Scott C.’s ‘Legend of the Great Showdowns’ at G1988

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After a five year hiatus, Scott C. returns to G1988 in Los Angeles for his Legend of the Great Showdowns solo which opens on Friday (3.6).  As you’ve likely figured out by now, the show features a brand-new collection of the artist’s extremely popular The Great Showdowns pieces which feature confrontations drawn from movies and television, some instantly recognizable, others more subtle.  While many of the pieces feature obvious adversaries, others not so much, such as Scott C.’s new piece pitting Forest Gump against, yes, a box of chocolates.

Scott C. and G1988 have planned a whole schedule of events around the show starting with the opening on Friday, March 6th (7-9 PM) and continuing with several print, coaster, and…  a  Ninja Turtle Toy release (3.13) throughout the show’s run culminating with a closing party on the 28th (6 PM). If you’re a Scott C. fan, this is a must-see show.

Speaking of toys, The Great Showdowns is also a series of amazing resin figures based on the paintings. In addition to the show-exclusive Ninja Turtle, Scott C. usually releases new versions for major conventions.  Keep an eye out for the next convention release, likely at SDCC from DKE.

Legends of the Great Showdowns || Scott C.
Opening: Friday, March 6th (7-9 PM).

7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046