Winson Ma – Jungle Ape-01 Machine + DIY

Winson Ma has announced two new Apexplorers vinyl figures.  The upcoming Jungle Ape-01 Machine Color Artform 12” vinyl features a construction worker vibe perhaps a nod of sorts to the urban-minded 1:6 figures that Winson created as part of the legendary Brothersfree trio.  Limited to 200 signed/numbered pieces, the Ape-01 Machines comes with a removable combo hardhat/respirator mask.  These are due in October at $166 (+ s/h)—please contact to pre-order.

In addition to the new 12” Jungle Machine figure, Winson Ma is releasing his first DIY Apexplorer vinyl.  The 6” Jungle appears to have 3 points of articulation and its all-white body is ready for whatever spark of creativity flows within.  It’ll also look great on the shelf as is–a nice way to focus attention on the form of the toy.  The Jungle DIY will be available for $33 (+s/h).  To inquire about ordering, drop a line to

Winson helped pioneer the golden age of Urban Vinyl in Hong Kong–we’re glad he’s continuing to make figures on his own terms.

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