Kidrobot Unveils New, Mainstream Bhunny Platform Toy

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Kidrobot launched its newest platform-style toy, Bhunny, at a NYC event on Friday evening. Seemingly intended for a wide audience, the pop culture vinyl figure concept was designed by Kidrobot’s Chief Creative Office, Frank Kozik. Each 4″ figure will retail for a wallet-friendly $11.99  In an unexpected twist, each Bhunny comes with a matching Bhunny Paw keychain. The Paw is a riff off the once common rabbit’s foot good luck charm.  While the name might seem odd at first, or at least the spelling, it follows KR’s Phunny plush line and to a lesser degree, Dunny and Munny.

“Once each Bhunny sells out, it will never be available again,” said Kozik. “That’s why we crafted this series so carefully—no two Bhunny figures are the same in shape and color. We recognize that these pieces aren’t just toys but unique pieces of collectible, colorful art that celebrate iconic pop culture.”

The first series features six designs: Godzilla (Loot Crate Exclusive), Bob Ross, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob SquarePants, Donatello and Beetle Juice. Each figure will be numbered. The Godzilla Bhunny will only be available via the March 2020 ‘Beast Mode’ Loot Crate ($24.99).  The remaining five figures are available as a Series 1 5-pack via Kidrobot.


Loot Crate has also teamed up with Kidrobot on the Frank Kozik Custom Bhunny Sweepstakes, giving collectors a chance to win a ‘one-of-a-kind Bhunny figure custom designed and signed by Frank Kozik’.  What’s a little confusing is that the designs shown appear to be factory-produced with crisp pad-printed designs.  Perhaps the key is “custom designed”.  At any rate, it’s good to see artist versions of Bhunny.

As befitting the mass appeal play, Bhunny is apparently headed for  big-box retailers including Target and Walmart. With the low price point, simple shape, pop culture focus, and wide distribution, Bhunny is clearly intended to compete with Funko’s wildly popular POP line.