Ice Kirin Reborn by Andy Chen x Yorozuya

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Andy Chen’s mystical soft serve scoop is back with a vengeance. From left-over, half-eaten chocolate swirls comes the Ice Kirin Reborn – Thriller GID soft vinyl art toy produced by Yorozuya. Thriller, the second Ice Kirin Reborn edition, showcases the rabid, aggressive new Reborn zombie-like sculpt with a mutated left side featuring melted details and a jagged mouth that cuts through the side of the face.

Mixed in light blue, purple and browns, Thriller brings more creep than meets the eye. In fact, the eyes hide a few secrets. While not obvious at first glance, a GID spirit lies within the new figure with the zombie side glowing green and the eyeballs glowing an eerie blue. The eyes (vinyl + glass iris/pupil) are articulated and can be repositioned for a range of expressions.

And… this chocolate zombie scoop is also chocolate-scented. Yes, that’s right. Take a deep inhale and enjoy the smell of chocolate.

The Ice Kirin Reborn – Thriller soft vinyl art toy (5.91″) will be available shortly via lottery from First Meet Gallery. Expect an update shortly.