MINDstyle Celebrates Asian Tradition & Culture with SDCC Funko Pop Asia Exclusives

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As part of its SDCC 2023 lineup, MINDstyle will celebrate Asian tradition and culture with six SDCC Exclusive Funko Pop Asia vinyl toys drawn from history, lore and popular traditions.

The Super-Sized POP Asia: China Traditions Wu Shi (Black and Gold, $30), POP Asia: Lucky Series Lucky Cat (Flocked, $20) and POP Asia: Auspicious Beast Kirin vinyls celebrate the iconic lion dance, the beloved good fortune feline and the mythical Kirin. From tradition to history, POP Asia: Three Kingdoms Liu Bei ($20), POP Asia: Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang ($20), and POP Asia: Ancient Armor Warriors Song bring the ancient past to life in a cute, collectible fashion.

Celebrating Asian tradition and culture, these six SDCC Exclusive Funko Pop Asia vinyl figures will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#4845] at San Diego Comic Con (7.19 – 7.23).