featuring a delicious candy apple coat of paint, the new Metal Deadbeets look mighty tempting.  Be sure to grab one (or more—no limit) when the drop on Friday (8.28) @ 10 PM PDT from Scott’s webshop for the can’t miss price of $10 (+$3 for shipping).


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Aug 26, 2015

Huck Gee – Print Set “DAME Dreams – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”


Just in the Huck Gee shop is a brand new set of prints! DAME Dreams features 3 individual prints that show the exploration of tragedy, recovery and triumph of the Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement aka DAME. Each is printed on art watercolor paper and measure 10” x 10” (8” x 8” with 1” border). They are limited to 100 pieces each and come signed and numbered by none other than Huck. You can find them available HERE for $39 each with free domestic shipping.

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Aug 25, 2015

Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju x Blobpus – Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery (8.26 – 8.31)

unnamed (1)

Toy Art Gallery has announced the Red Rub Vertebrata, the first painted production run of the collabo sofubi from Paul Kaiju and Blobpus.  Dropping just under a year after her debut unpainted edition back in September 2014, Red Rub features a Paul Kaiju paint design  which begins with deep red vinyl with black rub to bring out textural detail and finishes with a mix of colorful metallic sprays. TAG will offer this edition for $85 (+s/h) via lottery.  For a chance to purchase the figure, be sure to enter the lottery between Wednesday @ 12 PM PDT (8.26)  and Monday @ 12 PM PDT (8.31) by sending an email to with a subject of “Vertebrata Lottery” along with your paypal address and shipping info.  Good Luck!


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Ron English x Kidrobot – Apocalypse 8” Grin Dunny (09.04)


The long awaited “Grin” Dunny by Ron English and Kidrobot has finally been given the release date of Friday, September 4th! The “Apocalypse Grin” Dunny is based off of the 3” version from the Apocalypse series. He has now grown up into a full 8” figure, which will even have its own color variant chase.  You will find them available at your local toy stores and Kidrobot online at 9AM MST for $75 each. Notice the detail in that grin. Its actually sculpted in and not painted!

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Aug 24, 2015

Maizi Art – No War Bobo Deluxe Resin Pre-Order Ends on 8.25


We first learned about Maizi from following the development of  his old-school Jourrney vinyls which he released back in April of last year.  Now, he’s pushing things in a more minimalist direction with No War Bobo, a sexy homage to world peace. The hand-made resin female sculpture features the artist’s angular style without the compromises necessary for articulated vinyl figures.  Beyond casting the resin, Maizi has been honing his wood working skills which are on full display with the swanky hand-crafted wood boxes he’s created for the project.  As you can see, the front of the box features a stylish silhouette of the figure with inlaid vinyl pieces including the iconic peace symbol. 

These are available for pre-order right now (pricing has not been announced) through today (August 25th).  If you’re interested, drop a line to


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Winson Ma – Jungle Ape-01 Machine + DIY

Winson Ma has announced two new Apexplorers vinyl figures.  The upcoming Jungle Ape-01 Machine Color Artform 12” vinyl features a construction worker vibe perhaps a nod of sorts to the urban-minded 1:6 figures that Winson created as part of the legendary Brothersfree trio.  Limited to 200 signed/numbered pieces, the Ape-01 Machines comes with a removable combo hardhat/respirator mask.  These are due in October at $166 (+ s/h)—please contact to pre-order.

In addition to the new 12” Jungle Machine figure, Winson Ma is releasing his first DIY Apexplorer vinyl.  The 6” Jungle appears to have 3 points of articulation and its all-white body is ready for whatever spark of creativity flows within.  It’ll also look great on the shelf as is--a nice way to focus attention on the form of the toy.  The Jungle DIY will be available for $33 (+s/h).  To inquire about ordering, drop a line to

Winson helped pioneer the golden age of Urban Vinyl in Hong Kong--we’re glad he’s continuing to make figures on his own terms.

DIY 6 inches vinly 1


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