Winson Ma x Taobao — Apextaobao

Apextaobao color version lo res 5 Apextaobao special version lo res 1

This summer’s a great time to be a Winson Ma collector.  In addition to the upcoming 1:6 Apexworkbot figures, Winson has collaborated with Asian online behemoth TaoBao on a brand-new Apexplorer vinyl format figure known simply as Apextaobao.  Standing roughly 12” tall, Apextaobao combines a designer vinyl style body with over-sized head featuring  plush hair (nice touch) and the detailed  clothing often associated with 1:6 style figures.  Available in both a regular Color edition (orange parka, 1000 pcs, $123) and a special edition (white parka, 500 pcs, $154), the new figure will be available for pre-order through 7.31 via Winson Creation [] and and is slated for an August Drop.