Munky King Loads up for SDCC with Luke Chueh, Dabs Myla, and Jon-Paul Kaiser

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It’s hard to believe that SDCC is almost here—preview night is July 8th!  This might be the earliest comic-con so far, it’s usually in the third week of July. Ok, now that my “old man” ramble is out of the way, Munky King looks set to have a must-see booth with the imminent release of Luke Chueh’s Headspace (7”), Dab Myla’s Trouble Trouble pairing of a stick o’dynamite and a lit mach, plus several Jon-Paul Kaiser customs of MK vinyl. 

Inspired by  the painting series of the same name, the debut Headspace edition brings fun swap it action to the concept with an initial trio of heads: black panda, white rabbit, and a white hollow-eyed bear which we believe is the “default” head.  MK teased what appears to be a sparkly gold edition as well – perhaps another one of their deluxe in-house limited-editions. Hopefully we’ll learn about MK’s “additional heads” plans.  If you’re SDCC bound,  Be sure to drop by Munky King’s booth [#4851]. 

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