Feb 12, 2016

Whereschappel -- Donnie Darko Pre-Order (2.12)


WheresChappel continues to combine his love of pop culture, kicks with some serious sculpting chops to create standout hand-made resin toys under his Cracked Hatchet label.  Up next is the standard edition of his take on Donnie Darko.  As you might expect, Donnie is rocking the skeleton suit, a hoodie,  Adidas Campus’s and… Frank’s head.  These go up for pre-order for a week from Friday (2.12) at 12 PM PST through the 20th for £17.99 (~ US$19.95) over at the Cracked Hatchet web shop.

image (1)

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Feb 11, 2016

Jason Freeny x Kidrobot x WB – Anatomical Wabbit


Whoa. Jason Freeny posted a first look at  his upcoming Anatomical Wabbit figure in the works from Kidrobot.  Shown in  3D-rendered form—digitally sculpted by the whizzes at Bigshot Toyworks—sliced-open Bugs looks great, love the cut-away foot with the exposed bones.  With Toy Fair happening this weekend, we’re hoping to get more information on this piece shortly. So far we’ve seen Mark Dean Veca’s bold take on Tweety (the black+gold is our favorite, more on that in a bit), and now Freeny’s turn with Bugs.  Here’s hoping we see more WB x  Artist crossovers from Kidrobot -–personally seems like the ‘right’ way to keep the ‘art’ in licensed projects.    Finally, it’s really nice  to see Freeny’s art crossing over from one-off gallery pieces  to mainstream projects such as this and Mighty Jaxx’s XXRAY DC figures which should be released Stateside shortly. 

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Milkboy x Kenth Toy Works – 12” Nadsat Boy Sofubi


Kenth Toy Works has collaborated with OG Harajuku apparel brand Milkboy (Est. 1974), on an evolution of his Clockwork Orange-inspired Nadsat Boy figure.  All grown-up, the new 12” Nadsat Boy Sofubi features five points of articulation and a muscular, take-no-prisoners sculpt. Available in a standard Cinema colorway and a Milkboy exclusive pink—both painted by Kenth—the new figures feature resin canes, masks and a textured base as a cinematic display alternative to posing the figure on its own.  Limited to 60 pieces, both editions are due in April with a pre-order available now at the Milkboy Online shop for 16,200 yen  (~ US$138).  Customers outside of Japan can order via Paypal by sending an inquiry to toys@milkboy.net.

Beyond the new toys, the collaboration extends into Milkboy’s comfort zone with two Tees – Nadsat Boy and Violent Milk—availabe in white and black for 8100 yen each (~ US$68).


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Special Ed Toys – Alien Vs. Predator “Close to Midnight” (2.13)


For the (In)Action Figures 4 group show opening this Saturday (2.13, 6-9 PM) at Clutter GalleryClutter Gallery in Beacon, NY, Special Ed Toys piles on the snark and flavor of their Alien Vs. Predator figures with a thrilling new “Close to Midnight” edition featuring a dying ET and a Zombie MJ.  Limited to 13 pieces (spooky), three of the 2-figure sets will feature a GID chase zombie (pic after the jump).   (In)action 4 will feature the work of 2bitHACK, 8-bit ZOMBIE, Ben Spencer / Galaxxor, BigMan Toys, Credenda Studios, Deimos PMS, DLL Customs, Dollar Slice Bootlegs, Falcontoys, JunkFed, Kaboom Toys, Killer Bootlegs, Manly Art, Nama Niku, October Toys, Re:Action / Super7, Scott Wilkowski, Scraped Resin, Special Ed Toys, Super Secret Fun Club, TrapToys, and SUCKADELIC.


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Feb 10, 2016

mr clement – astrolapin: full circle


mr clement bids adieu to the vinyl toy game. He was able to create vinyl creations for collectors all around the world, that’s why he says farewell with the release of the astrolapin: full circle edition. This final release features a steel-looking statue of mr clement’s latest vinyl figure, astrolapin. They are available for purchase now HERE and retails roughly $210 USD. These will be limited to only 100 pieces, which includes a flag and is signed and numbered.


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JPX x Coarse Toys – Kwaii (Clomp) (2.14)

12717367_946972058729474_9022586193717656370_n-800x800 (1)

JPX and Coarse Toys are out to release the newest edition of the Kawii Clomp figure. Standing 7” tall, this vinyl figure features 5 chirpy birds perched on the horns of this utterly cute bull. This release is limited to 350 pieces and will release through Playhouse HERE on Sunday, February 14th for $135 a piece.

Moahh moahh!!! Thump! Clonk! Kwaii tramples over the grassy plains and the cabbage fields looking for a home. Up there on the mountain? Down there by the stream? He turns over every stone and rounds every corner, even though he knows this land does not want him. But what does he feel on his horns? One bird? Now two? Kwaii sits and rests. He hasn’t been this happy in a long time because instead of finding a home Kwaii has become one.

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Huck Gee -- Bugslot & Denguard #9 : The Winter Variant (2.11)


Huck Gee is following up last year’s OG Bugslot & Denguard #9 deluxe resin figure set with a seasonal edition – The Winter Variant.  Suited to the snowy environment, the Winter Desnguard features a mostly white paint job with just a few tasteful orange accents. Bugslot’s appearance hasn’t changed too much for the colder environment, though his uniform is dark green rather than olive. 

The Bugslot and Denguard #9 sets will be available to order for $475 (+ s/h)  on HuckGee.com during a 24-hour window beginning on Thursday (2.11) from  12:01 AM PST  through 11:59 PM. The handcrafted, signed figures will ship in roughly 6 to 8 weeks after the release.



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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Peace, Love and Understanding (2.12)

PLU (1)

Toy Art Gallery continues its collaboration with Ron English with a brand-new conceptual sofubi—Peace, Love and Understanding. A thought-provoking piece with a mouthful of a name, the 5” sofubi figure fuses three ‘pillars of enlightenment’.  From the front, the curious sculpt features a heart-head figure with a brainy texture in heels. Spun around, the figure presents an inverted peace gesture formed by a partial hand and the figure’s legs.  And, there’s that devil-like tail – tons of symbols at play here.

Peace, Love and Understanding will debut in three editions – unpainted red, unpainted white and a painted Valentine’s edition.  All three will be released on Friday (2.12) at 12 PM PST.  The White ($35) and Valentine’s edition ($45) will be released at that time on Toy Art Gallery’s web store.  The red edition will be simultaneously released exclusively from Ron English’s Popaganda web shop


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Super7 – Valentine’s Day Pie Guy, Blue Magic Pumpkin Boy, and SSSS Memberships

pink_swirl_pieguy blue_magic_pumpkin_boy_wb

Super7 is releasing not one but two sofubi figures in the upcoming week.  First up is a special Valentine’s Day Pie Guy featuring a neato pink + GID marbled filling and tan crust. Pie Guy will drop on yes, Sunday 2.14 at 12 PM PST, for $25. S7 will follow up the Valentine’s drop with the Blue Magic Pumpkin Boy on Wednesday (2.17, 12 PM PST, $50) cast in marbled blue + GID vinyl with Dark Blue, Silver, and Red sprays.  Both releases will be available from their online store and presumably their retail spots in SF and SD. 

And finally, Super7 will continue their annual tradition of accepting new members into the Super Seven Secret Society (SSSS) beginning on Monday (2.15, 11AM PST) through Friday (2.19, 6PM PST) for $125.  For all the details and the top-secret perks, check out the official announcement.

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Jesse Narens – New Stegoforests x 2


After a longer-than-expected wait from his factory, Jesse Narens has released two new unpainted editions of his Stegoforest + Acorn Warrior sofubi sets : Baby Blue and Milk Chocolate Brown. Each of the colors show off the sculpts nicely.  Both feature the larger Stegoforest (7” L x 4” H) and the smaller Acorn Warrior (2” L) and are available now for $50 (+ s/h) per set from Jesse’s web store.   Look for painted editions of both colorways shortly.  While he’s trying to work out production issues, there’s a chance these may be the last of the Stegoforests.


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Feb 09, 2016

Tomenosuke x Circus Posterus – Monsters and Misfits IV (4.1.16)


After a two year hiatus, Monsters and Misfits IV  is moving from its previous home Kusakabe Folk Museum  in Hida-Takayama to Tokyo.  Tomenosuke has announced that the fourth edition of their semi-annualc ollaboration with Circus Posterus  will open on April 1st 2016  for a week-long run at 8/01/Court at the Hikarie creative space in Shibuya. The show will feature the work of Andrew Bell, Stan Manoukian, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Lana Crooks, Cassia Harries, Shing Yin Khor, Leslie Levings, Carisa Swenson and Kevin Titzer. With the more centrally-located venue, this year’s edition should be the most well attended so far.

Monsters and Misfits IV
April 1st – April 7 2016

Shibuya Hikarie 8F
2-21-1 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


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Feb 04, 2016

Hyperactive Monkey x Kidrobot SF x Woot Bear – Lunar New Year Celebration & Pop-Up Shop (2.13)


Next Saturday, February 13th at 6PM, be sure to make your way to Kidrobot San Francisco for a special Lunar Near Year Celebration event and Hyperactive Monkey Pop-Up shop! You can expect some good times, special limited edition exclusives, and of course red envelopes! The event will run until 9PM and is great for the whole family! Come out and celebrate the year of the Monkey!

Kidrobot SF
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

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