Andy Warhol Bust – White Brillo by Kidrobot

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Kidrobot’s recent addition of the Andy Warhol vinyl art toy bust to its long-running collection celebrating the father of Pop art has been well received. Next up is the Andy Warhol Bust – White Brillo edition, a hybrid design blending Warhol with one of his signature designs based on the classic soap scrub pads. The design features the instantly-recognizable Brillo Boxo logo on the front, complemented by matching red hair, blue-rimmed glasses, and a wash of red along the bottom of the bust. As a fun touch, the ‘New!’ wording is printed in Warhol’s hair, near the top of the head. It’s likely to be a pleasant surprise for many.

An edition of 300, Andy Warhol Bust – White Brillo edition (12″) vinyl art toyis available for pre-order from Kidrobot for $125 with shipping slated for Q4 2023. As a final thought, does ‘White Brillo’ imply additional Brillo editions? Maybe.