Seen: ‘Legend of the Great Showdowns’ by Scott C. at G1988

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Scott C. opened his Legend of the Great Showdowns at G1988 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Friday evening (3.6).  The new show features a large collection of original watercolor paintings, created over the past five years, from his ongoing The Great Showdowns series  featuring classic battles drawn from movies and television. As you can see in the gallery above which has shots of just a few of the pieces in the show, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re into big budget blockbusters or obscure indie films. Scott C.’s light-hearted style and wit is as charming and addictive as ever.

Since collectors have waited five years for a new collection of original Showdowns, perhaps it’s not surprising that the line stretched around the block prior to the opening. What is unusual is the level of devotion of the people at the front of the line.  The first person in line had been waiting for ‘six days and six hours’!  Scott C. rewarded that loyalty and passion with special prizes/thank you’s for the initial group of people in line including mini prints and for the super patient person at the head of the line, an owl sculpture inscribed with ‘first in line’.

In addition to the original paintings, the show also features three large-scale resin sculptures: AT-AT, Stay Puft, and Godzilla. Ranging from 19 to 24″ high, each edition is limited to ten pieces and is available for $2500 each. Speaking of editions, the gallery will release Scott C.’s  Ninja Turtle resin art toy set (Edition of 50 signed/numbered pieces, $100) next Friday (3.13). The latest in the blister packed/carded series of The Great Showdown figures features Leonardo squaring off against a White Pizza Pie.

The gallery has several limited-edition releases planned throughout March (the toy, prints and coasters) until the closing party on the 28th. Check out the gallery’s show page for all the show art work (minus the upcoming drops) and to purchase available pieces.  If you’re a Scott C. fan and can make it out to the gallery, you owe it to yourself to enjoy all the work in person.

Legend of the Great Showdowns || Scott C.
Opening: Friday, March 6th (7-9 PM).

7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046