Puppy Blue Edition by Victor Castillo x 3DRetro

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3DRetro will soon release the new Puppy Blue Edition vinyl art toy by Chilean-born artist Victor Castillo. The follow-up to the OG edition, the new edition of the surreal girl-with-a-crown riding a person in a wolf suit features a blue-hued design.

Both figures feature Castillo’s signature elongated nose, a commentary on people’s tendency to put on a false face and stretch the truth. Well-sculpted and executed, the girl sits atop the wolf figure perfectly without need for a peg or magnets. The seamless design reinforces the power relationship between the two characters in a way that glue or a plug would not.

An edition of 250, the Puppy Blue edition vinyl art toy set (10.25″) will be available soon from select retailers including Japan-based Tomenosuke.