‘No Companion: Trust No One’ by Abell Octovan x Mighty Jaxx

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We’re beginning to think of artist Abell Octovan has a lot to say to the world.  He’s perhaps best known for his I Donut Care art toys featuring a yellow, Homer-like hand holding a donut while giving us all the middle finger. Similarly, his I Defy piece features a dead-ringer from Homer’s hand about to lob a ‘Defy’ beer molotov cocktail with, yes, the middle finger extended.

With his upcoming No Companion: Trust No One vinyl art toy from Mighty Jaxx, Octovan keeps the feisty spirit alive while adding in quite a few laughs at the expense of a chirpy cricket. No Companion is for all of us who have struggled to hold in an insult, a death stare, or other outlet at the annoying, obnoxious and rude people making everyday life just a bit more stressful than necessary. The humorous Pinocchio reference is spot on here, turning the animated tale on its head with a knowing wink. The new piece continues Octovan’s collaboration with Mighty Jaxx and follows his I Donut Care vinyl editions produced by the brand.

The No Companion: Trust No One (8″) vinyl toy will be available as a 24-hour timed pre-order beginning on Saturday (2.8) at 6 AM PST for $159 each (global shipping included) from Mighty Jaxx. These are slated to ship in July 2020.