Flynamic Duo – ’66 & ’89 by Hebru Brantley

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Hebru Brantley’s take on the caped crusader and his heroic sidekick returns with the final two editions of the Flynamic Duo vinyl art toy sets. The ’66 and ’89 follow the Tokyo Edition (neon colors) which was released at the end of 2021. The ’66 edition features retro colors with a light blue/gray Batboy and Sparrow in the classic red, yellow and green—bright and saturated—with white goggle lenses. The ’89 edition features a black/dark gray Batboy while Sparrow has a less saturated appearance compared to ’66 and black goggle lenses.

The Flynamic Duo – ’66 & ’89 vinyl art toys (Batboy: 16″, Sparrow: 13″, $1200/set) will be available on Friday (4.8) from Hebru Brantley’s online store (@ 10 AM PDT). Beyond the primary drop, Toy Tokyo will have the ’66 edition and MCA Chicago will have the ’89 edition—limited quantities for both.