Ron English and Friends Build The ‘Welcome Wall’

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‘The Wall’ seems to be a persistent constant, from news outlets to everyday conversation—it’s a nearly unavoidable topic in the USA.  As he’s been known to do, Ron English is turning the polarizing concept on its head with the Welcome Wall, a planned 2000-foot long, 15-foot high wall beginning on the property of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas which is situated near the Mexico-USA border. The center is scheduled to be the site of a proposed section of the actual border wall which would split the preserve into two.  As the name suggests, this new plywood wall features art from Ron and fellow artists welcoming visitors from both sides of the border.  Emphasizing the new wall’s welcoming nature, the structure features at least one door and a climbing wall.

Ron’s contributions to the wall include many of his popular characters as well as panels that are satirical and political in nature— some mocking President Trump, the #1 proponent of the actual border wall. The first section of completed wall also features the art of Anat Ronen, Jessica Monroe, Helena Martin, The Ghost, Federico Archuleta, The Deathhead, Jose Ramirez, and Jason Perez.  Funds to complete the the Welcome Wall were raised via a now completed Indiegogo campaign.