Creepy Popeye by Coté Escrivá x Thundermates

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U (5/13): Updated edition size

Next up in the Creepy series from Coté Escrivá x Thundermates is an officially-licensed interpretation of the spinach-eating sailor. That’s right. Popeye. Creepy Popeye features the artist’s signature exposed, cut-away skeletal aesthetic and skull face through a retro lens. Inspired by the character’s original appearance, Creepy Popeye has a slender appearance—except for his legendary biceps—rather than the overly muscular appearance that we’ve seen with other art toy takes. The focus on tradition continues with the cap, the pipe and uniform.

An edition of 300, the Creepy Popeye polystone art toy includes a Certificate of Authenticity and will set sail for pre-order on Wednesday (5.13) at 7 AM PDT from Thundermates for $250 each. The figure is slated to ship at the end of June 2020, subject to Covid-19 postal service interruptions.