Peko-Chan R@bbrick Set and Lucky Cat 1000% Be@rbrick by Fujiya x Medicom Toy

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Medicom Toy continues its string of releases featuring Peko-Chan, the cute mascot of Fujiya’s Milky candy, with the Peko-Chan Kigurumi Heart R@bbrick 100% / 400% set and the Peko-Chan Lucky Cat GID 1000% Be@rbrick. Both releases feature the charming girl’s famous smiling, lip-licking expression.

The figures also feature references to the popular candy with the blue/pink polka dot-wrapped candy featured on the leg of the R@bbricks and on the rear of the 1000% GID Be@rbrick between the cat’s tail.  In addition, the iconic ‘Milky’ packaging is featured on the rear of the R@bbricks.

NTWRK is offering both Peko-Chan releases on Wednesday (3.18) at 5 PM from their mobile shopping app (iOS/Android) at the lowest prices we’ve seen yet from a USA-based retailer: $175 for the R@bbrick set and $575 for the 1000% Lucky Cat GID Be@rbrick.