Andrew Bell’s Android Foundry Stacking Display Cases

001-af_case-single-square-800-500x375 af_case-minis-800-500x375

Andrew Bell has officially unveiled the new stacking mini-fig display case system that he’s releasing as part of his Android Foundry label.  When we first saw pictures of these several months ago, we were quite impressed.  They just might be perfect solution to an annoying problem – displaying mini-figs.  Goodbye falling dominoes and risers?  Maybe.  The best part about these is that the individual figure cases  which will be available in square and hexagonal shapes, connect on the edges and stack, meaning you can create your own custom tower, hive, or other arrangement.  Plus, the bases have foam padding for the comfort of your toys and the clear plastic has a UV coating to protect their precious paint jobs.

While they might have been designed with Android figs in mind, they work with nearly any mini-fig.   The Android Foundry display cases should be available shortly.  In the meantime, check out Andrew’s preview video below.