Sep 16, 2014

James Groman - Rotten Rexx: The Ultimate Color Edition Pre-Order


James Groman’s Rotten Rex is finally getting its first full painted release! Lulubell Toy Bodega will be releasing the The Ultimate Color Edition Rotten Rex figure, which is ridiculously detailed and amazing! Beginning on Monday, September 15th these will be available for a 3 Week Pre-Order period and are made to order. Order yours HERE for $200 + S&H. ETA is set by the end of the year due to all of the hand painting involved. If you love dinosaurs, skeletons, big toys, and intricately painted figures, this is the one for you!


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Sep 15, 2014

Mike Mignola x Bigshot Toyworks – Monkey with a Gun Pre-Order


Available for Pre-Order now is Mike Mignola’s Monkey with a Gun sculpture, which was produced by Bigshot Toyworks. This handcrafted polystone statue stands 9.5” tall with a faux-bronze paint application. These are limited to only 666 pieces and will come packaged in a deluxe gift box. You’re going to want to get your hands on these now, because they will not be released in this format ever again. Find them available for Pre-Order HERE for $150 each. This is the perfect piece for all you Mike Mignola, whether you’re a fan of his art, his comics, or just him! Pre-Order customers will also receive a free signed Mike Mignola letterpress print!


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Sep 13, 2014

Mighty Jaxx – 4x Drop Weekend (9.13)

OG_Chunky_Knight_ sonny_r1 NNA_black1 w_mmfk1

Fresh off of STGCC, Singapore’s Mighty Jaxx has released four new polystone art figures online this weekend.  Let’s dive right in.  First up there’s The Chunky Knight in OG (above,  8”, 100 pcs, $150) and Black (50 pcs, $100) from Alex SolisSonny Liew’s 100,000 Horsepower bust offers an arresting blend of Astro Boy and the Manhattan Project and is available in both black and red editions (8”, 50 pcs, $100).  Fans of Japanese painter Yosuke Ueno will want to pick up the all-black edition Never Negative Again (8”, 50 pcs, $120).  This stylish dead astronaut is a striking piece.  Finally, Mighty Jaxx is offering the Purity Edition of Mr. Hellyeah  (6”, 50 pcs, $80) from the late Mamafaka.

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Skullmark x Lulubell Toys – Galaxy Commanders Pre-Order


Lululbell Toy Bodega had these awesome Galaxy Commanders figures by Skullmark on display at SDCC. Now Lulubell is super excited to announce that they have a special exclusive “Galaxy Black” Pre-Orders available in their store on Saturday, September 13th at 5PM PST. The Galaxy Commanders was originally released in Hong Kong in 1977 (seen above seated), which have been re-imagined in a Hong Kong Classic style 9.5” action figures. The “Galaxy Black” exclusive pre-orders will be cast in a black unpainted soft vinyl. This release will include: Commander Cytron, Commander Dagan and Commander Nizard and will be very limited! They will also retail $65.99 each.

Web Web Web

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SEEN: Brian Flynn’s “Memories of Tomorrow” at Subtext

2014-09-12 20.15.59

Last night was the opening of Brian Flynn’s “Memories of Tomorrow” at Subtext in San Diego and we were lucky enough to check it out. Brian was there to share a bunch of new pieces, including his Dust Robot series, which was a combination of dust, baby powder and clear coat on Black archival paper. He also brought out some of his Krazy Kidz sculptures, as well as a special custom from Amanda Visell. Take a look after the jump for more pictures from the event!


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kaNO x GOODWOODNYC– The “Final Draft” Art Kit

unnamed (1)

kaNo has once again teamed up with GOODWOODNYC to produce these awesome art kits. kaNO’s “Final Draft” art Kit is limited to only 20 sets and includes: 5 Staedtler Pencils, 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Kneaded Eraser, and 1 Laser Etched Ruler. You can find them available HERE for $80. Whether you plan on using the kit or keeping it as is an displaying is entirely up to you! Get em’ before they’re gone!

unnamed (2)

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Sep 12, 2014

Vinyl Thoughts 5 Art Show at The Quixotic World (09.25)


The Vinyl Thoughts Art Show is going their 5th round this year at The Quixotic World in Dallas, Texas. This years theme is “MAD*L Makers” in celebration of 10 years of MAD’s MAD*L figure. Not only will there be custom MAD*L’s, but there will also be other customized platforms as well! You can’t celebrate 10 years without the man himself, as MAD will also be in attendance at the show. Participating artists include: Anthony Respect, Nic Bic, Blue-Frog World, Jenn and Tony Bot, Cody Phillips, Janelle Jex, Soko Cat, Mind of the Masons, Taylor “Barnlord” Lymbery, Infinite Rabbits, Fiona Ng, Wickedmasterminds Designs, Marianne Romanidis, Pure Cane Sugar, Ghetto Axe, Blazon Brikhaus, Mike Moffatt, Brad Albright, Nvade, Bruscolino, One-Eyed Girl, Mini Moi Toys, Tobyart, B.O.G., GLTT, Marilyn Vicente, Tanya Davis, Brixpix, Tom Carlton, Allan Armenta, Jeff Beck, M. Clancey, Greenfeatheredink, RX, Wake-The-Dead, and many more.

The Creatures for Kids art auction will be happening again this year with silent auctions for custom art pieces , which will benefit at risk children. There will be chances to win prizes from yelp, as well as raffle prizes from yelp, Bioworld Merchandising, Oberto and Dallas’ Round Eye Toys. Atama will also have a pop-up shop inside the event!

The opening night will take place on Thursday, September 25th from 7-11PM. It is free to attend so be sure to bring your family and friends!

The Quixotic World
2824 Main St,
Dallas, TX 75226

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Patrick Wong – Limited-edition J Dilla MADL + Resin Customs (9.16)


To celebrate the legacy of the highly influential hip-hop producer, Patrick Wong has created a limited-edition J Dilla custom MADL figure with custom resin additions.  Limited to 10 pieces, the 7” figure includes a mini record crate accessory featuring a Bobby Caldwell LP from which J Dilla sampled, the results of which led to a 2001 Grammy nomination.

Nine of the ten figures will be released on Tuesday (9.16) @ 9AM PDT from Patrick Wong’s web shop for $150 + (s/h).  The original custom will be part of the Vinyl Thoughts 5 custom show at The Quixotic World in Dallas Texas.


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Sep 11, 2014

Brent Nolasco x myplasticheart –- NYCC Exclusive Hunter Mako Edition


As part of its NYCC onslaught, myplasticheart will release their exclusive Hunter Mako edition resin figure from Brent Nolasco. The Hunter is the latest wild creature to spring from Nolasco’s mental menagerie.  Standing 8” tall, this debut edition features an aquamarine color scheme revealing the predator’s river habitat.  Adding to the art appeal of this extremely limited edition, Brent hand-painted each of the figures.

“In my days of wandering in countless nomadic adventures, I came across different forms of life. Some have stuck in the landscapes of my mind, and other have been forgotten. Hunter was one that left an impression. I remember the first time I saw him while on one of my daily walks by the river. He rose out of the murky water at dusk and ate insects. He looked around cautiously so as not to be seen. Then he disappeared, back into the river, not to be seen again. From time to time I would lurk in the shadows to try a catch a glimpse of Hunter again, but my luck has run out. I didn’t ever see him again. The only images that I have of him live in my sketch book, until now.”

Hunter Mako edition will be available exclusively from myplasticheart  [booth #113] at NYCC (10.9 – 10.12).

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Toy Art Gallery 5th Anniversary Show (9.13)


It’s been five years since Toy Art Gallery opened its doors to showcase an incredible variety of art toys   To celebrate, they have invited a talented group of artists to customize one of their most unique sofubi productions –- Vertebrata by Paul Kaiju and Blobpus.   The Toy Art Gallery 2014 Anniversary Show opening on Saturday (9.13) will feature visions of this wicked lady from:

Anthony Ausgang, Blobpus, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Brian Flynn, Cop-A-Squat Toys, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, D-lux, Eckotyper, Ferg, Grizlli Atom, Hellopike, Jeremi Rimel, Johan Ulrich, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Herbolsheimer, Justin Bua, Kenth Toy Works, Kris Kuksi, L'amour Supreme, Martin Ontiveros, MM Toys, Monstrehero, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Paul Kaiju, Rampage Toys, RISKRon English, Scarecrowoven, SexualYoukai, Shirahama, Skull Toys, Splurrt, T9G, TKOM, Toshikazu Nozaka, Touma, Usugrow, Velocitron, and Yamomark.

Come on out to See Vertebrata like never before.

Toy Art Gallery 2014 Anniversary Show
Opening: Saturday September 13th, 2014 (7 to 10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046


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Nakanari – Popcon Asia 2014 Exclusive Black Lucky Cat Spiki


Mai Hiro and Nakanari are proud to present the Popcon Asia exclusive Black Lucky Cat Spiki figure. This special edition has gotten a little work done to it, such as a new glossy black paint and some changes to the face to give it that Lucky Cat feel you all love. There will only be 100 pieces available at the convention. Be sure to stop by the Plastic Culture booth #47-48 to get your hands on one of these guys!


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Dave Bondi – Yellow Astronocchio


Dave Bondi’s Astro Boy and Pinocchio mash up figure is now available in a bright yellow edition! This 5” resin figure is each hand cast by Dave and comes with a Star Wars blaster. These are limited to only 25 pieces and can be found on his Online Shop HERE for $65.


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