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Jun 07, 2012

Jesse Hernandez – Mecha Azteca OG Paint Sample


We’ve been wondering how the work on Mecha Azteca (12”) is coming, so we were excited to see Jesse Hernandez’s instagram photo of the OG version of the figure which is an Aztec influenced homage to Japanese robos, Gaiking in particular.  As he mentioned in the comment,  he’s approved the pictured paint sample so full-blown production should be right around the corner.   So let’s review, that makes three brand-new upcoming Jesse Hernandez toys --  Mecha Azteca from Raje, Jaguar Knight from Pobber, and Miquitzticoatl from Kuso

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Looks cool! It kinda reminds me of the game Crash Bandicoot because of the mask guy from that game. Forgot his name. Anyways, the color is really great.

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