Amanda Visell x Itokin Park – Guitar Bear Mascot (10.6)

001-guitarbearmascot Itokin Park has just arrived in LA for his clay oven workshop on Sunday (10.6) and  to release new collaborative projects at the Switcheroo Pop-Up art show that will follow it in Highland park.  In addition to the three new sofubi figures we posted on Tuesday, it turns out that in his spare time Kazuhiko has been busy on the new Guitar Bear Mascot, a collaborative resin figure with Amanda Visell!

This whimsical, deluxe resin figure features a familiar face (the boy from the previous Bed Monster collabo) masquerading as a Guitar playing Bear, surrounded by his forest friends (a tree & a stump).  What’s really cool is that the bear ‘costume’ is actually a two-part resin piece attached to the boy via magnets.  So it’s your choice how to display the piece, boy incognito as bear or separately.  As a fun extra, the bear’s hat is also attached magnetically.

Limited to 25 pieces, the Guitar Bear Mascot will be released on Sunday (10.6) @ the Switcheroo Pop Up at in Highland Park from 7 to 9 PM for $475. Any remaining pieces will be available via

Switcheroo Pop-Up Art Show
Sunday, October 6th 2013 (7 to 9 PM)

Thank You Comics
5011 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA 90042