Huck Gee – Clusterf*ck


Huck Gee has just announced his third and final limited-edition Heavy Trooper series custom and it’s a doozy.  When Enclave 13 really needs to bring the pain, they rely on Clusterf*ck – a modified GR4 Heavy Trooper  shell armed to the teeth with cluster rockets.   If you look closely, you’ll note that Huck himself is at the controls this time around! Limited to ten signed and numbered pieces, each custom figure comes in a laser-etched wooden box.  The Clusterf*ck is available for $950 and is limited to one per customer.  To reserve and pay for your figure, drop a line to

“Independently targeting particle-beam phalanx. Whap! You can fry half a city with this puppy. Tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, and sonic electronic ball-breakers! We got nukes, knives, sharp sticks… Game’s over, man.”

002-DSC06158 005-DSC06170003-DSC06166