Coarse Originals: All We Have Left

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With their gravity-defying sculptures, Coarse continues to elevate our expectations. The just-announced All We Have Left Coarse Originals resin sculpture features two people floating in the air, anchored by a cluster of grounded balloons. The graceful and poignant piece is a reaction to our natural instincts to hang on to the dreams and beliefs that have guided our journey to this point. At some point, we realize that what once lifted us now keeps us in place, unable to reach new heights.

All We Have Left confronts us with a pivotal choice, to hang on or let go. For many the choice can be agonizing, jettisoning core beliefs that have shaped our identities and now threaten to restrain our evolving selves.

An edition of 5, the All We Have Left resin sculpture (31.5″ L x 20″ H) is available through email enquiry.