The ‘Sex Toys’ Project from Cookies ‘n Cream


Cookies ‘N Cream is looking to spice things up with their aptly named ‘Sex Toys’ project which features naked models and popular art toys.  The first collection of Sex Toys tees features Tabi Love with a good of mix toys, as shot by Chandler Easley

I’m curious to see how collectors react to this new line.  On one hand, it seems like a no-brainer.  We all know the ‘sex sells’ cliché and for the most part its tried and true.  On the other, the execution of the products feels a bit rough. Also, the medium matters.  What might work on a print or a calendar in one’s house, might not work as well on a Tee, at least not for some.

005-SexToysOF1 004-TabiLove_5

3 Replies to “The ‘Sex Toys’ Project from Cookies ‘n Cream”

  1. Execution of the toys BLOWS! Arranged in no meaningful way, random tous from random artists lumped together?? AWFUL! Love the idea of chicks with toys but this is not it. I could do a WAY better job with my prophotog friends and our collections….

  2. Naked babes with toys? And what use is this to teenage girls who might be into the toys and or art/design? Why not use fat girls? Gay guys? Black guys? Old men? Don’t just copy what the skate/music/graffiti/advertising/porn/car etc etc industries use. Enough already!

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