May 23, 2018

Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery – Teal Baphomanic Coming Friday (5.25)


The Baphomaniac returns to the land of the living in a brand-new edition.  Toy Art Gallery will release the unpainted Teal Baphomaniac from Martin Ontiveros on Friday (5.25) at 12 PM PDT from the TAG Web Shop for $80.  Martin’s hard rock-inspired take on Baphomet, Baphomaniac stands eight inches tall and features five points of articulation.


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kaNO – Blue Ghettocard Debuts at Five Points


LA-based artist kaNO will be making the trip home for Five Points Fest (6.2 – 6.3) with a few drops lined up.  A year after he released the first Ghettocard figure in yellow+blue (current Metrocard)  comes a second Blue+Yellow Ghettocard inspired by the OG metrocards.   These will drop at the myplasticheart booth (#336) and also from  Full release info shortly.  In addition to the new Ghettocard, kaNO will also release his Artist Edition ‘The Messenger’ figures in Red via the mph booth and his site. 

30077249_2026170207647238_7639930930416582656_n 30841750_453616791728221_547083210358521856_n

[Skyline Photo: Brian Wong]

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Cometdebris is Loaded with Five Points Exclusives


Looks like Koji Harmon (Cometdebris) has been a busy man preppin’ for Five Points (6.2 –6 .3).  So far he’s officially announced four drops and he’s also previewed two others.  Let’s dive in.  For shark fans, he’s got the Sametan Red+Green Glow ($50).   If clear vinyl is your steez, there’s the Kid Ace (w/glitter) for $35 and  the teched-out Kappaborg ($50, 3 pcs) with custom paper inserts.  From clear to translucent, Koji will release a red translucent Tofu Kid ($30) – 5 per day.  He’s also teased Oni Kids (flesh with green/purple hair) as well as purple/black Kappa Shonen.  More?  Sure, he will also release several one-off Kid Ace customs.  More?  You never know :)  All of this will be available from the Cometdebris booth [#344].

32006547_1877294159232145_5789060648751071232_n 31988139_125467218323941_5641929672078917632_n 32273595_649327938745209_2139364214190374912_n31765085_2041682412751997_2535558325722939392_n31920906_208451186550864_1643102625995948032_n32276192_1683101978440465_1398402580907819008_n 32896369_196522894404586_2625983841323450368_n download

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myplasticheart at 5 Points: Daioh Negora Fruit Candy from Konatsu


myplasticheart has just announced a brand-new Konatsu treat for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3).  Daioh Negora Fruit Candy reminds us of Japanese retro-style candy and features milky white sofubi with multi-color spray.   Daioh Negora will be available for $80 at the mph booth [#336]. Pounce early on this.

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May 22, 2018

Tenacious Toys at Five Points: Nerviswr3k Drone Invasion


As part of it’s lineup for the Five Points Festival, Tenacious Toys will be offering two special drops from Nerviswr3k, each featuring the artist’s new self-produced resin Pill Drones.  First up is a fun exclusive combo set, pairing the Purple Inner Child vinyl with a brand-new matching Pill Drone resin in Purple.  These are limited to 20 sets and will be available for $85/set. 

Tenacious will also offer the Switchface Pill Drones in red.  Each drone comes with four interchangeable magnetic faces – fun!  Since these are all hand-made by the artist, there will only be five sets at the show ($75).    Both releases will be available form the Tenacious Toys booth [#234]


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Nathan Cleary x Pobber – SpongeBomber (8”) Ice Cream Edition (5.26)


Nathan Cleary has been hard at work in the weapons lab and the result is something big.  For his new SpongeBomber, Nathan has taken his  popular Spongrenade sculpt, completely re-done the left half of the face with an eroded skeleton cutaway and made the leap from 4” to 8”.  And… Yes, it’s vinyl, produced by Pobber.  SpongeBomber debuts in a light blue Ice Cream edition this Saturday (5.26) direct from Nathan’s web shop for £125 (~$168).

32412540_148939535961590_1872597344394936320_nSpongBomber 31936376_246672409412918_6383926405364711424_n

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Vincent Scala – Lucky Cat Debuts At Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3)


Vincent Scala has not one but two brand new drops lined up for Five Points Festival in Brooklyn next weekend (6.2 – 6.3).  In addition to the previously mentioned clear Skeleton Racer, he’ll also be debuting his Lucky Cat in a painted teal edition as well as an unpainted red.  The fun new retro-style vinyl will be available at his booth [#447]


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myplasticheart x Six TwentyEight – Captain Mitt Five Points Fest Exclusive !


myplasticheart has once again teamed up with Six TwentyEight for a heroic new Mitt.  The hand-painted Captain Mitt features a red+white+blue design with the iconic shield emblem emblazoned on the front of his bumper car.  In the past these special themed releases have been limited to just ten pieces, this time the run is twenty – still crazy limited, but at least there’s twice as many.  These will be available for $65 from the mph booth[#336] at the show (6.2 – 6.3).

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May 21, 2018

Black Book Toys x Mishka - The Beast Another World by Kenth Toy Works

BeastKenth-2  Blackbook Toy will release four Another World hand-painted versions of The Beast by Kenth Toyworks. Starting with a marbled meat version of the Mishka x Lamour Supreme sofubi, Kenth has give each beast reptile skin deco and for the head, his signature Another World treatment in unique colors.   BBT will release four of the The Beast Another World figures via e-mail lottery for ¥31,000 (~$280) starting on Wednesday (5.23) at 8 AM PDT through Saturday at 7:59 AM PDT.  To enter send an email to with the following:

  • Subject: Another World Beast Drawing Application
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Telephone #
  • Paypal Email


BeastKenth-1   IMG_1458IMG_1459  BeastKenth-3

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May 20, 2018

Recap: VTSS at Pop Life FanX


Here’s a look at the VTSS booth at  Pop Life FanXperience art toy convention held this weekend in Guangzhou, China.  Front and center were the recently released Bruised Lee figures from Luke Chueh with a newcomer—a black + gold edition—which is currently in production.  VTSS also showcased recent releases such as Bat Boy from Bounce, the wild Spongebob-inspired Humanoid Sea Friends Spongebuddy and Patbuddy from Miguel Vasquez, Cont “n” Roller from Yosuke Ueno, the Prehistoric Cuties and more.  They also previewedupcoming releases including 2Vth—King Tut meets V for Vendetta—from Marwan Shawhin as well as the Twins and Dancing Spoons sculptures from Okedoki.

IMG_1156 IMG_1150IMG_1173 IMG_1171IMG_1172

[Photos: VTSS and Trouble Bros.]

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May 19, 2018

Vivi Su x SFBI – Lucky Sunflower at Pop Life FanXperience


Beyond the hunt for highly sought after exclusives at conventions, we’re always hoping to see something new, unexpected, and eye-catching.  One of the brand-new standouts at the Pop Life FanXperience is the Lucky Sunflower soft vinyl from Vivi Su x SFBI.  Available at the show in an extremely limited pre-release quantity, this piece features two expressions – one smiling and another that we’ll call spunky meditative—check the third eye. Not to mention the fresh stem texture. Part Sunflower, part plant brat with just a touch of emoji and a whole lot of happiness.  

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Ron English at Pop Life FanXperience in Guangzhou


Ron English drew long lines of collectors at the Pop Life FanXperience in Guangzhou, China which runs through Sunday (5.20).  At the top of the buy list were several of his recent figures from Pop Life including the brand-new Mad Glad Boy which does reminds us of a certain nostalgic restaurant mascot.


From the massive Liberty Grins and the Mighty MC—think Ronald vs. the Hulk—to the new MC Supersized Minis from Secret Base, there’s something for every collector’s taste and budget. [Photos: Courtesy of Pop Life FanXperience.

Ron_FanX18-9Ron_FanX18-7Ron_FanX18-10Ron_FanX18-8Ron_FanX18-12 Ron_FanX18-13

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