A Look at Kidrobot’s Upcoming Releases

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Kidrobot showcased several upcoming art toy releases at NY Toy Fair which began over the weekend.  In addition to the debut of its new Bhunny platform-style pop culture-focused figures, KR also showcased several new Dunnys, and Simpsons,  Godzilla and Hello Kitty toys.

Rather than an exhaustive rundown of the booth, we’re bringing you a few focused highlights from the booth (as shot by Vincent Yu (myplasticheart). Among the several previewed Dunnys is a wild 5″ Void Mecha Half Ray Dunny by Dirty Robot (Daniel Isles) with a dissected robot design. Kidrobot is continuing its Balloon Dunny series from Wendigo  with a pair of new editions in metallic blue and pink. In addition, Kidrobot will add two new 8″ Dunnys to its Masterpiece Collection with a green three-eyed design from Keith Haring and a white Pez Dispenser Dunny by Jean-Michel Basquiat.  As we previously mentioned, the upcoming retail edition Crystal KRAK by Scott Tolleson was also on display at the booth.

On the pop culture side, Kidrobot showed off several new The Simpsons figures including an  Itchy and Scratchy Medium Figure (Spring 2020, $59.99) and a plush Homer Buddha (10″ March 2020).  Kidrobot has collaborated with Sanrio’s  on a pair of Hello Kitty x Team USA crossovers including a vinyl mini series (March 2020) and a vinyl keychain series (March 2020). Finally, Kidrobot is prepping several new Godzilla releases including the Godzilla 1954 8″ GID Crackle vinyl figure.

[Photos: Vincent Yu]