Bill McMullen — Bizarre Love Triangle at Swish Projects (7.20)

The eclectic explorations of Bill McMullen will come together for Bizzare Love Triangle with an opening on Saturday (7.20, 7-10 PM) at Swish Projects in San Diego—about a fifteen minute drive from SDCC.  With a wide-ranging career that has included designing album covers for the Beastie Boys,  critical yet fun pieces tackling consumerism and of course his AD-AT and recently released Superstar Destroyer, ‘Billions’ finds connectedness along unexpected paths. While the title of the show and the promo image suggest visual riffs on music, we’re curious to see what surprises await.

Bill McMullen || Bizarre Love Triangle

Swish Projects
2903 El Cajon Blvd #2
San Diego, CA 92104