Dec 06, 2016

Alien x Super7 – M.U.S.C.L.E. (12.09)


Super7 has announced the release of their second officially licensed M.U.S.C.L.E. line, which features one of the greatest Sci-Fi films of all time, Alien! There are 4 different pink packs to choose from, Pack A: Alien, Ripley, Ash, Pack B: Alien Egg, Parker, Kane in Spacesuit, Pack C: Kane with Facehugger, Attack Alien, Brett and Pack D: Kane with Chestburster, Lambert, Dallas. Poor Kane…  They will be available on December 9th at 12PM PST for $6 a piece through Super7’s webstore and retail locations in San Francisco and San Diego.


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Amanda Visell x COARSE Toys – The Last Days of Autumn:Chop Chop

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Amanda Visell and COARSE Toys are happy to announce the last and final colorway in their collaborative series, “The Last Days of Autumn – Chop Chop”. This release features natural shades of green and a walnut brown stump, who is cornered by these merciful axe wielding children. This set includes the poor stump, the four children, two fallen leaves, chunks of wood and clear magnetic bases so everything stands perfectly. These will be available Friday, December 9th at 7:59AM PST through COARSE. This release is limited to 150 pieces and will retail $385 each. Take a look after the jump for more photos.


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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 38 Featuring Andrew Bell


Your favorite knuckleheads are back with a new episode of Marsham Toy Hour! Gary Ham, George Gaspar and Aaron of Martian Toys welcome Andrew Bell for episode 38! They do a brief discussion on if Designer Con should allow VIP Badge Holders to enter the convention an hour early or not. We also get to hear the origin story of the name of Dead Zebra Inc., and ANDROIDS! Give them a listen HERE and even on Youtube HERE!

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Andrea Kang x Mighty Jaxx – Boo Bear (12.10)


We’re wondering what it took Andrea Kang to keep this project with Mighty Jaxx a secret! Now the cat is out of the bag and she and Mighty Jaxx are happy to announce the upcoming release of Boo Bear. This utterly adorable bear ghost is slate to release through Mighty Jaxx on Saturday, December 10th. Unfortunately this is all the current info we have on this piece, but were sure more will be soon announced by the release date (size and price). All we have to say is that we feel like this has translates Andrea’s 2D artwork to 3D perfectly!

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Sega x Kidrobot – Sonic The Hedgehog Capsule Collection Available Now!

unnamed (8)

Not too long ago, Kidrobot released their Medium Sized Sonic the Hedgehog figure on their online shop! Now they are happy to announce the rest of their capsule collection. Introducing the new 3” Blind Box figures and Blind Box Keychains. The Blind Box figures features 14 different figures, ranging form Sonic himself to the dastardly Doctor Eggman! These also feature something a little new to Kidrobot, which are the gold ring bases for all of the figures. Each blind box retails $10 and a whole case has a total of 20 figures. Check them out HERE for all the different figures and ratios. 

For your keychains and backpacks, be sure to check out their Blind Box Keychain Line HERE. This release features a number of memorable pieces from Sonic, including a 16-Bit Sega Genesis!

unnamed (10)


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Dec 03, 2016

Tokyo Comic Con: Noriyoshi Ohrai – The Master of Illustration


The Noriyoshi Ohrai: The Master of Illustration exhibition presents numerous original paintings by the late, legendary Japanese illustrator in a gallery-style setting. While he is unquestionably best known for his striking international poster for the Empire Strikes Back, the exhibit offers a broad selection of his works from Godzilla to swords and beasts fantasy. The exhibit also offered fans a rare first-hand look at Ohrai’s ESB poster study.  We were struck not only by the artist’s accomplishments but also by his candid assessment of his career as a form of manual labor—[resenting and interpreting the work of other artists.  The impressive retrospective was co-produced by Tomenosuke’s Shinji Nakako.


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Tokyo Comic Con: Blade Runner Workshop


Fans of Replicants, flocked to the Blade Runner Workshop exhibition—curated by Shinji Nakako at Tokyo Comic Con for an up-close look at several on-film props from the Ridley Scott classic including a video phone terminal and the front-end of the police Spinner flying vehicle. For those looking for as close to film Deckard experience as possible, the Tomenosuke Blaster has been the gold standard ever since the first iteration.  So it’s a treat to see all of the Blaster editions displayed together for the first time at the booth. 


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Tokyo Comic Con – Nippon SFX Kaiju Monster Encyclopedia


The first-ever Tokyo Comic Con brings a much-needed show focused on entertainment – Movies, Gaming, VR, Collectibles and more. Several curated exhibits highlight specific brews of movie magic, complimenting the vendor booths. Nippon SFX Kaiju Monster Encyclopedia –the largest exhibit—explores the mostly unappreciated art and skill of bringing monsters and beasts to life, from full-size creatures to the makeup used to transform actors into the fantastic.   In particular, the work of master FX artist Kakusei Fujiwara is front and center including his work on the live action adaptation of the popular anime, Death Note (above).  Hit the jump for more of his creations as well as frights from Soichi Umezawa and others.  Kaiju SFX Monster Encyclopedia is one of several TCC exhibits curated by Tomenosuke’s Shinji Nakako.


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Dec 01, 2016

Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery - BAKE-KUJIRA Ectoplasm Edition Lottery (12.2)

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This Friday, December 2nd at 12PM PST through Monday, December 5th at 12PM PST, Toy Art Gallery will be holding a raffle for Candie Bolton’s “Ectoplasm” Edition Bake-Kujira soft vinyl figure. This Phantom Whale stands 11” tall and features a marbled black and GID vinyl. Each figure will retail $200 for those lucky enough to win the lottery. To enter, send an email to sales[at]toyartgallery[dot]com with the subject “Bake-Kujira Lottery” with your PayPal address and shipping info. Winners will be notified via invoice. Only one entry per person and be sure to only submit an email during the raffle dates! Good luck!


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myplasticheart Presents - Seulgie in “Starry Eyed” (12.02)


Can you believe it’s already December! Taking place this Friday, December 2nd, myplasticheart will be hosting an exhibition featuring the new works by Seulgie. “Starry Eyed” will feature numerous variations of the Brooklyn artist’s Satyr character. There will be a mix of hand-sculpted figures and original artwork on display. The show will begin at 7PM10PM.

210 Forsyth St. NYC

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Hello from Tokyo Comic Con

Hello from Tokyo and the first-ever Tokyo Comic Con! I’m posting this on Friday AM Japan time and looking forward to preview night later tonight.  We got in Thursday afternoon Japan time and got a chance to roam the convention hall at Makuhari Messe.  Here’s a brief behind the scenes look at the layout and setup action.

The show mixes a strong focus on Hollywood movies both current and past--Tomenosuke’s Shinji Nakako has put together several exhibits focusing on special FX and movie magic—with art, toys, and gaming. On the art toy side, Tomenosuke has a large presence with several guests including Shon, Banana Virus, Tokyo Jesus and more.  Their booth is flanked on both sides by Toy Qube and Unbox who will be showing several never-before-seen figures, some of which are still in transit (fingers crossed!).  Other indie toy booths include Blackbook Toy, Siccaluna and the Game of Hope collective featuring RealxHead, Punk Drunkers, Goccodo, Skull Toys, and Uamou

We’re also looking forward to kaNO’s live painting featuring Wonder Woman front and center.  He projected the design on setup night and laid down the outline.  He’ll be painting live throughout the show in front of the exhibition. The completed mural will then be moved onto the convention floor for all to enjoy.

Enjoy the setup pics.  We’ll be back with plenty more focused coverage…soon.  Off to breakfast now.


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Nov 29, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour Episodes 36 & 37!


We’ve got a double feature of Marsham Toy Hour (we didn’t post last weeks episode)! Call this the pre and post episodes of Designer Toy Con! Might we mention we got mentioned in both episodes! Hey yoooo! Episode 36 “Hot Taco” brought up the discussion of the toy news platform, whether it be blogs, podcasts or video coverage. Basically a gripe fest from these old men, but in a good way! A lot of good points were brought up and is definitely worth a listen. We also get to hear a bit of the origin story of your main Marsham Toy Hour host, Gary Ham!


The post Designer Con Episode 37 brought on special guest Ben of 3DRetro. If you were unable to attend or exhibit Designer Con or would like to in the near future, you may want to tune into this episode. Give them a listen on their Podbean or NOW ON YOUTUBE!

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