Demon Robot by Draculazer x Chompton Stoodios

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Back in 2018 Chompton Stoodios released a sofubi art toy of their signature Vegan Robot figure. The cute retro style ‘bot with the M-shaped head and large control panel offers a refreshing, seemingly simple design that isn’t caught up with trends or hype. Flash forward today for the surprise announcement of the brand-new Demon Robot, a wild collaboration between Draculazer and Chompton Studios.

While keeping the basic silhouette and concept, Draculazer has re-made Chompton’s robot in his signature wicked, organic style. The 10″ figure boasts a mystical control panel, rotating hammer first, and seven points of articulation. Sculpted by the talented kto kto, the Demon Robot is shown here as an 80% unpainted proto.

Chompton Stoodios is taking pre-orders for the debut painted edition of the figure for $200 each and will include celebratory merch (Shirt, Tote Bag, Hat and Stickers). For more info and to order, drop a DM or email to the artist.