Apr 19, 2014

Jermaine Rogers – Make Your ‘Choices’ this Summer


During Easter weekend it might be heard to believe that not all bunnies lay multi-colored speckled eggs.  In fact, Jermaine Roger’s rabbits just might lay you out instead. First shown in proto form at last year’s SDCC, Jermaine’s Choices figure is on track for a summer release in vinyl. Digitally sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks, this one should be high up on collectors’ buy list.

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Seen: Kuso Vinyl at Wondercon 2014

Kuso brought several new exclusives to Anaheim for this year’s Wondercon.  There’s the new Darko Kid Dragon Minicel from Rotobox and the Tiger Happy Luckitty Pon  plus the Inazuma colorway from Rotobox as well.  While not an exclusive per se,   there’s the new collabo Death Serpent Ghost edition from Jesse Hernandez and Hydro74 , a perfect piece for those looking for a larger, intricate vinyl piece.

In addition to offering several previously released  Luckitty Pons and Minicels including the Voltron-inspired 5Star Cubs edition, Kuso is also treating Wondercon attendees to a preview of their future releases including their SDCC aquarmine Darko Kid Dragon Minicel, and two new ‘Goodzilla’ (wink wink) Pons.  Finally, Kuso brought a selection of their Kuso Pop apparel including caps and jackets.

If you’re dropping by the ‘con on Sunday (4.20), be sure to drop by the Kuso booth [#1247].5_kuso_wcon14


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Apr 18, 2014

Ron English – GID Bunnny Rabbbit


What has three ears, three eyes, two lips, and three uhh… yeah.. Ron English’s Bunnny Rabbbit, the counterpart and companion to Rabbbit. Each figure stands 10” tall  and are cast in a beautiful GID vinyl. There are painted details in the ears, eyes, lips, and yeah… These were produced back in 2008, but was never released. This is the perfect pieces for your Ron English collections. These are available now HERE for $80 a piece. They also come in the original full-color box packaging.

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Kronk x Pobber Toys – Mecha Bad Ass Release at Art Toy Culture (05.01)


Previously posted HERE, Pobber Toys shines some light of the new “Mecha” Bad Ass release by Kronk. These will be exclusive to the Art Toy Culture fair in Seoul Korea on May 1st. These will be limited to only 50 pieces and any left over from the fair, will then be available online! To those interested, be sure to sign up for their newsletter HERE for any news or updates.

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Ian Ziobrowski – Nugglife’s 4/20 Release


On Sunday, April 20th, Ian Ziobrowski will be having a special release! Precisely at 4:20PM EST, in his store will be some new custom Dunnys and a new Mini Nugs Series 3. The Custom Dunnys include  a Cheech and Chong Set, Nuggs The Golden Nugget, and a Hydroponics Grow Dome. Each of which will be ranging from $130 – $300. Find them available HERE when the time is right!

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Apr 17, 2014

Toy Art Gallery x Tim Clarke – Totims Angkor Wat (4.18)


Toy Art Gallery will follow-up the debut unpainted edition of Tim Clarke’s ingenious stackable Totims sofubi (12”) with the painted Angkor Wat edition.  Inspired by the legendary Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia, the new edition’s color scheme which  features paint rubbed cool grey vinyl with accent sprays in gold and silver brings Clarke’s mystical creatures to life.  Tomtims Angkor Wat Edition drops on Friday (4.18) @ Noon PDT for $110 (+ s/h) from Toy Art Gallery.  Collectors will also be given the option to build their own, presumably by purchasing the individual stackable sections (5 in all).


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Huck Gee – Shiny Red Skullhead Bust (04.18)

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Huck Gee will be releasing his Shiny Red Skullhead bust tomorrow on Friday, April 18th at NOON PST. This piece is limited to only 50 pieces and will retail $100 each. You’re not going to want to miss out on this amazing looking 6” resin sculpture! You will find them available HERE tomorrow.

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Mai Hiro x Kidrobot – Full Sail University’s Annual Spring Break Workshop (04.23)


Mai Hiro is proud to present a sponsored workshop with the help of the fine folks over at Kidrobot. At the Full Sail University’s Annual Spring Break Workshop, the Mai Hiro crew will have a mini exhibition, where they will showcase custom pieces by Nakanari that will include KR platform figures. They will also give a presentation on how to work on a 3D vinyl canvas. If you are in the area, please be sure to check out this workshop! This will take place on Wednesday, April 23rd.

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Apr 16, 2014

De Korner x K13 Toys – WonderCon Exclusive Ronin 1:6


De Korner worked with K13 Toys to create WonderCon Exclusive Editions of  the Taiwanese brand’s recently released Ronin 1:6 figures. Available in both black and white (runs of 5 pcs each), the De Korner exclusives include a bonus orange mask in addition to the figure’s standard loadout –- jumpsuit, white mask, bad ass knife, and knee+shin guards. Tribal style tattoos and a stylish almost-top knot complete the brawler’s look.  These special editions will be available at De Korner’s WonderCon booth [#1153] for $199.95 (tax included).

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Scott Tolleson’s Kidrobot Boulder Exclusive Green Trayjus (04.18)


Scott Tolleson has just revealed his Kidrobot Boulder exclusive Green Trayjus for this weekends meet and greet with MAD. Isn’t it lovely! This piece, along with MAD’s 18” Modenr Hero coin bank will be available on Friday, April 18th. Don’t forget about the collaborative print between these two masterminds as a gift with each purchase! Check out our post on the event HERE.


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Nathan Ota x 3D Retro – Suited Birdies


Nathan Ota has just revealed his very own original vinyl figure, which was produced by 3DRetro. Nathan Ota’s Suited Birdies perfectly captures his paintings in a 3D form. The glaze in its blue eyes is just perfect and it adds some extra emotion and character to this figure. There are hopes to have this figure released sometime in May. Until then stay tuned for release information!

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Kronk x Pobber Toys – New Bad Ass Colorway


Some thing bad ass this way comes! Pobber toys has just revealed the newest colorway of the Bad Ass figure by Kronk. This colorway seems to be going with a mecha theme, which suits this figure very well. We can’t wait to see the full reveal, as well as the release information. Stay tuned!

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