Oct 18, 2017

Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Evil MC OG Stealth (10.21)


Blackbook Toy is sending out Ron English’s Evil MC in style.  The SuperSized Ronald goes out the way he came in with a twist.  OG Stealth pays tribute to the OG edition with a fun twist. This time around the body is cast in clear yellow vinyl which is visible in the torso and hands.  Evil’s MC-47 is up for the occasion as well with a mixed parts -- red+yellow design (nice!).  As they’ve done recently, BBT is also adding in a random variant with slit mouth makeup.  You can’t choose which you’ll get, but if you buy 2, you’ll get one of each.  As a fun bonus, the final edition of Evil MC comes with an Evil Burger key chain cast by Chop of Monster Farm.

Evil MC OG Stealth drops on Saturday (10.21) at 8 AM PDT from Blackbook Toy for 22,680 yen + s/h (~ $202).

17109-14 17109-5 17109-13 IMG_1338

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Amanda Visell – Speak & Spell E.T.


As much as we dig Amanda Visell’s resins, her wood pieces exude an extra level of charm and serve as a great canvas for her dry-brush paint work.  And her latest wood piece is a fun one taking us way back to the days when movie magic was simple yet powerful.  Speak & Spell E.T. (7 pcs, 11”, $500 + s/h) recreates our favorite alien’s communication breakthrough with his adolescent new-found friends eventual saviors.  Speak and Spell E.T. is available now directly from Switcheroo.


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Buff Monster – Zombies! Mister Melty Wants Brains! (10.20)


It’s fright season and that means… ZombiesBuff Monster will unleash a wave of undead resin/vinyl  with three brain-hungry Mister Melty releases on Friday (10.20) starting at 7 AM PDT from StayMelty.  With Halloween looming, the Zombie Mister Melty amps up the scare factor, making the jump from 3” to 5” for the first time.   The 5” Zombie will debut in two timed pink releases—unpainted ($50 + s/h)  and painted versions ($75 + s/h).  The painted edition pairs the pink scoop with a blue/green cone complete with a pink pinky poking out.     Both timed editions will be available from 7 AM PDT Friday (10.20) through 9 PM PDT Saturday (10.21) with the edition size set by the number of orders received.  These will be produced in Buff’s NYC studio and shipped the following week.

If the dual 5” drops haven’t quite satisfied your Zombie jones, Buff Monster will also release an army of one-of-a-kind  3” Zombie Mister Melties (15 pcs, $45 + s/h). This motley crew features 15 unique hand-painted pieces with a mix of various colored heads and bodies in both vinyl and resin.  These drop on Firday (10.20) at 7 AM PDT from… StayMelty! If you’ve been wanting a 3” Zombie, this is the time as  time has almost run out for the lil’ brain muncher.   Buff Monster. Zombies. Friday. 

Zombie-paint_1 unnamed (4) Zombie-Unpaint_1

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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Modzilla Tiger Hell Baby Edition Lottery (10.20 – 10.22)

unnamed (3)

Toy Art Gallery brings back Ron English’s intricate, over-the-top  13” Modzilla vinyl with a primal new edition.  Tiger Hell Baby features a bold paint design mixing bold flourescent colors with tiger stripes on the main figure and the two smaller bunnies. Rather than damsels in distress, the lady bunnies bring a fierce look matching the big ‘un.

The Tiger Hell Baby Mozilla  will be offered for sale via lottery  for $275 (+ s/h)  starting on Friday (10.20) at 12 PM PDT through Monday (10.22) at 12 PM PDT as well.    To enter drop a line to sales@toyartgallery.com titled “Modzilla Lottery” and be sure to include your Paypal address and shipping info.  Randomly chosen winners will be notified within 24 hours of the close of the lottery.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

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Oct 17, 2017

KAWS BFF Vinyl Release (10.18)


The update we've been waiting for is finally here! Both KAWS and MOMA sent out newsletters with very much needed information for the release of the new Open Edition KAWS BFF Vinyl figures. The Black Edition will be available through the KAWSONE.Com website on Wednesday, October 18th at 9AM PST.  MOMA will be releasing the Blue Edition via the MOMA New York Location and web on the same day (10.18), apparently at 7 AM PST ! Stay sharp as we haven’t seen an exact online drop time from MoMA.  This should be a fun challenge for anyone looking to grab both!


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Scott Tolleson x SeriousSillyK x Kidrobot – 5” Krampus Dunny (x2)


If you’re a bit tired of  holiday cheer and jolly jingles, Kidrobot has just the thing for you.  Celebrate the season darkly with the new 5” Krampus Dunny from Scott Tolleson. Based on the 2016 DTA Dunny show piece from Scott and SeriouslySillyK, Krampus makes the rad (and rare) jump from custom to shiny production toy.  Krampus is available in both a standard black edition (800 pieces, $75) available at your favorite retailers including rotofugi and myplasticheart and an Exclusive KR Blue edition (200 pcs, $80) available only through Kidrobot.com.

While it might go without saying, this Krampus Dunny is pretty wild from the outrageous sculpt—check the horns and the tongue—to all the extras.  The 5” Dunny comes with chains/irons as well as a bushel of sticks and a little Dunny-ish child (1) that fit inside Krampus’ bucket that’s strapped to his back.  While we normally gravitate to the exclusive, the standard black edition is quite strong especially with the really nice rust effect on the chains.

unnamed (6) unnamed (4) unnamed (8) unnamed (7)

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Oct 16, 2017

Wood Candy Workshop -- Veg-A-Bow (10.24)


Cameron Tiede will usher in fall with a brand-new wood figure from his Wood Candy WorkshopVeg-A-Bow features a cheerful character with rather stylish hair.  While he’s still focusing on high-quality wood—cherry and maple here—Cameron’s added a surprise splash of color.  The painted accents convey Veg-A-Bow’s energy and spunk and are a nice compliment to Wood Candy’s focus on natural materials. If they had looked this appealing and friendly, I just might have eaten more Veg-A-Bow’s as a kid.

Limited to 20 pieces designed and handmade in Flower Mound, Texas, Veg-A-Bow drops on Tuesday, October 24th from Wood Candy Workshop complete with a mini-print to be revealed next week.

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Oct 15, 2017

Andrew Bell - Kill Kat Milk Chocolate Pre-Order at myplasticheart


With the success of Andrew Bell's Kill Kat figures at New York Comic-Con, myplasticheart opened up a special pre-order for those who missed out on these sinister chocolate covered snacks. These figures stand 6" tall with a chance of scoring a Dark Chocolate edition with GID details! You can find them available for pre-order HERE with an estimated shipping date of late October.

killkat_ovr3__77743.1507955439 killkat__46641.1507955439 killkat_ovr4__65386.1507955439

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Oct 13, 2017

James Groman x Toy Art Gallery -- Fossil Pods Flesh Edition (10.13)


James Groman’s Fossil Pods are back in a new Flesh Edition dropping Friday (10.13) at 12 PM PDT for $60 (+ s/h) from the TAG web shop  Cast in unpainted “flesh”-colored soft vinyl, this new edition of the set of  five insects+dinos hybrids (~2” long) gacha figures follows the previously released OG yellow edition.  While Flesh fits the Fossil Pods’ fierce nature and lineage, we’re hoping to see painted editions in the future to really put out the detail in the sculpts.  If you’re the sort that revels in the details of your toys, the official Fossil Pods lineup includes Tricerabeetle, Mosquitodactyl, Tyrannonmantis, Brontopillar, and Saurpian.

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Oct 12, 2017

Joe Ledbetter – DesignerCon Print (11.11 – 11.12)


With DesignerCon less than a month away, news of official ‘con exclusives and releases is flowing.  Today, JLed revealed his trippy DCon Serigraph print featuring a pink elephant who you might recognize from his sublime Outsiders series.   The 18x24” backlight-ready print features black flocking for that pyschadelic 60’s vibe. It’ll be available at the official DCon booth (#124).  The print announcement follows news of the DCon Exclusive GID 3” Dunny by Juan Muniz, available only at the DCon after party.

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Jermaine Rogers – Veil: East & Dero: beLIEve (10.13)


If you weren’t able to make it to SDCC this year, Jermaine Rogers has you covered with a Friday the 13th drop of both the Veil: East (Ed. of 500 pcs, $60) panda-themed vinyl with the newly sculpted arms and a very limited number of the Dero:beLIEve resin(Ed. of 25 pcs, $200) in the debut Merkabah edition cast in translucent orange resin. Both of these drop on Friday (10.13) at 12 PM PDT directly from Jermaine’s web shop.  Stay sharp, especially if you’re hunting the Dero:BeLIEve.


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KAWS BFF Black Edition Available Via kawsone & MOMA


An Instagram post coming from KAWS not too long ago shared some news a lot of us have been awaiting for ever since we spoke of it HERE! An estimated date of the release of his vinyl edition of the BFF figure (black), which was originally plush! KAWS mentions that the first release will take place exclusively through MOMA and kawsone.com later this month in October. Be sure to sign up for the kawsone and MOMA newslettesr for more info and stay tuned with us, as we will update as more news arrives.

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