Volt 1979 by Smithe x Roca Jelly

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Mexico City-based street artist and illustrator Smithe continues to expand his work into three dimensions with his first vinyl art toy, Volt 1979, produced in Mexico by Roca Jelly. The stylized skull follows his large body of work on walls and on paper featuring exploded or disintegrating skulls presented in a pull-apart, cut-away style.

Flowing out of a somewhat muted paellete blending light blue, red and shades of gray, Volt 1979 blends organic with the mechanical. The mostly human skull has hints of mechanical underpinnings from the cylindrical eye sockets, the hinge-like jaw and the connecting rods on either side. The back cross section showcases the mind x machine connection with an organic brain pattern.

An edition of 200, the Volt 1979 vinyl art toy (8″) is available for pre-order from Roca Jelly for $250 and is slated to ship in October 2023. Each figure includes a tiny print. Smithe’s first vinyl toy follows previous his resin art toy sculptures.