Bill McMullen x Munky King — Superstar Destroyer (5.4)

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From the man who brought us the AD-AT and the Shuttle Max comes the long-awaited Superstar Destroyer.  First shown as a prototype back at DesignerCon 2016, Bill McMullen‘s latest clever, cosmic kicks mash-up is about to become a reality.

Limited to 400 pieces, the Superstar Destroyer seamlessly blend the iconic Shell Toe with the Empire’s interstellar workhorse.  The Destroyer measures 11.5 inches from front to back and stands 10 inches tall when displayed on the stand. While early on there was talk of using resin, this is vinyl throughout from the destroyer to the stand.  Each Destroyer comes with an insert card signed (not numbered) by Bill McMullen. This is a must for McMullen fans and old-school art toy collectors.  Superstar Destroyer drops on May the 4th (5.4) as a pre-order for $140 each from Munky King’s online store and comes in a stylish, minimalist box.  Expect these to ship at the end of May.

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