Hyperactive Monkey Pulse! Vinyl Pulse Birthday Take Over!


Everyone give a big Happy Birthday cheer for our good pal Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey. He is turning 5 years old and his b-day wish to us was to take over Vinyl Pulse for a day! This guy has all the toys you ever wanted when you were a kid. I know this because whenever I send him a link to an auction for a toy, he hits me back with “Have it, MIB!”. Jerome is the creative genius behind Hyperactive Monkey, who you’ve seen at all the conventions like SDCC, Wondercon, and of course Designer Con. He does resin, vinyl, plush, T-shirts and artwork books! This guy is unstoppable! We’re celebrating Jerome’s Birthday a day early, so we don’t have to bother him on Valentine’s day. We now present to you, Hyperactive Monkey Pulse! He even decked us out with a banner just for his B-day. We may keep it up for a while!

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