KAWS – Companion Resting Place USA Release


KAWS will be releasing his Companion: Resting Place figure  on Friday August 24th via KAWSONE at Noon EDT (9AM PDT). No mention of dimensions or price range, but expect to spend at least $300+ on this release.   Just in time for my birthday – if I manage to get one. Who’s going to be refreshing tomorrow?

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15 Replies to “KAWS – Companion Resting Place USA Release”

  1. Epic FAIL on KAWS’ part today.. webmaster sleeping in or what?
    Maybe has something to do with the Empire State Building shooting this morning?

  2. ^ You would think he would have the necessary internal controls in place to prevent this kind of garbage. Not like this is their first release =\

  3. Yeah very nice! I refreshed for about an hour than had to go to a meeting (which I had post ponedso I could try to buy one of these.!) Now I come back and find the SOLD OUT sign. Thanks Kaws. Screw you.

  4. One last comment on this. Nice to see the flippers are hot and heavy with this figure. There are 37 of them up on the Bay for $400.00-$800.00 I hope they choke on these!

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