Heuicheon – Wood-Cutting Wood

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Korean artist/designer Heuicheon is taking pre-orders for his first art toy Wood-Cutting Wood (~ 3.14” x 4.7” x 3.9” with base).  The darkly humorous or at least ironic piece is the debut figure in the artist’s Unnatural Nature series. The deluxe hand-painted resin set features a wood log creature taking a hatchet to a mini-version of himself  — both of which fit nicely into a diorama base. Interestingly the larger wood creature features a removable white mask which covers an open knot in the tree, home to a yellow bird.   Color us impressed, the piece is well-executed with nice sculpts and realistic natural textures. 

Beyond the toy itself, Heuicheon has created an immersive collecting experience.  The toy components—safely nestled in shaped foam–as well as a post card and double-sided poster come packed in an elaborate box which carries the natural (unnatural) motif with a wood lid topped off with a little tree handle for easy opening.  It sounds like the packaging may change as its current concrete construction isn’t shipping friendly—hopefully the basic design approach can be maintained.

Limited to 20 pieces, Wood-Cutting Wood is available for pre-order now for $320 from the artist’s web shop.The figure is set to ship sometime in August. 

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