Jun 21, 2017

Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear – Peppermint Skeletons (6.23)

Scott Wilkowski and Woot Bear have teamed up once again to bring you two new Peppermint Skeleton resin releases.  Woot Bear will release both the Skeleton Devil Kings ($80) and Skeleton Bear Head in  fresh red+white Peppermint editions this Friday (6.23) at 12 PM PDT both online and at their SF store. 

peppermint-bears peppermint-devil

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – The GID Bat

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have just released The GID Bat.  This one stands 6.5” tall and is cast in Glow In the Dark resin with minimal painted details to let the glow shine. Limited to 15 pieces, the GID Bat is available for pre-order from Switcheroo for $125 (+ s/h).  Speaking of the Caped Crusader, thank you OG Adam West for the very first run behind the cowl – Rest in Peace.

In other news, if you missed Michelle’s Ceramic Kaiju show, the remaining pieces are now online at Super 7 as are several of her new original ceramic pieces over at Switcheroo.

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Gunnzo Presents: Paul Kaiju, Rampage Toys and Bwana Spoons in "Summer Slime" (07.22)


Paul Kaiju is yet again continuing on the tradition of an off-site event during San Diego Coimc-Con. Hosted by Gunnzo in Old Town, Bwana Spoons also returns for the special event, along with Rampage Toys for "Summer Slime". The event will take place on Saturday, July 22nd with free raffle tickets being distributed at 6PM. Raffle tickets will then be called at 730PM, which in the mean time you can enjoy some tacos and refreshments! The event will take place at the same venue as the previous years, just so there is no confusion with Gunnzo's new store location.

2445 Juan St
San Diego, CA 92110

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Super7 - Shogun Warriors & Aliens M.U.S.C.L.E. Coming Soon!


Super7 strikes again with an announcement of two more series for their M.U.S.C.L.E. line. These figures were last scene back at Toy Fair and we are happy to see the Shogun Warriors and Aliens M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are set to release real soon! With SDCC just around the corner, we may see these as a debut release for that weekend! The Sooner the better! Stay tuned for more information.

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Huck Gee - New Gold Life Prints


Grow your army of Huck Gee Gold Life prints with this week’s latest release! This run features some new recruits, such as Peng Peng and Ornery Panda. You've also got the veteran Golden Claw joining the print ranks. Each numbered and signed print measures 7" x 7" and are limited to 60 pieces. You can find them in the Huck Gee store HERE for $20 a piece. Be sure to pick a few up to go with your Gold Life figures from Mighty Jaxx.

19227035_466985703693970_2290223428633886720_n 19228368_1765627196797034_8887753224941993984_n

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Ron English x ToyQube - Glow-In-The-Dark Popeye Grin


Ron English's Popeye Grin figure is now available in a stunning Glow-In-The-Dark edition! ToyQube has just put out a limited run of 180 pieces of these spinach eating bad boys on their webstore. The Popeye Grin stands 10" tall and TQ mentions that they've used a different technique to produce these and that each one is slightly different from one another. You can find it available now HERE for $175.

19379477_809398329229169_8288465163841961984_n 19367738_1344115149038343_8608967726687322112_n

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Marsham Toy Hour S2 E11 & E12

unnamedunnamed (1)

We've got another two episodes of Marsham Toy Hour to share with you! Last weeks episode was another collectors episode with special guest Katherine Park, who in combination with Theresa, put the "cute" counter meter through the roof. They discuss how Katherine got in the scene, as well as all she's done within the scene, such as being a part of Broke Piggy and collaborating with Andrew Bell on an Android figure.


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings Nick Curtis of CoArt Magazine. Nick drops tons of knowledge on the toy scene. He discusses the origin of the Term "Urban Vinyl" and where the movement has lead us. He chats about CoArt and his honest reviews on toys. So much was discussed, that we hope they have a second round, since we feel they've only scratched the surface.

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Jun 20, 2017

Mai Zi Art -- ZOÉ


The JOURrNEY continues.  Mai Zi has just announced ZOÉ, the 14th character in his ongoing series of art toys.  The curious newcomer will charm with her eclectic appearance, fantastic wardrobe, and funky dog.  While several of his recent figures have been vinyl, ZOÉ will be released as a 9.5” resin and is hand-colored with color pencils purchased on the artist’s recent trip to Spain—a drawing come to life.   The new figure will be available in two editions which feature different custom wood boxes. The standard edition (10 pieces, $396) features a laser-etched beechwood box (blue star interior) while the a one-of-a-kind edition ($750)  features a  laser-etched black walnut box (gold star interior). To order, send inquiries to info@maiziarts.com.

19227614_403226253412405_4774846186710368256_n 19367469_1857940257866129_6912263608189583360_n
19228811_648660135343963_2705151375762784256_n 19052278_119303928661392_8083340433477861376_n

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Brent Nolasco – Insecticide First Look


Brent Nolasco—one of the hardest working artists in the art toy world—has shared the first pics of his upcoming Insecticide figure. The detailed winged-bug character is a “rebirth” of Brent’s previously released figure, The Eliminator. The second coming features a wicked new fly-like head, wings, and new pincerish feet.  The newest member of the Dark Descendents line will debut with a painted edition next week cast by Taskone.

With each new figure, we learn a bit more of the back story.  Described by Brent as a hope for the future amid the coming of Doomsday, Insecticide is apparently one of the good guys.  Don’t judge him by his name!

P1050956P1050946 P1050953

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Jun 19, 2017

Stash x Silent Stage – Radiant Blue Can (6.19)


Graffiti legend Stash has collaborated with Silent Stage Gallery on a Can of the Month Club series featuring resin spray cans based on the classic 80’s Krylon can  with his debossed tag and included resin NY fatcap.  Limited to 50 pieces, the first Radiant Blue edition (8”) includes a signed/numbered COA and will drop on Monday (6.19) at 11 AM PDT from the Silent Stage web shop for $199.99 (+ s/h).

Silent Stage is also releasing the Blu print from Stash to compliment the first can release.  Limited to 50 s/n pieces, the 12” x 17” giclee print will be available for $99.99 each and will drop at the same time as the spray can.

19149426_10207511628947494_7619230164905207129_n19113965_10207518566600931_2182477077297859020_n f

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Jun 18, 2017

Seulgie – 2nd Birthday Satyr (6.18)


The adorable Satyr is turning two!  To celebrate, Seulgie is releasing special 2nd Birthday Satyrs featuring kaleidoscope style colorful milky hair, glittery stars and birthday candles.  These drop Sunday (6.18) at 6 PM PDT.  Be sure to check her IG for the shop link. 

BDay_Satyr_2017-1 19227719_1218387708272569_3369036677002559488_n

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Jun 14, 2017

ToyQube – Astro Boy and Lucha Squid Pre-Order Up Now!

unnamed (2)

ToyQube has a couple of awesome pre-orders up now to help lighten up your wallet for the weekend. First up is their Astroy Boy figure with Tezuka Productions, which is a follow up to their previous green edition. The new full colored colorway re-images Astro Boy as Lady Liberty. These are limited to only 250 pieces and will retail for $95 each HERE.

unnamed (1)

We also have the second colorway of GERMS’ Lucha Squid Figure. Standing 7” tall, this sofubi figure features a purple lucha mask with silver glitter and can be found HERE for $115. This run is limited to only 80 pieces.

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