‘Jelly Sandwich’ Prototype by Yum Yum

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It’s been nearly four years since UK-based Yum Yum released five well-received vinyl art toys based on the character style they developed in their primary role as an animation studio. Cactus, Popcorn, Granny, Hotdog and Zombie arrived and have long since sold out. Recently, Yum Yum whetted collectors’ appetites once again with a tantalizing prototype of Jelly Sandwich.

Jelly Sandwich is as you might except, an open-faced Jelly Sandwich with arms and legs, all the better to shred with. When not riding to and fro, Jelly Sandwitch can apparently stand on his two legs without any assistance.  Yum Yum’s talent at producing lovable characters is on full display here from the way the jelly splotch spreads on the toast to its googly eyes and teeny, tiny mouth. Jelly Sandwich strives for that ‘ just right’ blend of detail and personable character.

It sounds like there’s a possibility Jelly Sandwich might graduate from promising prototype to rad release. Which would put Yum Yum back into the toy game and put smiles on their collectors’ faces.