‘Free Advice’ by Hebru Brantley x Avant Arte

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Hebru Brantley’s upcoming Free Advice bronze sculpture from Avant Arte is based on the original painting of the same name featuring his recurring Phibby character. A commentary on the wise or not so wise words handed down by elders casually or in an effort to shape young lives, the piece sees a sharply dressed Phibby in a blue shirt, yellow pants, fancy leather shoes and of course, his signature Kermit mask. While perhaps not intentional, the blue and yellow combination is certainly memorable given the current crisis in Ukraine.

Free Advice will be released in two editions including a 13.8″ painted bronze edition (100 s/n pieces, $8403) which will be available on Friday (4.1) at 7 AM PDT from Avant Arte. Each piece is numbered and engraved with the artist’s signature on the underside of the foot.