Preview: Lamour Supreme & Buff Monster — ‘Number of the Beast’ (4.12)

Here’s a look at Buff Monster and Lamour Supreme’sNumber of the Beast‘ which opens tonight (4.12) at the Cotton Candy Machine in Brookyln. The artists have collaborated on a series of paintings and pieces featuring their characters going toe to toe. The paintings will also be featured in a special ‘Metal Misfits‘ sticker trading card series, a subset of sorts of Buff’s Melty Misfits series, debuting at the opening. Each pack will feature a full set of the regular eight cards and a chance to find the elusive 9th chase card. There’s also a sweet black and white screen print (above).

As you might expect, there will be toys as well including Buff Monster’s resin Ice Cream Heads. Expect to see several customs — both Buff and Lamour have created two custom Baby Hell finger puppets and Buff will also be offering a custom Destroyer. Perhaps more from Lamour as well.

If you’re in or around NYC, head on over to CCM tonight (4.12) from 7 to 11 PM.