Bad Juju for Designer Con 2013


Bad Juju has got what you need for Designer Con! Their booth #101 will be home to a number of exclusives and signings you’re going to want to get in line for! First up is the D-Con exclusive Clear Blue Sofubi Calaverita by The Beast Brothers, which is limited to only 30 pieces! Then of course is Sket-One’s Orange Dripple Resin figure, which is limited to 100 pieces. There is also DOKUTOKU460’s Budog Resin figure that is limited to only 10 pieces! The Devilrobots will also have available their Tofu Resin figure, which is limited to 10 pieces. Last up for the toy department is Touma’s FU*KING Sofubi figure that is limited to 30 pieces. Bad Juju has also got you covered in the wearables department, with the Dripple Tee designed by Tilt.

Here we also have their signing schedule!

DEVILROBOTS : Saturday 2pm-3pm & Sunday 12pm-1pm
TOUMA : Saturday 1pm-2pm & Sunday 1pm-2pm
DT460 : Saturday 5pm-6pm & Sunday 4pm-5pm
THE BEAST BROTHERS : Saturday 3pm- 4pm & Sunday 2pm- 3pm
SKET-ONE : Saturday 11am- 12pm & Sunday 3pm- 4pm
NICK SAWYERS : Saturday 12pm- 1pm