Copper Creeps S5: The Fly and the Mutant by Doktor A

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Doktor A continues his line of magnificent monsters with the new Copper Creeps Series 5 featuring two new frightening figures: The Fly, a mixed-up scientist, and The Mutant, a member of an atomic slave race from an alien world. The new Copper Creeps debut in hand-painted mono polyurethane resin editions.

As with the previous Copper Creeps, Dok A’s new designs incorporate his love of the mechanical with classic retro style monsters. While there is apparently no narrative link between the two characters, the pairing lends itself to all sorts of possible origin stories. Unlike previous figures in the series, The Fly and The Mutant will not be released in cold-cast metallic versions.

Editions of ten, the New Copper Creeps S5 resin art toys: The Fly (3″) and the Mutant (3.5″) mono editions will be available on Wednesday
(10.21) at 10 AM PDT
from Dok A’s web shop for £100 ($131).