Anti-Supremacy (The Vehemence) by Abell Octovan x Mighty Jaxx

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Abell Octovan and Mighty Jaxx are set to follow up last September’s (2019) Anti-Supremacy bust with the new The Vehemence edition.  The new edition features a split design with the masked figure in glossy red and a black marble style pattern on the lower section.

The Anti-Supremacy (The Vehemence) resin bust  (12″) seems to minimize its namesake reference to the famous streetwear label by removing the section with the blanked out chest logo.  Perhaps the ‘Supremacy’ logo on the front of the cap has been removed as well.  That said, the more subtle street art reference remains. Without the iconic red+white colors and the blanked-out logo, the new edition may carry a very different interpretation than the original, despite sharing the same exact sculpt.

Mighty Jaxx will offer the new edition as a 24-hour preorder starting this Saturday (3.7) at 6 AM PST from their web shop. Look for an update shortly.