Aug 31, 2014

Peter Kato – The Bad Knight (and Ninja-Robo) on 9.4


Peter Kato introduces The Bad Knight, a resin figure that’s been in development for quite some time.  After learning new digital sculpting techniques, Peter was able to bring his vision to reality with a design made up of seven separate parts – his most complex toy so far.  The robotic knight debuts in a metallic grey edition (3.5”, 8 pcs, $40). 

Peter will also release an edition of the Ninja-Robo, the conceptual predecessor of the Bad Knight. Ninja-Robo will drop in a blue edition with clear red laser swords (3”,12 pcs, $25).  Both figures will be released on Thursday September 4th 2014 @ 9 PM EDT from


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Angry Woebots x Flabslab – Killer Donut for STGCC (9.6-9.7)


In Singapore  for his turn as a guest artistguest artist for STGCC, Angry Woebots has put brush to his brand-new Killer Donut resin from the wild bunch at Flabslab which will debut at  the convention.  A tribute to Hip Hop Producer J Dilla, a donut crowns the prone Panda’s powerful presence.   If you’ll be at the ‘con, drop by Woebots’ booth to pick one up.  If not, look for remaining stock online via Flabslab afterwards.


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myplasticheart –- Labor Day Blind Box Sale


Looking for more toy deals?  If you need to fill in some missing holes in your mini-fig collection, myplasticheart is offering 20% off select blind box toys with their Labor Day Sale which runs through Monday (9.1).  Drop by MPH’s blind box section to hunt for the deals – quite a few of the minis are available at the 20% discount.

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Nathan Hamill – 15% Off Labor Day Sale


The holiday weekend continues with BBQs, trips to the beach and more tempting toy deals.  If you’ve been looking to pick up a toy or two from Nathan Hamill, now is the time.  He’s offering 15% off his entire online inventory through 11:59 PM on Monday evening (9.1). No code needed, just drop by  his online store for 15% off Lavabear, Strife and Sire and more.    

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Ron English – MC Lover Patriot (09.01)


Ron English will be releasing the newest version of MC Supersized, the Lover Patriot edition. This figure stands roughly 3” tall and are hand cast in resin with a  very patriotic red, white, and blue marbling. These are an edition of 30 pieces and will retail $40 each. Find them available HERE on Monday, September 1st at 12PM EST.


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Aug 29, 2014

Huck Gee (Laborbear) is having a Labor Day Sale


Holiday weekends are awesome.  Three days of relaxation plus choice discounts on cool toys and gear.  Huck Gee (aka Laborbear) is celebrating with his very own Labor Day sale with  25% off through  the Holiday (9.1).  Be sure to shop at and  enter the magic code, ‘Laborbear’, when you checkout.

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Kidrobot –- Up to 80% Off Labor Day Sale


If you’ve been waiting for a chance to pick up some toys on the cheap, Kidrobot is celebrating Labor Day Weekend with a  big sale on most of their online stock over at  From a quick check, it looks like most items are now available at a substantial 50-80% off.  And,  if you order at least $100 of product, you’ll also receive free ground shipping.  The sale runs through Labor Day (9.1). Stock up now.

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Gary Ham x Pobber Toys – Firecracker Edition Sylvan Release at STGCC


Gary Ham’s Sylvan figure will be making its way to STGCC next weekend! This time in a new awesome Firecracker colorway. These should be expected to retail around $70 and will be available at booth AA76 & 78. If there so happens to be any remaining pieces left, we hope Pobber Toys will release the remainder on their online store.

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True Cast Studio – The Walking Dud Release (08.31)


True Cast Studios will be unleashing the 1st production PVC “The Walking Dud” figures. The release will take place on Sunday, August 31st at 8PM CST. These were made in the Onell Design factory in China and have all the same Glyos system articulation. There will be three different colorways to choose from, Pheyden Blue unpainted ($8), Ultra Rotten colorway ($15), and the Ultra Rotten DX colorway in clamshell with header and inner vacuum formed tray ($20). You can find these available on their website!


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Ewokone x Mighty Jaxx – STGCC Brainlington


With STGCC just one week away, Mighty Jaxx has just announced that Ewokone’s Brainlington will be making an appearance! This new colorway is a run of only 80 pieces and will be available at STGCC, with the remaining pieces available online. Be sure to stop by their booth AA84, AA86 & AA88 to get a closer look!

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Brent Nolasco – Original Figure Sneak

brent nolasco art

Brent Nolasco has some big plans coming up for NYCC. This year he will be releasing a new project in the works at the myplasticheart booth. This original figure is based on designs that Brent has been sketching up in his black books through out the years and it was a character he only drew for his kids. Now he’s excited to share it with all of you! For now, here is a small sneak!

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UrbanMedium – 18” Resin CheTrooper


UrbanMedium’s CheTrooper will soon be available in a 18” resin bust! They have plans on having a release in both Atlanta and New York this fall. More progress photos soon to come! Also, stay tuned for official release information. 

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