Sugar Booger by Kevin Scalzo x Heavy Cream

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Just over twenty years after comics artist and painter Kevin Scalzo‘s Sugar Booger #1 8-page mini-comic introduced children of all ages to his adorable and fascinatingly gross character, Sugar Booger is set to come to life for old and new fans alike as an upcoming soft vinyl art toy (7″) from the newly launched Heavy Cream brand.

The figure’s design offers a stylized vision of the original comic character humorously, yet quite accurately, described by Scalzo as “a big magical cartoon bear who makes candy boogers come out of his nose, to the delight of children everywhere.” Seemingly inspired by Scalzo’s 2008 painting created for The Blab! Show, the toy plays with Sugar Booger’s proportions to sweet effect.

The Sugar Booger sculpt embraces and exaggerates the round proportions of the original character. The cheerful pose focuses the attention on Sugar Booger’s ball-like body with its arms almost melting into the torso. The now tiny head and stubby legs complete the whimsical design.

The upcoming figure follows Heavy Cream founders Bradley Frank and Josh Divine’s intent to help artists bring their unique visions to art toys as a complement to their primary mediums. Reflecting on the experience of creating the figure, Scalzo remarked that ” I am excited to finally see Sugar Booger immortalized in vinyl, It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. Working with Josh & Bradley has been great, and they really get what Sugar Booger is all about.”

While toy development schedules are rather unpredictable, Heavy Cream is hoping to release Kevin Scalzo’s Sugar Booger soft vinyl art toy towards the end of 2022. Check back on Monday for another exclusive preview of another upcoming Heavy Cream release. Ahead of the brand’s upcoming website launch, follow @heavycreamltd Instagram for the latest news on the brand.