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Jan 26, 2015

Blitzway x Coartism –- Playboy Art Toy Series


South Korea continues its rapid rise as a growing market and exciting producer of art toys.  The latest sign of this exciting trend is the new Playboy Collector’s Edition Art Toys from South Korean brands Blitzway and Coartism. The upcoming line features interpretations of the magazine’s—an international cultural force—iconic Bunny  from Hands in Factory, twelveDot, Sticky Monster Lab, Eric So,  Les Schettkoe and David Flores.  Just the news of Playboy Art Toys is exciting, but what’s really impressive here is the strength of the different artistic takes

Some focus on the Bunny as a character onto itself including Les Schettkoe’s hip skater Bunny and Hands In Factory’s wild Bunny pimp. Others offer interpretations of the classic Playboy Bunny—Dave Flores’s refined bust with subtle texture, twelveDot’s sculpture-like vision and Sticky Monster Lab’s curvaceously adorable urban Bunny. And last but certainly not least, a few artists focus on the man behind it all—Mighty Jaxx’s urban Hef with velvet jacket and Eric So’s threesome featuring a dapper Hef bunny (with Eric So style glasses) and two Bunnies.

No word yet on when these will drop, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled

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thats looks creative.

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