Oct 30, 2014

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Infinite Rabbits



Welcome to the October edition of Reactor-88's Custom  Corner! This month we’re highlighting Thomas S. Durdella, aka Infinite Rabbits. Thomas lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife and daughter. Thomas’ background is in history and architecture, and has been professionally employed in the architecture, art, and graphic design fields.

He has been working with designer vinyl toys for about four years, but painted, sculpted, and kit-bashed toys & models since he was a kid. As a teenager, Thomas worked in a comic book store for a few years. From that experience he developed a fondness for artists like Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, and others doing fully painted and/or collage in comics. In college Thomas was a professional toy soldier and war gaming miniature painter (he still accepts some commissions for those.) From those formidable years he tried various materials, gained a lot of experience, and really polished his technique. That world also exposed him to illustrators and artists like John Blanche and Ian Miller.

There’s a lot more that’s impacted Thomas’ art and he’s carried it all through the years in to what he creates today. He is currently trying to spend more time on art and toys because that’s where his heart lies and he feels his strongest talents are. As the demand for Thomas’ work keeps increasing, he hopes to be doing it full time in the very near future. And while the focus here is on custom vinyl (and resin) toys, he has an expanded repertoire that includes a variety of 2D and 3D media. Thomas does take commissions, so if you’d like to contact him about a project or if you’d just like to keep up with his work, he can be contacted via email or found at the Infinite Rabbits Website, Infinite Rabbits Store, and various social outlets: Instagram, Google+, and Facebook.


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Oct 29, 2014

Gary Baseman x 3DRetro – Exclusive Wildgirl ‘Beverly’ and Chouchou Red Edition

Gary Baseman is following up on the SDCC debut of his Wildgirls ‘Beverly’ figure(w/mini ChouChou) from 3DRetro with his own web exclusive red edition.   The new edition features Beverly and Chou in Red and includes a matching signed print (5” x 7”). This new edition, featuring the 6” Beverly and 3.5” ChouChou, is limited to 150 sets and is available now directly from Gary Baseman’s web shop for $95 (+ s/h)

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Family Guy x Kidrobot – “PTV” Peter Griffin (10.31)


Family Guy’s very own Peter Griffin will be wearing some very risqué attire for this years Halloween. Teaming up with Kidrobot, they will be releasing the “PTV” episode inspired edition of Peter Griffin this Friday, October 31st  at 9AM MST through Kidrobot online and retailers. This figure stands 7” tall and will be available in a black and red colorway for $50.


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Circus Posterus – Designer Con Bitter Mantis Heathen Snake & Calliope Jackalope Release


Hold onto your hats folks! Circus Posterus will yet again be attending this years Designer Con. They’ve got a number of exclusives lined up for the big event, including the brand new Bitter Mantis Heathen Snak and Calliope Jackalope. Each are limited to 60 pieces with 30 only available of each in the states. They will retail $95 each or you have the option of getting the pair for $175. Find them available at the CP booth #700.

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DKE at DesignerCon –- Tusken Jones by MOC Joes


DKE will release the Tusken Jones 3 3/4” resin bootleg figures from MOC Joes at DesignerCon.  Mashing up two of the most popular film series of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Tusken Jones is limited to 20 hand-cast and hand-painted figures.  They will be available for $65 each (tax included) from the DKE booth [#1230].

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DKE at DesignerCon – Bounty Wrestlers from Healeymade


If you collect ‘bootleg’ 3 3/4” resin figures, DKE should be one of your first visits at DesignerCon (11.8-11.9).  One of the highlights of the booth is likely to be Healeymade’s Bounty Wrestlers.  This stylish and ridiculous black + silver set of 6 figures recasts the galaxy’s infamous as masters of the ring.  Limited to ten framed sets (dig the presentation), the Bounty Wrestlers will be available for $300/set (tax included) from the DKE booth [#1230].


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DKE at DesignerCon – Lard Vader by Bombermat


As part of its wave of DesignerCon releases, DKE will be offering the overeating Lard Vader 3 3/4” resin bootleg style figure from Bombermat. This follow-on edition of the OG figure, now cloaked in a crazy cape and still rocking wild gear, Lard Vader is limited to 12 hand-cast and hand-painted figures which will be available for $55 (tax included) from the DKE booth [#1230].  This is the latest release in Bombmermat’s Shitwars (Guerras De Mierda).

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Rivet Presents: J Shea, Patrick Maxcy, Steven Russell Black in “Looking from the Inside Out” (11.01)


On Saturday, November 1st, the opening of J Shea, Patrick Maxcy, and Steve Russell Black’s show “Looking from the Inside Out” will be taking place at Rivet Gallery. This show will feature 2D work from all artists and should be one not to miss. Be sure to also welcome CCAD alum Steven Russell Black for his first showing at Rivet. Doors will be open from 7-10PM.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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Milkboy x dune – Donut Zombies


Milkboy and dune are mega excited to announce the upcoming release of their first original soft vinyl figure, Donut Zombies. What’s not to love about this figure, these are the two most popular things going on right now! Each figure stands 4.7” tall and features 8 points of articulation. The first release will feature a Pink survivor colorway and a Blue Zombie colorway, retailing around $58 each. The official release date will be sometime in November to late December. With a webstore in the works, you can send over an email to toys[at]milkboy[dot]net for inquiries. Click on over after the jump for more photos.


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Jermaine Rogers –- Choices Phantom Edition (10.31)


As nice as the previous editions of Choices are, this new clear edition of Jermaine Roger’s intense rabbit might just be the best yet.  The brilliant appearance nicely matches the Phantom concept, exploring the depth of the enigmatic character. Limited to just 100 pieces, the Phantom Edition drops on Halloween (10.31) for a very reasonable $75 (+ s/h) from Jermaine’s web shop.  To put this drop completely over the top, Jermaine has randomly inserted art tickets into ten of the boxes, redeemable for an exclusive limited-edition (10 pcs) ‘Family’ screen print (25” x 20”) on holographic sparkle foil stock.  


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MP Collectibles Designer Con Releases – Jerky Goof & The Legend

image2  fig

MP Collectibles will be at this years Designer Con and will be releasing a few exclusives! First up is The Jerky Goof figure, which is based on their Social Group, D.R.I. or The Imbeciles. This isn’t your average Goofy figure, as this edition is a hardcore, punk rocking, floor skanking toy. This release is limited to 50 pieces and will retail $40.

Next up is the Legend figure, which is based on actor and martial artist Gerald Okamura. This release is limited to only 25 pieces for $40 each and will be signed by the man himself! You can find these goodies at the MP Collectibles booth #232.


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Ferg -- Playge Doctor [GRACKLE] (10.31)


Ferg’s conjured up a dark Halloween treat with the looming release of the new Playge Doctor S004 [GRACKLE]. Covered from head to toe in dark grey Grackle is a character born of and for the night.  The figure features clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 & classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet. Limited to 200 pieces, the Playge Doctor [GRACKLE] drops on Halloween (10.31) @ Noon CDT  from the Squadt Shop for $95 (includes worldwide shipping).


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